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What is your main source of income on STEEM & how much earn since you came?
I earned around 4000 SP alone using various Dapps & writing articles not to mention that there was a hefty dose of SBD's as well

Well after being in here over a year I have taken Steem Blockchain very seriously and doing everything that I can ever since I got my first payout.

While I gathered around 1100 Sp til now and mst of them by using various dapps of Steem Blckchain.

For now I am using Esteemsurfer, Steempress, bs.org and mostimportanty using MUSING.IO as most part of my income. 

Musing does provides some additional benefits as well like you get to learn different things and share or expertise with others which really drives me towards musing.


It is about 8 months ago when I joined on steemit. In this 8 months I didn't earn a lots of sp, steem or SBD.

In terms of income on steemit doesn't match with our practical life. Income in terms of steemit means earning SBD, steem and Steem. On the other hand in practical life income means earning money by doing something.

In this 8 months I have earned only 50 sp. It is very little income. In this 8 months I had earned 4 SBD upvote from stensteem and 9 SBD upvote from utopian by writing a article about smart bulbs. And I am earning a smart value of free upvote from musing for giving right answers on musing.

I don't withdraw anything from my earning on Steemit. Because if you invest more on steemit then you will get more interest.


Initially before joining Steemit I sold fried and mambo ice around cycling for the sake of collecting a profit of Rp 200 per one fried and one mambo ice.

Every morning after the Shubuh I had to go out of the house to sell fried food and at noon I had to go to school to sell ice mambo, in the afternoon I sold ice around the village, my two children forced me to stay home accompanied by my husband while working in front of his laptop (my husband joined Steemit ahead of me), sometimes if I am fussy, I invite my youngest child to sell while holding and cycling, even though it is a hassle, but I am still passionate about doing it for the profit of Rp. 200 per one mambo ice.

after 2 months I was active in Steemit, I began to be able to collect Rupiah through the SBD / Steem that I got from Steemit so that I could go on holiday selling so I could focus on taking care of my children and husband at home.

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Since from my entry on steemit I only worked on musing.io and I am also working on musing.io now.

And I made musing.io as the main source of my income on steemit.

I joined steemit at about a few months ago. I get know about steemit and musing from one of my friend. He told many things about steemit and musing.io. After knowing everything I joined steemit. If you guys check the first post of my blog then you guys can see that the first post of my blog is about one of the answer of a question which was asked on musing.io.

I can't able to earn a lot from SBD, steem and SP from musing. But if you guys see my wallet then you will get know that I have 0.5+ Steem and 0.47 SBD which I got from musing.io by getting upvotes on my answer.

Whatever I can't able to earn a lots of money from musing but you can able to earn a lots of money from musing if you work on musing with your best. I am also trying to give my best on musing.