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Why do some people willingly marry whom they are not in love with??

I do sometimes wonder why some people marry whom they are not in love it without considering the consequences. I believe every successful relationship or marriage begins with true love and this is why "love" is the important foundation which has to be considered before any relationship.

From the little research I conducted, I found out that most people are in "lust" and not in "love" because "true love" is all about sincerely and loving people from whom they are and not for what they have. This implies that most people are always after materialistic items such as status, money, power, etc.

Well, I am not actually saying materialistic items shouldn't be considered before falling in love with anyone but have you ever tried asking yourself the below questions which are

- "what if my partner looses her job, will I still love him or her?

- what if my partner looses his or wealth will I still love him or her?

- What if my partner looses his or her cute face will I still love him or her?

- What if my partner becomes old and his or her face get wrinkled, will I still love him or her?

I believe true love is all about "loving your partner for whom he or she is and not for what they have because they may loose whatever they have one day".

Another main reason why some people marry whom they don't love is due to the practice of "Planned or arranged marriage". In this practice, the parent decides whom their child will marry such that they aren't even bothered about the consent of their child. Arrange marriages tend to be decreasing these days due to the consequences involved. It is widely practice in some cultures or traditions and countries like China, Indian, and some other few countries.

Arranged or planned marriage is also one of the best marriage plans provided the parents is also considering the consent of the child. This implies that if the couples really love each other, then it's a perfect match for them.

A great disadvantage of such marriage is that some parents don't seek their children consent before getting them married. Such child won't want to to disobey their parents even though they may not love the partner chosen for them but they just have to get married for the sake of their parents. I advice that parents should also consider the consent of their children before engaging in such marriage because "the parent aren't gonna live with them after they are married".

Lastly, another reason some people get married to whom they don't love is due to "environmental influence/peer pressure". This is mostly common most especially when the lady or guy is getting older. They tend to get pressurized by the people in their environment or close friends and relatives. To avoid sarcastic comment from people, they just marry anyone whom come their way without even considering their emotions or love just because they don't want to be insulted by people.

The sad fact is that these people tend to forget that marriage is a life contract and it requires time and dedication. It's not something you have to rush into but just take your time and fall in love with the right person to avoid regrets later in the future.

In conclusion, the best practice for couple in love with each other is to get married. If you don't love someone, why should you get married with them in the first place? It doesn't worth it and you may may end up regretting it if you aren't careful. Just take your time and marry whom you love. Don't rush things since it takes time to be loved, it will also take time to fall in love.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


There can be many reasons for that 

May be due to some family pressure

Due to influence of Material status of their partner

To gain some personal benefits 

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According to me this is the case only because the children or the people don't want to upset their parents.

the children who want to make their parents happy always try to listen to everything but the parents say and do not do anything on what is the case of their own life.

they come forward to do anything for their parents even they don't think about their whole life in the future.