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Can one get justice without hiring a lawyer?
Everybody knows that it takes to hire a good lawyer to win a case.. Poor cannot hire good lawyer because they can't afford to pay him. Can one get justice without hiring a good lawyer?

It depends on how much trouble you are in. If you have charges being pressed for criminal behavior, you will receive a public defendant paid for with tax dollars that will try to defend you free of charge for you. If you have clear evidence as to why you are right, that should be all you need, but if you are in serious trouble you may need to dig up the money to hire a lawyer, since they will be much better equipped to help you.

If you are suing someone or being sued and the amount you are suing for is under the small claims court maximum for your state, you can represent yourself. You will have to prepare your evidence to help your side, and act as your own lawyer.

If you mean get justice as in get someone who harmed you in prison, that is not your responsibility. You can make a police report at the local police station, and they will decide whether or not to press charges. Civilians cannot press charges, the District Attorney decides whether they want to pursue the defendant or not. If you are being harassed, you can file for a restraining order against the person in question.
[“This is a court of law, young man, not a court of justice”](https://richardkennedysolicitors.wordpress.com/2012/04/21/this-is-a-court-of-law-young-man-not-a-court-of-justice/)

I can only speak for where i live when it comes to the legal bits ofcourse, and im afraid i have had some, but its something i dont hide. I feel its best to put it on the table, that way i dont get stuck with people who cant handle it and after six months when they find out suddenly see me a whole different person than the easy guy they smiled at yesterday.

no dead people and no sex-crimes or anything like that, just necessity ... i'll spare the details.

In my opinion law and justice have nothing to do with each other. Paper law is written to protect those who write it , and that's about it.

On top of that, the current "lobbyright" , the influence of the corporate lobbies on top-level global politics is SO strong you might as well ask Besos to write the new constitution, although lobbying is mostly a thing of the older more settled groups and conglomerates, the ones who own 50 companies who openly compete for show but in fact the money all streams to the same boardroom with ten or twente people in it in the end.

That's how much paper law is worth. It's the most flexible thing on the planet on one side and on the other judges or cops (some or most) and especially the lawmakers have this weird notion that what they write on paper will overrule the basic laws of nature, supply and demand, entropy , you name it , action reaction.

They would forbid a train to run over someone and then ask why the train does it when a guy jumps. And when the train says "but i'm a train" they still go like BUT THE LAW SAYS YOU CANT

metaforically speaking

And i'm quite sure thats not "a belgian thing" , if constitutions were upheld, free speech would be free, and the japanese wouldnt consider blocking websites

(since its all against the constitution ofcourse)

so there's rarely any justice to be found in a court of law

Personal experience, i had a pro bono lawyer, 16 years ago (because i didnt have any money left, so the "give" you one) , who defended me very well , actually, better then she had to, because it doesnt really matter, all she has to do is do her number of cases and hours pro bono as a rule to be allowed into the (i dont know what its called in english) "bar" or something.

But she did, to the best of her ability, and despite the fact that the whole thing was a scapegoat-sham she got me off ... fairly

leaving out the details on how this and that wasnt even possible without some tweaking from the cops side, and a judge who just scanned the file quickly during breakfast , otherwise it really "shouldnt" but shouldnt doesnt matter, and the court is law, the court is never wrong.
People can be held for years BEFORE trial, if they get a sentence thats less or hell and brimstone are found not guilty, they wont get that back, they'll get an apology, not even a bouquet of flowers or compensation. I wish i were talking out of my a** but i know at least one guy who had that happen, guilty or not, i didnt hear the end of the story

(that's when i flip and say *but its not a story, its real life* hahah)

in short , i got ruled under "solidarity"-principle which effectively means i had to pay the other guys fine too , because he went in, didnt pay and had no money. The guy who drove us away from the cops in a miami-vice style speedrun through traffic lights and half the city, full throttle, eventually stopped by a barrage of cop vans , shotguns and uzis (i dont think they carried p90s yet then)
got off with as good as a warning for being nice and co-operating.

(i sh*t thee not, kimosabe) ... very short version of a very long story, barely two years of my life, born from necessity and i cant say i have had much of a life since

As to the nature of the question, if i understand correctly : yes, you CAN get a lawyer even if you can't afford one, however (BIG however) , thats based on household income.. Say you live with people who have an income on the same address and you don't really or a bare minimum, the law says you cant get one because the combined number is too high. in which case you are ...

But in most cases those lawyers dont really try, because it barely gets them anything. In fact the one who defended me said she just had several similar cases with all different rulings, she was so fed up she told me it was the last ever case she would take that wasnt "civil" (i dont know the other term or how to translate it, civil - corporate and then the shady business or violence part)
But she did, and im still grateful for that.

You can choose to defend yourself but to most judges that's almost as good as contempt (at least here it is), you immediately halve your chance or worse, just because you don't talk the talk. So if you're in a situation where you cant afford one AND you cant get one because of "household" income you can be as good as certain what the verdict will be, no matter the facts.

and they wonder why no one has faith in the justice dept. and the cops lol

For instance i once had a civil case on bills not paid (after that period) where i was already paying off monthly installments for more than three months. They still subpoenad me (thats the word right?) because "sorry sir the process is in motion we cant stop that anymore)

like what ??!?

i go there, by myself, because CLEARLY im already paying i have all the papers to prove it, it takes about thirty minutes, i put my papers on the desk, the judge at that lawyer for the phone company like "Well, master" (they call them master here - "meester") ? and the lawyer like "shrug" i didnt know that

SO ... hold on to your jarretelles ... the judge RULES that i am ALLOWED TO KEEP PAYING ( jawdrop ) so i'm like yay well only a few hours lost.

The catch was : they sent me the bill for the court costs ... which was a bit more than what i had already paid off to the phone company :)
(jawdrop wolf red-riding hood style) despite the fact that THEY started the procedure and I was already paying under agreement for over three months.

If i had hired a lawyer then (i was living in the parental house because i didnt have anything, thats over a decade ago now) it would have even cost me more, very likely with the same result so

in short : yes you can

in theory

all that 16 years ago and about 4% of my total lifespan so far (and diminishing by the year) but its like i have a sign on my head lol

i'm not much one for the state and their legalist mafia, i actually never got even close to police or courtrooms in all the years before

dont think "it wont happen to me" lol it hides in small corners
How to Become a Defender for Yourself in courtu nless your case is a minor dispute, or you are against someone else not represented by a lawyer as well, being a defender for yourself in court is extremely difficult and risky to fail. Most people who represent themselves in court, especially if they are against a party represented by a lawyer, do not win the case. If you are forced to defend yourself, you must prepare a defense, fully understand court procedures, and provide evidence and witnesses at each stage of the trial. Although difficult, there are many things you can do to seize the best opportunity to win your case.
If you have enough evidence you can get justice without hiring a lawyer. To get justice you also be innocent in your work, must respect judge.

There are several reasons why people represent themselves without a lawyer: ... But in civil cases, you do not have the right to a court-appointed lawyer so, if you cannot afford your own lawyer, you have to represent yourself.

Read requirements in court-

* In criminal cases, if you cannot afford a lawyer, the court will appoint a lawyer for you, like a public defender. But in civil cases, you do not have the right to a court-appointed lawyer so, if you cannot afford your own lawyer, you have to represent yourself.
* Some people choose to represent themselves even if they could pay a lawyer because they feel they can handle the case on their own.
* In small claims cases, you are not allowed to have a lawyer, so everyone in small claims court is representing himself or herself.

Questions are answered on the law
Can someone get justice without hiring a lawyer?
my country is not, because every one is made alleged so must prepare his lawyer. this is obviously the law is not arbitrarily played by anyone, my country has a strong law. Then any suspected or suspected person should have a lawyer.
That's a difficult question and probably can only be answered for each country separately.