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How to dress for a job interview?

Basic rules for dressing during job interviews

Don't wear clothes that are too casual.

It would be nice if you wear clothing in the form of shirts, blazers and skirts / pants. By wearing these clothes, you communicate to the interviewer that you are mature, professional and can be a member of a team. Make sure the clothes you wear are not too loose or too tight. Appear by being yourself which is certainly comfortable for individuals and others.

Adjust clothes to the field of work that you submit in your CV.

 If you apply to a company with a serious work environment such as a bank, law firm, wear formal attire such as a blazer or suit. But if the company you are aiming for is the field of creative work, such as media or advertising agencies, give a little color in your appearance through the use of scarf, necklace, or belt accessories.

Avoid using excessive accessories.

Excessive accessories such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc. can disturb / distract the interviewer. Women are also advised not to carry a handbag because they tend to search inside when nervous. Simply carry a folder / agenda.

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I've received several invites for interviews in the past and in their messages, they have always stated that candidates for the interview should dress in a "business formal" manner.

Business formal means dressing in a business fashion, like someone going for something serious. And definitely yes, a job interview is something really serious

When you are asked to dress business formal, you should know that you are expected to wear a good shirt, either shirt sleeve or long sleeve and wear a good pair of trouser reaching below your ankle

Your shirt should be tucked in neatly into your trousers and you should endeavor to wear a matching belt. In addition to that, you can wear a good tie as well.

Finally, a good pair of shoes and socks always go well, while wearing a suit is always optional.
IndonesiaDress properly and according to the job you want to apply.

For men, for formal work
wearing a white long-sleeved shirt and dark pants make you look neat, you can also add a tie and a matching dark suit with your pants.
Dressing neatly will make you respected and look trustworthy.

For women, for formal interviews can wear a blouse or shirt with dark-colored skirt subordinates, avoid skirts that are too short to impress you neat, polite and full of energy during the interview.

Avoid wearing excessive accessories.
If you want to keep using accessories, choose one. If wearing a necklace, should no longer wear a bracelet, or a striking earring.

Wear a watch.
Wearing a watch will give the impression that you value time and discipline.

Use dark and closed formal shoes
Wearing dark and closed formal shoes makes you look neat and elegant.
There is a saying that “First impression is the last impression”
So the first thing while you go for job interview is your appearance.
Therefore, one should be dressed up nicely.
Neat and clean dress should be chosen.
Dress chosen should be according to the fashion/ culture of that area/ company.
Your decision of outfit won't really land you the position (your CV, covering letter and meeting abilities will likewise help) yet early introductions last. Furthermore, –- as anyone who's at any point employed somebody will let you know –- a questioner will choose very quickly whether you look the like sort of individual they need to enlist for the activity.

Dressing for a prospective employee meet-up is no longer as basic as pulling on a suit or pencil skirt. You'll have to do some examination about the clothing standard and style culture of the organization you're applying to work at. A few workplaces, for example, money related organizations, still require a customary formal suit, yet a suit would be thoroughly strange in, say, an inventive outline studio...

Look at the organization's site and online life accounts, and in case you're extremely devoted you can telephone the secretary and ask specifically.

Business formal: A customary jeans suit and tie or a dress suit is the standard, so getting dressed for work regular ought to be quite easy. The style is traditionalist, so stay away from brilliant hues.

Business dressing: For folks, pick slacks or chinos with a traditional or golf shirt and dress shoes. Women, pick slacks or a knee-length skirt with a shirt and savvy shoes.

*Tips: You can some of the time escape with a dull wash denim as long as it's matched with dress shoes, a tucked in shirt and a belt. Women can likewise wear moderate dresses and expressive dance pads...

How to dress for a job interview?
Neat as polite
But fashion is very influential for a person who interviewed someone and let alone people interviewed by presidium and other people. But it all depends on the company they work on, perhaps from their media not applying a special outfit to those who are the people who interview the big guy.

the way men should dress for an interview


Light Shaded Coat and Jeans

Wear a straightforward shirt neckline, for example, a conventional straight point or a marginally less dressy catch down, maintaining a strategic distance from tab collars, pins or wide English spreads. Likewise keep away from monograms or jolly differentiating salaried and-sleeves. Also, no French sleeves, which will enable you to keep away from any sleeve fastener botches.


The tie is critical, since it is the principal thing somebody sees in a man's outfit. An all-finished, perfect example, a little dab or a great stripe all function admirably. Abstain from anything wild, excessively brilliant or explanation making.

Ties with straightforward rehashing examples can be useful for a prospective employee meeting as long as those examples are as basic as could be allowed.


A bunch compose to use on a meeting will rely upon a shirt neckline you picked, and additionally on the sort of the tie and your own face structure.


dark ribbon up shoes are far superior than easygoing penny loafers or anything gimmicky with clasps or ties. Keep in mind the significance of a decent shoeshine. Also, dark socks just, ones that are sufficiently long to cover your lower legs in the event that you fold your legs yet not massive.

The shoes ought to be slick and all around cleaned.


1.Your socks should coordinate the pants as well as shoes and be potentially strong and dim in shading. The dependable guideline here is that socks must not draw individuals' consideration.


With regards to gems, the primary concern to recollect is that the more straightforward and less of it – the better. Wedding bands, obviously, are constantly worthy.


Abstain from wearing advanced, energetic watches, and additionally those overpowered with different dial plates, enormous tachymeters, world time zone plates and so forth.

It is smarter to utilize a watch with a calfskin band, however in the Assembled States a metal one is worthy as well.


A belt ought to be made of cowhide and match the shading and perhaps the nature of calfskin on your shoes.


Trimmed and naturally brushed hair.

No Spikes


Nails ought to be spotless.


A next to no of cologne can be alright. Try not to apply excessively of it for a questioner not to suffocate if in a little room, where you may be met. Anyway, it is as yet encouraged to utilize some nonpartisan scent.

what ladies should wear for an interview

Pick something tasteful on the off chance that you don't wear a suit:

Pick a suit that fits you well and isn't excessively garish. Stick to darker hues

Spotless and press your outfit.

Moderate shoes:

Try not to pick something you can't stroll in. On the off chance that you don't care for heels, stick to something low and essential.

Try not to wear excessively adornments:

Keep it straightforward. For example, a little chain and a couple of smallish studs. What's more, don't wear an excessive number of rings.

No gems is superior to modest gems.

Try not to go over the edge on cosmetics:

Go for a more characteristic look, and don't go over the edge on outlines or hues.

Pick a characteristic, unbiased concealer to shroud defects, trailed by a nonpartisan powder to enable take to care of gloss. Utilize redden that runs with your appearance; normally warm pink or peach is a decent decision.

For your eyes, a light dark colored or one marginally darker than your skin tone can include measurement without appearing as though you're wearing eye shadow. You can utilize eyeliner, yet attempt light dark and just delicately speck it on your upper eyelid.

At last, pick a lipstick or lip tint that is essentially an indistinguishable shading from your lips.

Keep every last bit of it light. Fundamentally, you need to seem as though you're not really wearing cosmetics, but rather you need to try and out your skin tone and include a touch of shading.

Proficient haircut:

Basic haircuts are better.


A next to no of cologne can be alright. Try not to apply excessively of it for a questioner not to suffocate if in a little room, where you may be met. Anyway, it is as yet encouraged to utilize some impartial scent.


1. Adjust to the job proposed

Sometimes, job applicants appear excessive in order to impress the interviewer. Wearing a suit and tie is right for company interviews. But not necessarily suitable for other jobs.

2. Don't wear branded clothes from head to toe

Another mistake often made is to wear clothing with a level above the proposed position. For example Wearing a suit, tie, and expensive shoes but the position proposed is the staff level. Later the interviewer will think that you can't be invited to be difficult.

3. Must appear neat

black pants or skirts are often used as a mainstay. This style of dress is simple but neat. But it should be noted, if you apply for a job in the creative field, this kind of display is considered boring.

4. Don't use excessive accessories

Choose simple jewelry and natural makeup. Remember, you will apply for work, not for parties.

5. Don't wear something that doesn't make you comfortable

Wearing something that does not make it comfortable can reduce confidence.