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Is sex a want or need?

Sex is a natural phenomenon that is necessary for human being to procreate so I will definitely say it comes naturally it is an essence of life that must take place for the production of the species of mankind so I would rather not choose to call it a want or need, instead rather term it as a process that is necessary and because it is necessary makes it something different from what I'll call a want or need.

However if it comes to seen it as something pleasurable just like people see it as these days then I rather say it is a want, in the actual sense that sex it's not one of the three basic need of life and is not required for the survival of mankind, however is something that is more of necessary rather than compulsory and if something is not compulsory I will not see it as a need when I say it is not compulsory I mean without it there is no definite danger to man for example now mankind cannot do without air because they breathe in air so definitely if there is definitely no air then the survival of humanity is at stake so something like air is compulsory and it is considered a need, but because human being needs to breathe however unlike sex human being may or may not have it and it is not a danger to their existence.

So this is the reason why I think sex is more of a want it's a pleasure a human being can do without pleasure aside from the fact that it is used for procreation I definitely think you are talking about the pleasure aspect of sex rather than the procreation aspect so because of this I would rather call it a want, a desire or a yearning.


Interesting question. I believe human beings collectively agree that it's a need, even though it's not necessary for remaining alive (in a singular sense).

There are a couple reasons one might consider this physical act to be a need.

The primary reason could be: It's necessary for procreation of human life. Without sex, our species will die, unless we move to artificial insemination, which I highly doubt would happen, due to the next reason I will state.

Sex is considered to produce the ultimate feeling of euphoria and pleasure. In some respects, this is considered a need for the human being, as a means to release tension, and experience a strong connection with another human being, with specifically, the opposite sex (with the exception of different sexual orientations).

I view sex as a need. Not the kind of need that necessitates my continuance on the planet, but the kind that produces a desired emotional response for myself. I've already fathered two son's, so I don't see a definitive need for reproductive purposes, and likely will not have more children, but I still desire sex for the psychological effects. This is my reason for considering it a need. 

I hope this answer helps. 


It's both, depending on how you look at it.

It's a "need", in the sense that all living, sexually reproducing animals on earth feel a primal instinct, an urge to procreate. 

To continue their bloodline. 

To spread their genes around.

If you ever had a doggy, or a pussycat, you probably noticed that when they are in heat, it appears to be almost painful to them to not be doing it.

Well, humans, as animals, very much Sexual animals, to a certain extend experience that urge as well.

For humans, who's brain have taken over and shunned some of our primal instinct, most of the time, to flick the switch, or choke the chicken is enough to satisfy this need.

We're too smart, and have too much social programming to just go out and do it with random person of the opposite or even same sex, whether they like it or not.

It is a want, most of the time very much a want.

It's the same kind of want the food preference is, or the kind of sport you enjoy.

You could say, "well, food is a need, so how can you say it's a want?"

Food, indeed is a need.

So, why do we choose one type of food over another? 

Do you need bacon with eggs? Oatmeal will fill you up just the same! 

Icecream, or doughnuts? 

Pizza, or Kebab?

Sushi, or Hamburger?

If it's purely a need, you wouldn't need to make so many choices.

We want to make those choices.

And, when it comes to sex, we want to make best choices for desired outcome.

You could sleep with anyone who's DTF, or even just touch yourself for the rest of your life. 

But you choose to date people.

You want to enjoy sex to it's fullest extend, not just satisfy a need.


As animals, we are beings who are born, grow, reproduce and die. In order to reproduce, we must have sex. Our sexual organs are made for that stage. By this I mean that having sex is something biological, natural, of all human beings. The detail in this case is that there are people who do not seek to reproduce and may have sex, even, there are those who do not feel the need to have sex, the case of some priests or nuns. In them there is no need, but there is no desire. To have sex requires a number of elements that must be taken into account in the case of couples. For example: the smells, the atmosphere, the attraction, even the feelings. Man, unlike animals, if he wants to have sex, will look for a person that he likes or motivates sexually. If this person does not inspire you with any desire, I doubt that you will be able to complete sexual activity. If we see it as something basic, sex would be a necessity, but if we see the man as a thinking, feeling being, we say it is a desire. Man makes love when he wants it. If it were a necessity, a man could not spend long periods without having sex or seeing a person of the opposite sex, he would copulate with her immediately. 


The need and desire, subtle differences, as well as their links with our primitive brain, or our cerebral cortex ... To put it simply, the need is comparable to a drive from the primitive brain: vital need, need to breathe; whereas the desire would come rather from our cortex: need to feed ourselves to live but desire to eat good things to have fun ...

Sex is a need: need to perform the sexual act to reproduce, need to "empty the glands" (by the way it would prevent some prostate cancer) ...

However, the acceptance of the concept of sex as a "simple" need is far from obvious, because it is directly related to the right of everyone to satisfy their needs ... We have the right to breathe where we do not want to kiss where it sings ... Of course I caricature, and it is not because there is need that there is no duty, but still! In some cultures the right to food is perceived just like the right to breathe, in others the hand of the bread thief is cut off ... and if it is conceivable that receiving food involves some "human work" What about access to water and air?

In another register, if sex is a need, does not the benevolent state have the mission of enabling its citizens to satisfy their basic needs? Should not we then demand, not only the reopening of brothels, but also the reimbursement of the visits that one would make there? Again I caricature, but if we consider the case of small blue pills, is there not discrimination not to allow seniors "in need" to meet their sexual needs by not reimbursing these "drugs" ? Where does the notion of disease begin and end? Is it legitimate to finance disabled access to buildings that are never used by disabled people?

Sex is a necessity, but our society is not ready to consider it as such because it calls for "shameful impulses", feelings that morality (Judeo-Christian but not only) rejects ... obscurantism when you yours!

Sex is a desire: want to feel pleasure in the arms of "his beautiful"; and pleasure being a matter of taste, the field of possibilities is infinite ...

This acceptance of the notion of sex is much more obvious because it explains all our behaviors, allows morality to work as it sees fit, and allows society to organize around simple principles ...

Case of tastes, it explains all our behaviors, absolute fidelity to the most extreme libertinage, from heterosexuality to homosexuality, via bisexuality and many others ... It allows the morality to work as good it seems to him, homosexuality being able to be defended, condemned or adulated, insofar as one is in the field of envy and thus of tastes, no limit, no necessity to the universality of pleasures ...

Thus, it seems much easier, much more practical or pragmatic, to consider sex as a desire than as a need!


Both. Biologically, when reaching the age of advanced age, there's associate urge, the need, to breed, to take care of the existence of the humanity. From there arises need, lust. But, as God's creatures WHO have the best degree, humans area unit given the power to manage themselves, till there area unit norms all told our actions, and not each time we wish one thing to try and do


To have sex is a natural phenomenon, which is pre-programmed in us.

You must have notice/watch or have information about dogs, cats, pirates etc having sex in some particular seasons. We humans are different than them in the manner that we can have anytime during the year. But we do need to fulfill our bodies' this requirement and it's natural.

But as we, humans, are the most intelligent creature on the earth so we romanticize (mostly) and enhance the beauty of this process with our methods.

Thanks & Have a good day. 


Someone must have sex in order for the species to continue. But it's not necessary for an individual to continue to live or even have a good quality of life without sex. Plenty of people don't have regular sex lives and are happy. For some people, sex is very important. 


I think, your statement is a little funny, my friend.


Because, if someone wants to have sexual relations, actually that need has been fulfilled. Just want to!

Or, try asking yourself again, "Does that really have to be fulfilled?"


When we start wanting something, we always want more. Even if we don't, it doesn't matter either. Because, basic needs have been fulfilled. This applies in NEED for sex.

I thought, you already know the answer from me.



It is a need but a secondary one.



It is a want. Many religions have people sworn to celibacy with no effects on their physical being. If it were a need some phsical harm would come from not having it.