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Is Education the only way to success ?

This is a golden question.

Many people have the misconstrued belief that "university education" is the road to success. There’s hardly a correlation between formal education and success. Rather, there are different forms of education. There are some that I feel are very important, and others that are not relevant. Self-education is one of which I'll say is very important.

You can easily see what I'm saying in your environment, especially if you are living in a developing nation. When you look around, you see more than half of the university graduates out there looking for work. They've a degree in hand, but still unsuccessful. On the other hand, when you watch at the news, you see university dropouts that have become very successful. I read about one successful dropout many years back, he said he employed most of the first class student from the school he dropped out from.

Image showing a graduation ceremony.

Education is beyond going to school, and cramming books to excel in examinations. Schools invent new degrees to make money. New problems to create expensive cures you don't need. As Naval Ravikant once said, Specific knowledge is what you need, it is found by pursuing your genuine curiosity and passion rather than doing whatever is hot right now.

It takes more than reading to be educated. If you’re reading fast you’re not thinking and challenging what you’re reading. You’re not being critical. You’re not making connections with existing knowledge. You’re not arguing with the author.

When it comes to learning, there is help readily available. The teacher that appears when the student is ready is the Internet now. But the distracting friend who keeps the student off from becoming ready is also the Internet. You have to be careful on what you do on the Internet to be successful.

We live in a digital age, and it has brought many new professions that do not require higher education. You see individuals making millions from the Internet monthly, through blogging, vlogging, and others. Some of these individuals do not have university education, yet they are amongst the best in their niche.

Also, you hear of self-taught developers. I've met many of them. Some started learning developing while still in high so school, so they focused on it and left university education. Many just go to get a certificate, for professionalism.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, no one has full rounded knowledge. Even the best of the field only have part of the puzzle. It makes the sector magical. We all learn from one another over here.

Another thing to consider is the context. It matters. Money? No, several university dropouts that are billionaires. Happiness? No, even money itself doesn't guarantee happiness. Fame? There are many people that didn't go to school that are very popular.


Self-education and finding one's specific knowledge is what leads to success. University education provides a perspective, but doesn't guarantee success. Success is dependent on skills and talent.

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Education is the way to progress, in spite of the fact that it may not generally be a formal training that is the way to our prosperity. Despite the fact that, as an instructor I am engaged with the formal training part, I have seen and experienced numerous situations where achievement has come through taking in life's exercises for a fact, and committing errors that urge us to learn. We can't debase the instruction through gaining from our companions, our assets on the web, our tutors that we pursue, our encounters in reality, and the rundown continues endlessly. I have had understudies in my classes that gained the best from tuning in to their associates clarify, and answer addresses that they probably won't have the capacity to articulate. Collaboration with others is a training in itself and encourages the person to perceive what they are hearing and whether it is reality!

A formal education conveys to us a fundamental system that will empower us to exit the entry-way and ideally empower us to "stand our ground" on the planet. This is valid on the off chance that we have invested the energy and exertion to exploit this formal training advertising. Regardless of whether we build up this essential formal training into effective vocations, monetary benefit, solid lives, and further instruction. . . is all up to us. In the event that we have great educators en route, they will empower this longing for further advancement that probably won't occur something else.

Education is one of the keys to progress yet by all account not the only key, since such a large amount of achievement relies upon the status of the student, the help of individuals around the student, the inspiration and want of the student, and the encounters that the student experiences while in transit to progress. Education is a long lasting assignment similar to keeping your body sound and fit which endures forever. You learn constantly, since learning implies development.

Those that do take a stab at instruction, I accept as an instructor, will locate an all the more remunerating life and more probable live to their maximum capacity. They will have the capacity to ascend. . . on the off chance that they so want since they comprehend what "ascending" implies.


No. I'm saying this because I'm a graduate of a university and I still haven't achieved the desired success. All my life I have been good students, with the highest grades and the most perfect behavior. My teachers predicted the greatest successes and the brightest career. There was no competition I didn't win and no teacher who didn't praise me. And what happened? I graduated with very good grades as a graduate and then as a Magister. For what? I live on a 15 and last and I have to work overtime. My grades and my studies have been of no use to me. Maybe to have the satisfaction of having reached my goal, that of graduating, to have a degree.

On the other hand, I've seen people who haven't had much college preparation and have achieved the highest honors and the highest economic solvency. These people may have had a little luck or simply knew how to use the preparation that life gives them to achieve great positions. 

I would like to say that education is a source of knowledge and success, but unfortunately, it is not. Education does not guarantee you anything, only the simple pleasure that it gives you to have knowledge; that maybe that could mean success for you, well; but unfortunately in our society success is measured by the quality of life you have, the money and the luxuries you can give yourself. Outside there are many successful people and within the university institutions some failed people. Unfortunately... 


Education, though important, is not the only way to success.

I have seen people who, after going to school, face a different career path entirely. And I have seen people, who, without having to go to school, are really successful. 

School may just be a way to fast track your success as you definitely need to be literate to propel you to success, but education isn't a means to success per se.

Success has a whole lot of factors embedded in it and it takes a whole lot of things to be successful in life but depending solely on education as the bedrock to become successful is a complete waste of time.


It actually depends to those who acquired education. I knew a lot of people who graduated from colleges and universities who has no jobs. One factor is unemployment rate in your country. Some people are unable to apply their courses due to less available jobs. For example, here in the Philippines, there are many nursing graduates who acquired a license after passing licensure exams. However, many of them eventually became call center agents. Other graduates applied for low-paying jobs because of lack of employment choices.

There are some people who didn't finish school, yet they became rich. Mark Zuckerberg became rich from Facebook fame, and he just graduated a year ago. There are many successful entrepreneurs out there who did not reach college. Education can help but having the perseverance, wisdom, ingenuity in life, and other such qualities can lead you to success.


Thank you for your good question . I would say that education is not the only way to succeed, success is even more. In many ways a man can be successful . We all know that five fingers of our hands are five different types of fingers. A little big, a little smaller. Similarly, people are also one kind of person. Someone is successful through education. Anyone else being successful. Of course, the need for education in our lives is immense. But education that will give you success only is wrong. You can try a lot to succeed.

 Apart from education, a man may be successful, I'm discussing them below

Hard work

A man can be successful easily through hard work. The more work he can work, the better he can do in life. We all know it, so it can be said that a man can be successful through hard work.


A man can easily be successful by trying. If he wishes that I will succeed ,one day he will be able to succeed. That is the truth, it can be said that one man can be successful by trying

Confidence in yourself

One who can trust in himself, he can be successful in that life. Otherwise, how can one who can not trust himself? So it can be said that if he has confidence in himself then he can succeed.


A person can easily be successful through intelligence. If he has good intelligence, he can use it for good work. Of course, he can be successful. It can be said that a person can be successful through intelligence


I don't think so...(Education has it's own importance)

To succeed in any field you need one thing, The Passion and Excellence

The education is a way to achieve success but it is not the only one.


Not at all! Because some of the great visionaries have also been "dropouts", says Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and so on ...

Basically, the school shows us only 2 things. Learning to work and learning to make contacts ... But it likes forging minds in molds ... Because the school measures the quality of its students, and many students confuse this with their human quality. Convinced that their existence depends on these measures ...

Because in society, people, businesses and even our governments are trying to define us. That's why after school we "win" a degree. To help others to know where we come from and therefore imagine where we go ... At least, on the side of our human potential ...

This is why companies determine our wages according to our diplomas or other rewards ... So for them, our life is worth a certain amount of money per hour ...

But the reality is that if you know how to work, school is no longer necessary ... Because it no longer holds a monopoly on knowledge ... And if you continue your own journey, you will realize that no one in the world, other than you, can know where you come from and where you go. Because our potential is of an infinite creative nature ...

That's why I deplore this school straitjacket ... Even my father whom I did not really know, to stop thinking after having studied ... And his conception of the world and its place in it has remained frozen in its 19 years of mental age ... Yet he was brilliant at school, but not really in life ...


My answer here is no!

THis is because, today, education has been watered down and has become a tool for politics and show of power.

Where education does not seek to improve the lots of the common man. Many people are simply school not educated. When education cannot transform the thought pattern and conventions, then I decide not to take a stand with such. To me, blockchain is education!

Thanks to @musing for creating such a platform as this!