Why do bad things happen things happen to good people ?

The world is bad. That's why.

We can't fall into water and expect not to get wet.

We can't go swimming and expect not to get wet.

Badness have saturated and, in as much we attract what we get many times, the badness of the world sometimes get to happen to us good people. Lol

But then again, is anyone really good? With whom are we comparing our goodness?

The world is evil, and we are caught up in it.

It is what it is.


I have a different thought on this quote that, 'Bad thing happens more to good people'. 

We are living in a world full of chaos, disorder and different human choices. There is no way you are gonna get your desired thing smoothly. You have to fight for it. But the fight is hard for the good one as they are more soft inside. This is the thing which lead us believe that good people get hurt more than bad one. 

If you can see comparatively you will find that bad people have to fight more in heir life. But as they are sort of used to it so we make this judgement. I also hard people said when a good man catches a bad disease like -cancer, that why this man, there are many bad man out there. Why they don't get such diseases. But the thing is we all- good or bad are living sort of similar life, but as good man used to get notice more and bad one don't get much attention, so if they have to go through much hard life than the good one they does not catch any care or attention. 

We want that every good thing will happen to good one as they don't hard any one and they are living a decent life. But it is also the plan of the God to examine the good one how faithful he is for this living. That's I believe. 

Life is not fair, we have to go through many thing we don't want to. But good one get noticed more and get more care for their sufferings. That is the difference I think so. So for me it's better to be good than bad.


@Erica20, In my opinion, life is not about the good or bad, happiness and sadness. If we observe the pattern of life then it's reflects as we are in battleground where our endurance is getting tested and life is all about the experience. Stay blessed. 🙂


Because good people aren't good to themselves


Bad things can happen to good people because it is part of God's trial . He always test good and bad people not to give up in life.I have seen one movie which is called interview with God and this phrase was mentioned in the movie. It was one of the best movie I have seen this year . You know what life is a test and everyone must face it no matter the consequences is.