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If you love someone, but they don't love you back, is that still love or just an obsession ?

People have no control over what they feel. if it was so then I think some human beings may not be controlled by their emotions the truth is that when love is not shown back or returned it is not the fault of the person who feels this circumstances that controls the feeling and action of people are way beyond what the human being can control just like the person who you love is not on the compulsion to love you back. People have the right to feel and to love however people do not have right to impose love on other people who they may be in love with.

The fact that love is unreturned doesn't make it obsession , what is the true obsession in this case is actually failing to see reasons to move on with life when a person fails to feel the feelings that you feel for them too, so if you love someone and they do not return the love, the love you feel is actually still love with so much affection, the only difference is that it has been turned down by the person who it was shown to.

Like I stated earlier, people have the choice to choose whether to return love and affection and the fact that they didn't choose to return it in your situation is exactly what I will call love gone wrong so there is no obsession in this case obsession is when you refuse to let go of someone by either stalking them or threatening them all taken even violent measures to ensure that the love you gave is returned so obsession can be dangerous. So when love is not returned or someone fails to love you back and you resort to force to actually make them love you then this is what I call true obsession, so definitely a love not returned is not obsession.


It's still love but you have to rechannel your love to someone else that will appreciate it and reciprocate. Sometimes, we can't actually help who we love but it will be Foolishness to keep hoping that someone we love would reciprocate our love when they have already made it obvious to us that they don't give a fuck about us or our love.

Should you find yourself in such a situation, you have to move on by redirecting such love to someone that will welcome, appreciate and reciprocate it. You're very much responsible for how others will treat you. Don't put yourself at the mercy of anyone by making yourself seem helpless before them. Stop wasting your love on those that don't deserve it.


Love is love, on one side or two sides. It will become an obsession only if you allow it.

To love someone who does not love you is to wait for a boat at an airport or a plane in a station. Sad truth. I know.

This does not preclude maintaining in itself affection for this person, in other words a form of unconditional love. Do you feel able?

Forgetting or trying to avoid will only strengthen the process. The more we fight against something, the more this thing tends to hold.

Incorporate psychically and emotionally gently (at its own pace) the impossibility of the story, as real data and not dreamed or idealized.

If you can not see this person anymore, it's better and it will go faster. Otherwise, every time you see it will be a new booster shot. But the integration of love into Love, which is in itself, will never be a loss. On the contrary, it will strengthen your heart.

Invest in anything that will occupy you and distract the time to heal and consider that there is not one person in the world at all times who can make you happy.

Even if you do not believe it today.

You can also drink poetry or literature or even movies on the subject, to expurgate and understand how others have done in the same situation, that is, it must be said, desperately human.


Talking about love is always interesting to discuss. We as the subject of love, should be smart and able to see true love and love of monkeys (not for a moment).

love is a complicated moment, the fact that people show love to us but he doesn't love us.

No wonder if many people are blinded by their love so they cannot distinguish between love and lies.

If I love someone but the person I love doesn't love me. I will not force her to love me. Because I know I can't be forced. I will give the best for her so she can be happy with the person he loves.

Everyone has their own choice of ways to get happiness.

Even though sometimes we can't live without her, the best solution is to let her go even though we will get hurt.



IF it’s love, it’s love. Period.

If one THINKS it’s love, MAYBE obsession.

And then again, it could also be a bit of both or neither.