Is it right for a woman to chose her career over her family to the extent of refusing to give her husband a child ?

Wow tough question. If you ask me I think everyone has the right to become whatever they want to be, irrespective of their sex or race and as such I can't condemn the lady for wanting to push forward in her career. The thing is, before you get married to a person, you have to have a sit down and discuss with your partner about your plans for your own life and how your marriage will fit into it. If you know that your career is going to be more important at first then let your partner know.

This is something that women have to do because most of the world isn't quite ready for them to chase their careers and abandon the traditional beliefs that a woman's place is at home. A lot of men will walk into a marriage thinking that their wives will quit their jobs and stay at home and if both of you haven't properly talked about it then you're both going to butt heads.

Well child birth is something that only women can do and you can't force a woman to have your kids. The thing is, provided there wasn't any prior discussion on the matter of career over child birth then I think it's unfair to do that to your husband. Yes as a human being you have a right to be all you can be, but the essence of marriage is mainly for two things, companionship and procreation, so why deny your husband the joy of having a child when there was no previous warning about your desire to further your career.

At the same time, I truly believe that women should receive equal treatment in every facet of life and in most cases if a man should say that he doesn't want to have kids yet because he needs to focus on his finances and his career, nobody will bat an eyelid but because of the nature of the world today, questions and situations like yours arise.

The answer to this question depends on how you see it, I think it's fair if a woman decides to pursue her career first if she sees that having kids might hinder her progress, after all if a man does something similar it won't be frowned upon, but I feel the woman should first let her husband know before they tie the knot. Looking at it from a different angle, I think it's actually cruel to do that to your husband especially if there's no prior warning of your intentions. Men can't have kids by ourselves, we need women and if you deprive him of children because of your career without informing him of your decision of not wanting kids till you reach a particular stage in your career, then it's just cruel.

I hope this helps.


This is an amazing question. Its a reflection of one of the problems that has arisen in our modern age where women play a more occupational role in the society. Unlike in the yesteryears, women have begun to do more than manage homes and give birth. Women now play leading roles in matters, they work, have careers, dreams and aspirations. All these things are their rights and nobody has any right to question it. But eventually most people get married, and as we know, marriage is about more than what one person wants. Its about what is best for the family. So the problem arises, should she choose her career over her family.

This is a really big deal for some people. To have children or not. So it should be discussed before entering matrimony together. Every man and woman should discuss these matters before getting married. It is not a problem that should be confronted when its in your lap. If a woman decides that she wants to pursue her career over starting a family, then it is within her rights. But she should let her husband know before he becomes her husband. He should know what he is getting himself into and should not have to deal with it when he's already in the marriage. Likewise if the reverse is the case, the man should let his wife know before getting married.

I believe that it is more within a woman's rights to not want children than it is a man's though. I believe so because children tend to be life changers. More for the woman than for her husband. Traditionally speaking, for him, he just has to pay more bills and feed more mouths. Having kids requires him to work harder. But for the woman, her time is effectively no longer her own. She must balance a career with raising her children and it takes a severe toll on here. Most times, women abandon their careers in order to better raise their children. As such child birth signifies the end of a her career. Considering this, I think she can say she doesn't want kids because it would mean the end of something she has worked for.

Both the man and woman are required to make a baby and so I think its only right that they both be on board with the idea. Nobody should be forced to abandon something they love for something they do not want. It is unfair and wrong. But at the same time, make it clear that it is something you cannot or will not give and let there be a clear understanding on the issue. 


If they agreed on having children while planning for the marriage , it's outrightly wrong

Even if they didn't, having a child isn't a decision for one partner.

Both must come together and have a conversation. At least one partner must compromise (especially when the husband really wants a baby) or file divorce papers


Neither right nor wrong...

It’s her right TO CHOOSE. Period.

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