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Does a complicated mind qualifies to be in a relationship ?

If you talk about complicated mind I believe you are referring to the female folks. Most females have complicated minds and truth is women with complicated minds are very interesting. Dating them feels like an adventure. She is like a puzzle that you feel you are almost done solving only to find a new twist. It is difficult catching up but dating someone with complicated mind is worth the trouble. People like this had a complicated life while growing up and it shaped them into who they are but nevertheless, they are very interesting beings.

They keep to themselves a lot but it is because they have a history, a story , a demon from the past but then who doesn't? When you say she's complicated it is because

1. She's smart, you can't figure her out easily

2. She makes you work for her attention

3. She's fascinating in a way you can't explain

4. She's emotionally unstable

Even with all these, a relationship with a complicated woman is an interesting one because when they finally get to love you, they go all in and love completely, totally and wholly. They will appreciate every little or big thing you do for them. To them moments count as much as expensive gifts. They speak up whenever they are dissatisfied with what you are doing. They are not afraid to point out your flaws and direct you because they want the best for you. They won't nod at everything you say and laugh at your silly jokes, they know when to call a spade a spade.

Best of all, they understand the importance of communication in relationships. You want a companion, a friend and a listener, date a complicated mind.


Humanely speaking, a complicated mind actually deserves to be in a relationship because the person is human and at some points in our lives we have complicated mindset, But psychologically speaking, it wouldn't be advisable for a complicated mind to go into a relationship because of the complicated reasoning.

We all deserve to be in relationships whether we have a complicated mindset or not but one thing that's Paramount is that the person we are entering into the relationship with must be a person with a lot of patience, love, understanding and is not as complicated in the mind as we are. That's the only thing that can balance the complicated mindset of the other person.

The common saying birds of same feather flocks together might not work in this instance because having two individuals with complicated mindsets to go into a relationship has been proven to be toxic overtime. Therefore it's expedient that when a person with a complicated mindset is to choose a spouse, it must be someone with attributes that can counter balance the complicated mindset.


I like to think that I have a complicated mind, and I'm in a relationship so yes a complicated mind can be in a relationship, although it depends on the person, but if that's the only thing you're concerned about then you most definitely qualify to be in a relationship.

People who have complicated minds are people who often think alot and are usually quiet about the kind of things that go on in their head, I should know because that's exactly how I am. A complicated mind can be a wonderful thing and your lover's life long goal could be to figure out just exactly how you think, besides a complicated mind doesn't mean that a person won't have everything else they need to be in a relationship.

Talking about what's needed to be in a relationship, you need to understand that things like complicated minds, big hearts and over-trusting people etc are things that whoever you're with will love you for, irregardless of whatever it is you think that might make them think otherwise.

I understand not wanting to date anyone that isn't right for you, or doesn't fit your criteria, but criteria's change and so do People, we shouldn't be so rigid on the terms of how and who we're supposed to date.