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Is it advisable to use your own money to marry a man you really love as a woman ?

When we are talking about loving ones spouse , it isn't something that was practiced. It originates  from the deepest part of the heart. Providing resources for the wedding between you and the man you love isn't a bad thing at all. In fact, it is superb. Marriage is the union between a man and a woman. If a man doesn't have the capacity and the woman comes up to fund the weeding,there is nothing wrong with that. I believe before a man and a woman can agree to marry each other, love is in existence.

In many part of the world, the man is expected to take care of every thing that has to do with wedding expenses, but in a situation where he lacks the fund, the woman can assist if she is more financially bouyant. To me it means nothing. I don't see any reason lingering over the decision of sponsoring the wedding as a woman if the capacity is there. Once your spouse isn't lazy, you don't have much to fear. The only thing that should be considered is how you will both move on after the wedding.

In many cases if the woman takes up the position of a bread winner, it affects the activeness of a man and this can lead to a lot of problem in the marriage. There is a lot after marriage. It is always good if a man is at least financially free in terms of catering for himself and his family before engaging in marriage. If a woman will use her finances to sponsor her wedding which isn't bad, the next thing she should ask herself is will she be comfortable if the man isn't buoyant to take financial responsibility in the marriage? It would be so stupid to spend huge amount of money for wedding and be grumbling if the man can't afford some things in the family. There is a proverb that says, "if the eyes will be blind, let all be blind because a man with one eye is still a blind man. though he sees with the other one, the vision cant be clear".

It is wise to decide all this before spending huge amount for the wedding In case the man wouldn't be up to the task. If she can afford all that and continue supporting the man without getting tired one day then I will advise to go on. It is better to delay and set things right than to rush and get it all wrong.

Most times, we decide some things because we want it badly but after we've gotten it, it becomes difficult to control. One of the factor that tear marriages apart is when a man cannot meet up reasonable percentage of the family's demand. If a woman can afford to sponsor the wedding, she should be ready to take more responsibility in case of necessity.

My conclusion : It is a good thing for a woman to financially sponsor her wedding with the man he loves but to fight all odds, she should be submissive and ready to take up more responsibilities because a man that can't afford to marry a woman with his own money might not be able to provide most of the needs. If the table turns around, fine but we don't have to count our chicks before they are hatched.


@beautychicks cares.


It is one thing for you to love someone and want to spend your life with such someone and it's another thing for such someone to love you back and also want to spend his/her life you. The question I would want to ask you is, ' is he also thinking of settling down with you?' Don't assume that a man wants to spend his life with you in marriage if he isn't showing and saying it.

There's no way a man would truly want to be with you and he won't put any effort in the marriage. There's nothing wrong in using your money to marry a man but he should show that he truly wants to be with you and put in some effort to take care of the little expenses, both of you are thinking of a marriage partnership and he shouldn't leave the expenses for you alone. From the effort he is putting towards making sure that you become his wife, you will know if you should spend your money in marrying him or not.


What other choice you have anyway?

I mean, think about it. 

After you're married to the other person, you don't have "your own money" anymore, the finances are shared.

And sure, you could be signing a prenup, and all that stuff.

One way or another, as a couple, you will spend that money. 

Of course, you might be one of those "My husbands money is our money and my money is my money" kind of person, I'm not going to judge that. 

I disagree with that kind of worldview, is all I can say.


Well it depends sometimes when love is involved in people who want to spend the rest of their lives together it doesn't matter who pay the bride price or groom price the perceptions of money in marriage is caused by various cultures and norms especially African cultures in African culture it is believed that when a woman get her bride price paid by a man it gives the man more stance and claim to the woman and automatically he buys love and respect however because these are norms and customs doesn't definitely make it right money in marriages it's not necessarily what determines the success or failure of a marriage.

I love the fact that you mentioned love because I think love can't be bought so whether you use money to to marry a woman it all boils down to the fact that true love precedes groom prices and bride prices in africa the culture is that a man must pay the bride price while in places like india the culture is that a woman pays the groom price I definitely understand your perspective you are speaking from an African perspective but I'll definitely like to tell you that using money to marry doesn't guarantee a successful marriage it may actually be okay for the time being but in the long run when you rely on money to keep a marriage going then you may have been wrong or misled.

The truth is that a woman can even sponsor the wedding in a marriage and if she definitely loves you there will be a successful marriage it doesn't matter if you're the one that has to sponsor the wedding or pay marriage is a long lifetime everlasting if you may ask me till death actually so whether use money to marry your wife or not I'm definitely telling you that it is not guaranteeing what you are thinking about no matter what it is so money in marrying the woman you want definitely doesn't matter you can go with your heart


Love is the name of sacrifice the dearest thing. It doesn't involve any calculation like wealth and money. If you really have feeling for someone from the bottom of your heart. You don't care any thing. Been at this stage you don't differentiate what is right and what's wrong. I think any advise will never create an impact on lov guys.

Now consider the social impact. In our part of the world men is responsible for all the activities related to earning and spending. So it's the duty of man to do all expanses. Being women if some one is willing to spend all money for marriage should think that if the guy also love her or he is making her fool for money. If the guy is her lover or the money enforced to love her. If he loves her I am damn sure he will never ask her to sacrifice her money as the love is the name of sacrifice


Extremely few men are willing to marry for money because the whole concept is emasculating. Men don't find money and status as sexy in a woman. What men find sexy in a woman is a woman's youth and beauty. Money and status is what the man is supposed to bring to the table. Even a rich woman is going to have slim pickings when it comes to men who are prepared to marry for money and who are not con artists.


Well personally speaking I don't see anything wrong in a woman providing the resources and finances in getting married to a man he truly love.

I know in most society and religion the man is supposed to provide the money for marriage but there is nothing wrong if the woman used her own money for the marriage ceremony.

The reason is that there are women that have money more than some men and if you as a woman falls in such category and you know sincerely that your husband to be doesn't have the financial capacity to do the marriage ceremony and you as a woman have,then since you love and trust the Man there is nothing wrong in bringing the money to carry out the marriage ceremony afterall you don't have to tell the world that you are the one providing the funds,you can keep it between you two as a honourable Woman.