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Why do married men cheat on their wife?

The short answer would be because they don’t love them.

We know that it may get more complicated than that, but if we understand the pain that comes with cheating, we would know that it takes lack of love to go ahead with it.

We can articulate several biological and social explanations to justify the action (on both sides, female cheating being allegedly less common), but deep down it can only be explained with lack of love.

Love, it has been discussed in other posts, is a complex feeling, hard to define but easy to identify. Love presupposes care and concern for the other’s wellbeing. Without getting into many details of what loving entails, cheating is not one of those things love impels us to do.

The reasons we may wield may be many and complex, but they can all be averted if the wife’s wellbeing, peace of mind and affection is always present. it is when we doubt our feelings, think about past offenses, or focus on what we lack in our relationships that cheating becomes easy. 


That's quite a bold statement to make. Not all men cheat one their wives. A lot of men i know have stayed loyal to their wives throughout the marriage. Those that cheat will cheat, not because the wife changes but because they would have cheated on anyone. And this whole idea that men are promiscuous is nonsense because if that is the case then such men shouldn't marry. Change partners frequently but i dont think breaking someone's trust is justified.

To your question as to why certain married men cheat on their wife, its because they dont understand what being loyal and trustworthy means. They were never truly committed and are too cowardly to communicate their desire of ending the marriage to their wife. They want to have companionship of marriage and also fool around with other women but that is just a cowardly act.


Well men cheat for a lot of reasons and I can't say that there's any one single reason that surpasses all of them. We're simple creatures who have simple desires and we're often driven by physical impulses and less by emotional impulses like women so chances are, whatever is going to make a man cheat is almost certainly going to be physical.

We're hardwired to go after things that move us physically and that could range from a woman with a perfect physique or someone that fits our physical wants. Men are creatures of sight and we're moved by the things that we see, we visualise it and then we try to get it. It may not even be a case of whether or not our spouses are sexy, we may just see someone that appeals to us sexually and we just end up going after them.

Another thing that could make a man cheat is a lack of peace in his home. If you're with someone and she doesn't give you peace, instead she gives you the opposite, always nagging and always stressing you out then chances are you're going to probably cheat on your wife with someone who gives you the peace that your wife doesn't give you.

Alot of men also cheat because they've been made to believe that they're supposed to do it. In fact I dare to say that society even expects us to cheat. You even hear women say things like "I'll forgive him when he cheats" or "All men cheat, you just have to figure out which one is worth sticking around for". Beliefs like this are what sink into the minds of men and makes us believe that it's ok if we cheat, even though it's not.

Lastly, the one sure thing that will make a man cheat is if his wife doesn't satisfy him sexually, there's no two ways about it, we'll cheat. It's not like we don't love our wives or girlfriends, it's just that we have sexual needs and if our partners don't satisfy those needs properly or at least make proper effort to do so then we'll just have to satisfy that need elsewhere.

I hope this helps.


Wooow...! This question got me smiling, and i'm still smiling. The poser of this question deserves some accolades.

* why do married men cheats on their wives?

Well, in this case, I'd call a spade a spade, I can't pretend or be afraid to speak my mind which is the truth.

And the truth is that, any married man that cheats on his wife, does not love the wife, it's that simple. I keep saying these to my friends, there is no excuse for cheating or whatsoever.

Most men complains that they go out with other women simply because their wives nag. so they go out to have peace of mind with another woman. But that's a bloody lie; becsuse a cheat is a cheat. If your wife nags, you're the reason why she is nagging, you caused her to nag. Look into your bad characters, and she will never nag.

Some married men believes they cheat simply because their wives suspect them; and what makes you a suspect? Was it your good deeds that made her to suspect you? Look inward, you will know why she suspects you.

Some married men may want to blame their friends for influencing them negatively, ie their friends cause them to cheat. Marriage is not for boys that could be influenced easily with cheating acts. Bad excuse!

Married men simply cheats on their wives because they don't love their wives enough to stay faithful. Believe me it's not in your DNA to cheat, it's just your mind set.

Married men love your wives, there's no excuse for cheating. Once you cheat, you have sinned against God and man. And you will be judged someday. You swore to stay faithful in the church, and in the presence of God's servant and the congregation.



Apparently because their wives changed from who the use to be before marriage, I will list some few reasons for you.

1. Men are moved by what they see, a woman should note that before a man can take cognisance of your character, your beauty comes first or as we say, your packaging, most women after marriage never care of looking sexy again, he loved you for being sexy but you are taking away the sexiness, he might cheat on you.

2. Most women nag, no man want to hang around a woman who complains always, when there are ladies who are dying for his attention outside.

3. Sexual dissatisfaction is another reason, as a married couple, you must look for means to spice up your sexual life, most men run out there for sexual exploration, if you sleep the same way with your man for years, he will one day get tired it. Have it in mind, some ladies are out there to take him to the realm of sexual Ecstasy.

4. Lastly most man cheat because they are promiscuous in nature, they can seem to be satisfied with one sexual pathner,so they keep others outside the home



When people want to talk about men cheating, they tend to always have an accusatory tone towards the women. The fact remains that cheating is wrong and its entirely the desire of the man that drives him into such act.

While women might have a part to play, the reason most cheat is because of their desire to get a feel for multiple women. 

I sometimes wonder why people are surprised that men cheat, today's society is totally ok with the fact that single people sleep around with each other. Before marriage, its ok for men and women to have slept with multiple partners, why then should we expect that anything will change with marriage?

Its known that women are always more committed in relationships, when women commit they go all in(most of them at least), this is not really the case with men as they always have that tendency to look at the next pretty lady that walks by.

The main reason is a deep seated problem of morals, sexual relations and our perception of wrong and right. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of marriages, there's no end in sight to the menace of infidelity.

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Most married men cheat on their wives and they are numerous reasons why they do such a thing. I am just going to mention some of the reasons I know.

Bad Company: When a married man tends to keep irresponsible friends. He will be obliged to follow the friends footsteps. They are the ones that will lead him to do what he would not do ordinarily.

Nagging wife: Most women should see reason to control the way they nag whenever they are with their husbands. Too much of nagging can turn a man off to the extent that he might be forced to decide to go out to a woman who he will find peace staying with.

Suspicious wife: Women should mind the way they suspect their men because too much of suspicion could lead the men to go on and cheat.

Lack of Sexual Satisfaction: Women should always see the need to satisfy their men sexually as no man wants to be let down when he requests sex from his wife.

Womanizing spirit: Some men just cheat because the spirit of womanizing has become part of them.

These are the reasons I think men cheat on their wives.

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1....They need sexual fulfillment from their essential relationship. Either the sex does not address their issues, their dreams aren't being acknowledged, or they aren't getting the measure of sex they might want.

2...They want extra sexual experiences. It is possible that they need to encounter progressively sexual accomplices, or simply more sex when all is said in done.

3...They need enthusiastic fulfillment from their essential relationship. They either don't feel a forceful passionate association with their accomplice, or that enthusiastic association is inadequate somehow or another.

4...They need enthusiastic approval from another person. It is possible that they aren't getting the acclaim, regard, and approval that they require from their accomplice, or they are nevertheless they need much a greater amount of it.

5..They have fallen (or are falling) out of adoration with their essential accomplice. The relationship is essentially finished, so they don't want to remain submitted.

6...They have fallen (or are falling) in affection with another person. Possibly they met somebody and things simply occurred or they had a pound which they effectively sought after. In any case, they have created affections for another individual, and as opposed to opposing enticement, they chose to pursue their wants.

7...They need to look for retribution. It is possible that they are looking for vengeance for another undertaking, or just for an alternate infraction that they feel their accomplice executed against them. This could be genuine or envisioned.

8...They're interested and need to encounter new things. It is possible that they have an inclination that they haven't encountered enough out of life, or they need to encounter something that is "against the standards," or they just need to perceive what it resembles to go through the night with that one individual. They're simply in it to fulfill their interest or experience an excite.

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