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How do you get paid on musing ?

Musing is a question answer platform that built on top of Steem blockchain. You get paid on Steem/SBD and Steem Power (SP). Steem and SBD are cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

People come here to ask question. If you ask any question, you will get the answer from other people. You can also help other people answering their questions. If you make quality answer, there is a high chance you will get upvote from @musing. 

If people like your answer, they can upvote your answer. Even you might get upvote on your question. I don't know any other platform where you get paid just for asking question. 

After 7 days, you will get paid on your Steemit account. You can see your payment on your Steemit wallet. 

I love this platform. If you are new on Steemit, you might find it difficult to get exposure and decent payout. I'm glad that Musing is here. You can make quality answer, and you will be rewarded for your contribution. 

Musing has a curator team and they are working hard to find out quality answer and question. After reviewing it manually, if it is up to the standard, you can get upvote from Musing.

So spend time on Musing and help other people answering their question. And you will get paid on Musing for your effort to add value to the lives of others.


Good question and I had the same question when I was new to this platform.  On the musing platform in order to be get paid, you will need to do any of the following activity

Ask Questions.  

Write Answers.  

The reward you get is - Cryptocurrency. 

In musing cryptocurrency that you get currently is SBD [Steem backed by Dollar] And SP[Steem Power]

I'll not get into the details of what SBD and SP is. But to give you some glimpse on the payment payout - would definitely like to give an example here:-

Say for example you asked a question on the musing platform and people upvoted your questions. Assuming the upvotes which you got across 7 days - why 7 days because the payout is paid on the 7th day to your wallet. Coming to our example if you got upvotes to your questions worth $1 than your payout will be 75% of 1$ as 25% goes to the curation reward pool. There you are eligible for $0.75 cents and this is further divided into 50% each as SBD and STEEM POWER

In a nutshell, you get paid in SBD and SP that gets added to your wallet automatically on the 7th day of asking or answering the question as the case may be.


By getting uvotes from Musing and from other users on the questions and answers that you provide.

I find that with qeustions, the best way to get upvotes is to ask questions that are thought provoking and ask for peoples opinions, rather than just yes or no answers. Yes or no answers dont invite conversation or discussion, and I know I myself just skip these questions. Also questions that can be easily asnwered by a quick Google should probably be advised against.

In terms of answers - there is a divide -some people like to write long indepth answers, and some go for shorter more specific answers. I think it depends on the person (and the question!) - some questions can be answered quickly, but others require more research and explanation. I tend to write shorter answers myself as I dont want to bore people


Musing is all about asking and answering questions. The upvotes are just the incentive to continue. Musing is focused on adding value and proffering solution to the questions in the heart of its users.

Musing upvotes answers that are deemed accurate enough to satisfy the curiosity of the askers. The upvotes given are based on the relevance of answers provided and especially those that shows true understanding of the questions.

Musing is one of the very few platforms which are entirely committed to members and not after profit. They take relatively nothing from the reward pool.


As it is an app of Steem Blockchain it works like the usual payout system that one recieves in Steemit or in other dapps by the form of Upvotes and we get the Currency as Steem and SBD.

Now the question comes does a user gets full reward or Musing keeps any beneficiary rearwards while giving any upvotes in Musing.io 

Well it is great news for us that Musing does not take any curation reward for the upvotes they give to the users in here so the payout system is quite similar to the usual system.

Of the 100 % you will receive the 75 % of the reward as an author and 25% curation reward will be given to the curators who upvoted your post.


I can get paid a lot with reflection, because the work that will be paid a lot is work that uses mind and reflection not just using energy


Well anyone on the musing.io platform have the opportunity to earn incentives by answering questions correctly in a well detailed manner or ask questions that are interesting and would lead to meaningful conversations....


There are two ways of earning money/Steem on musing.io

Firstly you can ask a question and if it is good enough be rewarded with an upvote from musing themselves plus other users.

Secondly you could answer a question and the same would apply if it was good enough receive an upvote from musing and other users.

I will simplify it so you can understand the reward system. If your question or answer receives a vote of $1 that is what will be paid out in 7 days into your steemit account. It is broken down further as it is shared between the author (you) and the curators.

$1 post payout

Author - you receive 75% = $0.75 c

Curators - receive      25% = $0.25 c

The rewards currently are paid in SBD/SP at 50/50 so your $0.75 c is going to be looking like this     SBD 0.375 and SP 0.375 This arrives after 7 days like everything else on Steemit.