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Is there any great line of distinction between family and career ?

Family, the first inner circle of people you have and the first of many things. At a point they are the only people you want to see and at a point also, you do not want anything to do with them. They are the major things you consider before making decisions and the only people you can think of in times of crisis. I learned a while ago that family doesn't end in blood and so friends fall under this category too.

A career, the reason why people are motivated to stay in school. If the pay is worth it, its an added bonus and it always drives you. Having a career is the foundation of your life and also the evidence that you have grown from needing family for everything to standing on your own and sometimes providing for the said family.

The greatest line of distinction is that family will always be there no matter what is said and done. But your career, this is something you have spent most of your life building and definitely can be destroyed in a snap. Your reputation and integrity shattered with the slightest out of hand behavior or like in this present social media age, the wrong picture or even tweet can ruin you.


Definitely there is always a great line between career and family but the reason why it seems like it shows a relationship is because people are always trying to put or place a connection between the two of them and the fact that is that there is a big difference between family and career you must also note that career and family share a common ground and that common ground but they're different in logical explanations and definition is the fact that a man his wife and his children cannot do without a career however the fact that people are always making a lot of mistakes choosing a career or family is one reason why I think it share a common ground.

When it comes to distinctive choices I have to say that family and career are things that are different and shouldn't even be a matter of discussion it is always a matter of discussion because people are ways choosing one of them rather than the other when actually they should try to understand the fact that family and career are two different things that one must inculcate in order to make a perfect person or build a perfect relationship.

So there is a difference when it comes to logical and definitive definition however it shares a common ground because of the emotion and confusion that is comes with. People confuse one for the order when this shouldn't be so , career is something that you can use to make a living in order to take care of your family meanwhile a family or group of people who are related in terms of blood, gene, opinion and marital responsibilities so they are very different but the fact that family sometimes clashes with career at one time in people's life is the reason why I think it shares a common ground but they are actually different in logical explanation and meaning