Is steemit.com becoming one of the social media that is more beneficial for your economy?

When you stand at the gate of steemit and steem blockchain, then you will perceive like it is a tough task to generate some income out of your engagement in steem blockchain. But once you enter and become persistent then you will realize that you are running short of time to engage in every bit of steem blockchain, because there have been many DApps building on the top of steem blockchain and each one of them is catering to a particular sub-domain of the social media domain. Although you can not start earning huge from the next day, but if you are determined, dedicated and persistent then you can make something out of it.

Further you must take a note that steemit and steem blockchain is not primarily designed to give you a kind of quick money or ROI or something like that. It is primary designed for content creation with proof-of-brain and if you are a passionate content creator then i think it is absolutely a perfect place for you and you may find similar kind of people with whom you can value your thought, share and engage most productively and at the end of the day you can earn rewards in the from of upvotes and there are many examples where people have really built their base over a period of time. 

Personally I am a photography lover and I post macro shots mostly and lately developed so much passion in musing, so I am enjoying this platform and my engagement in steem blockchain is really worthy of my time. I have also made little investment in SP and economically I am generating a moderate value from my engagement in steemit and other DApps like musing.

Thank you and have a great day.


Man is a social animal, Social animal needs socializing to fulfill social needs. Unfortunately people of our era are so much busy in their life that they don't have any time for other. So, people most likely to spend time on social media for socializing.  Steemit is an amazing platform which is not only fulfilling people socializing need, fun and learning opportunity. It also rewarded people by giving them good incentive. I know a few my country men who are earning their bread from this platform. The concept of steemit is amazing. It empowers all user. so, in my opinion it's a great platform for the benefits of economy.


Well, since the inception of steemit it has really been a very wonderful experience for me personally and alot of people around me.

Steemit is really a very interesting social media platforms,a platform that helps you to earn little income and also helps to develop you.

Steemit has really been beneficial to my economy because it has given so many people hope and a means of earning big and small income.

For me it's one of the best social media network to me because not only are you connecting to people but help in giving income to many and that has played a major role in improving our economy.

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I think steemit is great platform i ever seen 

Steemit is one good platform that we know that give good reward for Good content.Its  give us financial help .From this sight we are not just earning .We are earning also every day new new knowledge .That really so important and valuable for life ,Also using steemit we are learning many things thats so helpfull also for our life ,for every day new blog reading we are knowing many helpful and healthy idea thats really so helpful for  our recent life .Many people make good health also good food blog.Also many people share their idea and  talent here thats really so  big help for new generation .In steemit so many young people also working their mind also develop because of seeing many inspiration  blog.

Also its give us chance to chance here earn without investing thats really will be big help for many peoples life .That s why i think steemit is more beneficial for our economy and knowledge .



While this is something which I never really thought that would happen in my life. While getting something from the social media except the exposure or likes/comments. Steemit.com really changed the course of thinking of about social media for me and I believe many of the users would sure have the same feeling as well. 

While when I joined it was all about Steemit.com and everyone was focusing on blogs and so did I as well. While once the dapps started to come out the scenario significantly change for many users across steem Blockchain which is indeed something really a second course of revenue event for many. 

As a matter of fact Steem Blockchain is indeed one of my way of income and it was going really great and apart form the fact of the Steem price decline many users who were solely in depend on Steem have really made a hard impact financially on their life. 

While which can easily be said that Steem Blockchain as of now could not be taken as full time job for many. 

While as per the question I do believe that Steem Blockchain is far more better than other social medias that are famous like Facebook, Twitter or others  (for normal users).  So instead of giving the time out there it could really be useful to spend time in here and get something out of it for the contribution that a user makes.


The first time I knew Steemit (especially the first 2 months) I thought I could not produce anything from here. But, when I participated in various dApps, I started making money.

Now, Steemit has become like my second job, because i can earn more money for my needs.


Absolutely but many of my friends doesn't seem to understand the actual concept and the power of steemit. I am asking them to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency in general now so that they get better idea of how steemit works.