Give vaccines to babies, is it dangerous?

The contention encompassing the risks of vaccines for kids isn't a thought. In 1977, Dr. Jonas Edward Salk (inventor of the primary poliomyelitis vaccine)

The danger of vaccines in youngsters

stated that the injection of {polio|poliomyelitis|infantile paralysis|acute anterior poliomyelitismyelitis|infectious disease} immunogen was the most reason behind the onset of polio within the United States of America since 1961. On July 12, 2002 the Reuters News Service reportable that just about one thousand faculty students were hurried to hospital once being injected with Associate in Nursing cephalitis immunogen within the Northeast of China. within the Nineteen Seventies information showed that of the 260,000 Indians World Health Organization suffered from TB, most were people who had received the BCG immunogen.

The danger of vaccines in youngsters

In 1972, there was a widespread attack on Republic of Ghana with morbilli with a high mortality, whereas in 1967 Republic of Ghana was claimed by World Health Organization as a rustic that was freed from morbilli once ninety six of the population had received the morbilli immunogen.

The danger of vaccines in youngsters

The reality that exists in varied components of the globe encourages United States of America to bear in mind of vaccination in our next generation ..

An yank professional aforesaid that the poliomyelitis immunogen is formed from a mix of ape excretory organ, human cancer cells, and body fluids of bound animals as well as bodily fluid from bovine, baby horses, and raw extract of pork abdomen. additionally to the on top of sources, some vaccines may be obtained from abortion of prospective human babies World Health Organization ar designedly done. The immunogen for variola major, some vakin may be obtained mistreatment aborted foetal cell lines, MRC-5 and WI-38. Vaccines containing MRC-5 and WI-38 ar many vaccines containing human diploid cell line. Wi-38 is Associate in Nursing isolate obtained from the lungs of a three-month-old daughter.

Not to mention if you explore the immunogen content it seems it truly contains substances that ar harmful to the body. The danger side of vaccines is caused by basic ingredients made up of basic ingredients made up of chemicals and alternative substances that ar toxic to the body. Among them ar gas, called matter substances, tnimerosal that contain mercury (toxic significant metals), aluminum, phosphate that could be a toxic toiletries, and alternative toxic substances like phenol aceton.

Looking at the sources and content contained within the immunogen, then why will Indonesia still wish to implement the program? it's accepted that vaccination programs became world (international) programs launched by World Health Organization and United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund. In general, every country has enforced many varieties of vaccines that ar needed to run to infants and kids with the sort and schedule of gifts that ar tailored to the conditions of every country. These countries then obey while not knowing the prevailing state of affairs.


I admit to having trouble understanding that we are asking such a question. For me, it makes as little sense as asking: what are the arguments in favor of penicillin? the railway? It ? From the automobile?

Immunization has been a mammoth medical advance that has helped stem epidemics, eradicating once-fatal and widespread diseases. It seems stupid, but we die of measles!

Finally, humans have always had an irrational side, which I sometimes have trouble grasping. Man is not basically an herbivore, yet people are vegans, everyone aspires to live in peace, and there are wars everywhere, we live "in society", and we spend more and more time to isolate ourselves from each other, the nose in our smartphones, and virtual universes.

Contradiction is a fundamental constituent of man.


I think with all the testing that has happened over this subject that it is totally safe today.

There is  a danger if you don't get your baby vaccinated that something could happen and where would that leave you.  twenty odd years ago when i had my children there were massive scares regarding vaccinations but that was all cleared up with more testing.

I wouldn't hesitate today and think you should speak to your doctor first to clear any  worries and fears up.


Getting your babies vaccinated is not dangerous.  

All vaccines are fully tested before being approved for use by the FDA. Vaccines contain weakened toxins, or a dead or weakened form of the disease-causing virus or bacteria, which causes the body to produce antibodies that protect the child from that disease. 

Most of child’s vaccinations are completed between birth and 6 years.  Some children have minor side effects from being vaccinated, such as a slight fever or swelling at the injection site. The risk for death or serious side effects is so small that it is difficult to document. Claims that vaccines cause autism or other diseases have been carefully researched and disproved.

Don't be scared, get your babies vaccinated  😋 


That is their need to be able to ward off dangerous diseases. So, it's not dangerous at all, although sometimes when immunization is done, children will have a fever.