How important is social media for you?
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In the digital era like now, companies don't just see applicants' CVs. More than that, many companies now consider other factors that can better describe the lives or lives of applicants, namely through social media.

Yes, social media can be considered a miniature of your life or everyday life. All your actions and characters can be found through posts in various social media posts that are used such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Path.

Therefore, being wise in posting everything on social media is the key to your career.

Many say if on social media we are free to do anything, aka create. But what is not widely known, there are actually clear limits that you have to do when posting anything on social media.

On the basis of freedom of expression, not infrequently you are out of control condemning and making inappropriate posts that corner one race, religion, culture or ethnicity. These things seem to be things you should avoid when playing social media. Instead of posting negative things, it's a good idea to make a positive post and better if you post your work.

Posts work indirectly to improve the quality of your alias.

Instead of posting things that aren't important, it's a good idea to post on social media. As a new graduate, aka fresh graduates, for example, posting works can be used as your portfolio when you register with a destination company. Instead of bothering to print-out or enter your work via e-mail, for example, including social media that contains works makes it easier for companies to see works that have been produced so far.

For employees who want to fight for their career paths, posting works through social media is also useful for portfolios and evidence that you work well and have certain quality standards. Work that is exhibited on social media, can be used as a means to attract the attention of employers who may not pay attention to the performance and results of your work while in the office.

speaking from a small business owners' point of view, social media has proven t be the most important tool for marketing and advertisements.

Social media platforms, especially Facebook have enabled me to grow the business, reach and advertise to as many people as possible. There is a chance of sharing the add across to Instagram, which is an opportunity for more traffic. The ads are also very affordable and flexible , allowing you to play around and according to your budget. 

The year 2017 and 2018 have been the most productive for my business, this was achieved by using the Facebook business tools such as  paid adverts that enabled my business page appear  to thousands of Facebook users in the same geographical area . This drew major traffic and attention to my business  that  got me and my colleagues featured in a high end fashion magazine. 

aside from the great tools the facebook business page  offers, referrals in form of client posts and reviews acknowledging the business has led to our tremendous growth .  These to be honest would not have been possible to achieve in the expansion of my small business if it were not fr facebook.


But   its have have two sight one good and two bad .I want explain both sight for our recent life .


 IN our recent life we can see  spent time on social media every people love .Also from social media we  are knowing every day many new knowledge .From many social sight we are getting many news.We  can contact with  many countries easily .In past days its not easy for us .But recent life technology make so cool social media using this we can get worlds every news in one second. Some people who are always free they can spent their time here ..Thats really so helpful for our life .Also who have relative in abroad they can easily contact using these social site .Its really so helpful matter in our life,for students social media also helping lot .They give many news thats so useful for students .We can say social media make our life easy also .Its giving us knowledge everyday .


WITH good sight social media some bad sight also .That we need to know also in our life .we know all some social  media made for chat .Our new generation also many people addicted by them.They always chat with peple for this some people losing their time thats harming our  younger generation .They give so much time in social media .also they are not giving proper time in their study  .That harm their carrier .Also some people always use social site and chatting day and night thats  affect their eye also .Also using social media some stupid guys making so may crime.Thats so cruel for our life .Also some times people acount hake by others and they create so many big cheating with people .



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I could say that social media is important for me.

I am not too active on multiple social medias. I actually just use Facebook to communicate with my friends through PM or personal messages. It is since they also use or visit the site and an easy free way to send messages. Having an easy way to communicate to others is important.

I could sometimes read or watch some important things on social media sites as well. That is why I still browse on pages sometimes. There could be some important announcements or campaigns too using the social media sites.

I have also tried using some social media sites in promoting posts and links.

Well if this question was asked to me few years back than the answer might have been a little different than I am going to give here now.

While I really have to say Social media has really affected me in both good and bad ways over the past years. The reason I am saying it because I was able to get a lot of positive things from different social media sites whereas it has taken many things from me as well. 

For Instance the bad things over the past times I was really into few social medias where I used to spend my time and almost anybody can compare it to addiction as a matter of fact. While I was very much into social media that I was not able to the daily activities of my life resulting many wrong decisions in my life. Though I do not really like the way now how I spent those times and I do regret those moments but I do believe in learning from those hard times and improve myself over the time.

Time is really of essence and they even say that "Time is Money" .

Whatever bad time that has gone will never come back so we should focus on the good times that is ahead of us. 

While as of today many things have changed and many developments have been made in the technology and now the social media has been acting as changing lives of many people as well. Basically in another sentence it can be said that 

"it depends on the person how he uses the tool, either to build or ruin"

Social media is somehow like that and the use case of it depends on us. While after getting the real value of time I got to understand how to utilize my time and SOCIAL MEDIA has kind of saved me this time. 

While Steem Blockchain did really opened a new phase for me and after being a part of it I was able to get the long term view of my self and all the things that have happened in the past it kind of made me someone who I am now. 

Basically I do not really like to be  on the daily job basis occupation and it did not suit me that well while internet/social media gave a new way of living on for me and I do believe that many users might agree to this as well . 

On the other hand as weird as it sounds I have been not watching television lately as most of the news/events that I need to know i am getting them online and most of them from the social media so it is a way of communication and transferring news very rapidly compared to other ways. On another way social media have given me quite a lot of communicative friends and from them I was able to get a lot of positive support and help along my days and this is something really important for me as a matter of fact.  

Furthermore, sharing have been a lot easier by the help of social media and people are getting much more closer to each other sharing their daily activities (some says it is breaching their privacy) while like I said people will always have feelings in different ways. To note that Social medias has been acting as support for me both mentally and financially(as most of my income does really comes from that source) in my life as well. So it has taken an important part in my life and I do believe that many people in here might have the same feeling as well.

While I really must say that even if I want to accept it or not for me Social media (Steemit/twitter etc) has really become a prime part of my life and in a positive way for now and I really hope it goes this way in the coming days as well.

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 There is some social website that I loved it and social media site is also one of the main part of my life. They bring lot of positive change in my life and I'm really happy about this is the big opportunity for me.
Social media is changing your life because you must be depended on it. Sometimes it's difficult to live without social media that you love a lot. Personaly I love some social website and me never aspect to living with that website like Facebook, Instagram and the earning sources like Musing, and Steemit. I love a lot because this site is the part of my life. I spent a lot of good time there, so social is really important for me.

Basically, I used to it because online work brings a lot of easy sources that you can work there in the house. So you don't need to go outside for doing a job. The online field is the best opportunity that I have realized in the last year. Beside this other social media that, you spend time with a social friend and attract each other for collecting many new friends.  

Social media is important for me .

But in some years we can see in our life some social media affect our  daily days activities lot thats really so bad .Some people spent their time lot of time in social media .They dont give time in practical life .Also in young  generation aslo affect by many social media .They are not giving proper time in study .They always love to chat with people .This system harm their life lot.Also we can see because of so much using social site some peple creating so many crime using social site thats really bad .From socail media  we are getting everdays  many news .Also we are knowing many things thats  why i like it .But some people using it for bad work .

We need to  use social media for good use not for harm our life .every people need to know this Need to use this for good work not for bad work .That why i will tell social media important for me for  good work .


I have to say that social media is one of the best things that had happened in this generation, it opened up a lot of opportunities. And even though that social media have its downside, I think that it has more positive aspect to it.

Most of the information that I consumed is from Social media ~ general knowledge, fashion, current events, tutorials...and so on.

I also use it to connect with my online friends and even my real-world friends & family.

Connectivity is the "crowning glory" of social media and it is the thing really benefit humanity of this generation and the future.

The importance of social media can not but be overemphasized. What will life look like without the existence of social media? Boring, I guess.

To start off, I discovered this platform (musing.io) via social media earlier today. What does this mean to me? I tend to connect with people, opportunities, platforms via social media. It's basically part of my day to day life.

Social media is VERY important to me as an human being as I get to know about hot and fresh happenings around the world therein. Most especially Twitter and Instagram.

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Personally for me, it is not the important.  I do a pretty good job of keeping in touch with the people that are really important to me via text and other forms.  If I woke up tomorrow and I found that my Facebook account was gone, I probably wouldn't be fazed that much by it. 

I have a Twitter account, but it is rare that I ever open the app.  There is just too much content to sift through and not much of it is really that worthwhile.  I know a lot of that probably has to do with the people that I am following, but still.  It just isn't that important to me.  Beyond that the only other accounts I have are an Instagram account. It is also very rare that I post any pictures or anything like that to my Instagram account.

I only use Youtube to watch videos if you want to include that.  I don't post anything on there. 

I don't include Steemit or the other dapps as social media.  They don't really fulfill that function for me, so I don't really feel like they apply.

As I said, if you took those three apps I listed above away from me, I would find a way to still get up every morning, take a shower, put my clothes on, and head to work.  They just aren't that important to me.

This question is very interesting, at least this question when someone decides to start entering social media management strategies. I have realized long ago about the potential of social media now and in the future.

Social media is growing so rapidly and almost everyone uses these social or social media sites. You certainly still remember Friendster. At the beginning of the emergence of social media is very popular with the younger generation. Students access the internet and open this social networking site to communicate with their friends. Then there is Facebook and Twitter, which until now is still a social media with the highest number of active users in the world.

The rapid growth has become an optimism for internet marketers or commonly known as internet marketers, that social media is now not just an internet site, but more than that. Social media is now a public space. Social Media has become one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. Hundreds of millions of people access it every day. This industry even continues to give birth to other new social media platform innovations such as Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Path.

The rapid advancement of mobile technology and supported by facilities to access the internet that are increasingly qualified, the more promising this industry is to develop in the future.

Almost all industries with various brands have decided to also enter this digital public domain. Try to mention which large and well-known companies don't have social media accounts? Even if you don't have a social media account, you can be sure they plan to jump in in the near future. Why? Because social media is very important. Why is social media important? Let's look at the following points:

1. Everyone Accesses Social Media

In fact, throughout 2012 and 2013, the most significant growth of active social media users both Twitter and Facebook was the generation aged 35 years and over. Indeed, it has become an "open secret" if the social media ruler is the younger generation. However, given the fact that the number of advanced generation social media users has increased significantly, it is certain that social media will belong to everyone.

2. Everyone Loves Branding

The fact that people prefer products with a good branding strategy is real evidence. According to the research of a marketing institution, people prefer products that have a Facebook account, rather than products that do not have it.

3. Everyone Is Easily Affected By Recommendations Of Friends On Social Media

A person's opinion about a brand will affect his audience on social media. In marketing terms this is called Word of Mouth, and the Word of Mouth now goes digital in Social Media.

Then, the question arises, what are the functions that can be maximized by using a Social Media account? There are at least three functions that can be maximized by social media by each industry player, namely:

1. As a marketing medium

This function is most widely used by industry players. Marketing is one of the heart of a business or industry. There are many reasons why marketers (marketing) choose a social media strategy, including to reduce marketing costs. Learn more about social media optimization.

2. As a Public Relations (PR)

Many large and well-known companies have used social media as their official publication media. The main reason is certainly the effectiveness of reaching the public and costs that are not too expensive.

3. As a Customer Service

There are so many service providers that have used social media as their means to serve their customers. The main reason, again to reduce costs.

That is why Social Media currently plays an important role for every company from various types of industries including blockchain and cryptocurrency based industries.

Data from the Sprout Social Index shows that the development of social media in various industries throughout the world shows a significant number.

So there is no reason for every business and industry to ignore this unstoppable digital trend. The sooner you decide to jump in the trend of this digital world, the better. Do not let your competitors take the first step, because it can be ascertained that competition will be increasingly tight.

Besides that, social media is also very easy and fast to access up to date information every day, even every second. It is even very effective to serve as a medium of communication and information.


It is a very helpful technology that binds people.

With social media, communication becomes very easy. A text, call, and a video call is just a click away. When we want to communicate with our friends, loved ones, co-employees, and other people, social media is there to help us. It creates a simplified approach of connecting with people.

Social media becomes a great tool of information to learn. People share their idealistic views, knowledge, inventions, and products for the benefit of humanity. It becomes a great source of information to learn. We become informed of the things that is happening with the community.

Shopping and looking for products becomes very easy too. With just a scroll and search using Social media, you can find the the products you want to buy. You can check their reviews, their response rate, and variety of prices offered by various retailers.

Lastly, it becomes an avenue for us to share our ideas, skills, and talents (and gather for feedback). We become very vocal of ourselves by sharing what we have. Either they will learn about it or it becomes a place for you to gather feedback from the community to improve what you have.

There are negative implications social media offers but the truth behind it is it provides a lot of significance to the lives of humanity. 

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I am just kinda whatever with social media. I mean I like it but at the same time I do not need it. Sometimes I just take a week or 2 off and shut myself off from the technology of society.

Well it depends on how you look at it. Social media is actually very important for me but only because it serves as a form of entertainment and not necessarily because it lets me connect with other people. Honestly I barely use my Facebook, I haven't tweeted anything since 2010 and my Instagram is basically where I go to see funny videos and pictures.

Social media is important to me but it's not so important that I couldn't live without it. Sure utility social media(that's what I like to call them) like WhatsApp, discord and iMessage are important because they make communication so much easier and you don't have to go through the stress of buying call vouchers to talk to people, but I survived before any of them existed and I'll be just fine without them.

Cryptobased social media sites like musing, steemit and whaleshares on the other hand are extremely important to me and that's because they're a source of income and we'll as a means to monetize my talent and intellect.

I feel like social media is important to me and the world in general but just what exactly you want out of social media and which social media in question you're referring to determines just how important social media is to you. I mean if you asked me how important Twitter is to me I'd tell you that I don't need or even want it, but musing and steemit are necessities in my life.

I hope this helps.

Well,i can boldly say that social media has really play alot of important role personally to me for some years now.

We know quite alright that social media has been a powerful channel to reach out to the world and alot of things do take place on various social media.

It is very important for me because through the social media I have been able to connect to many friends, meet a lot of people,it has helped me get information ordinarily that wouldn't be easy to get.

Social media has helped me know about some good business and through it I have been able to make some little income that has been of great help to me.

The scale of social media contribution to me personally has been very great and I thank God and technology advancement for that.

It will be almost impossible for me to stay without social media because it's so much important to me and the world in general.

Very. I'd be lying if I told you otherwise. Anyone can verify that I spend a lot of time here. Spending time on Steem is fun. That it is financially rewarding makes it doubly fun.

Social media (especially Facebook and Instagram) is very important to me. There is some reasons :

Social media as a medium of entertainment and communication

When I'm a little stressed out, I usually play on social media by looking at various statuses that my friends share. At least, so I can look for a diversion.

Besides that, I can communicate very easily with friends who are far away.

Promotion - Marketing

Well, the second point is that I need social media to promote my business, especially my merchandise (watches and electrical appliances).

Social media is very important for me. It's very good for my leisure time. We are learning a lot for this social media and know. We have not seen a lot of things that we are seeing from here. There are people from all parts of the world and everyone is sharing something new. Through this we know something and learn something.

I'm discussing below why social media is important to me

We can learn a lot from here and learn that for me this is important to me

We see a lot of things that we could never see. People from all parts of the world are here and everyone shares something new. Through this we can see something new

We are familiar with many people here and can create new friends, this is very important for me

Now we can earn from social media through various ways, it is important to us

Social media is very important to me in various ways and I am glad that social media is in existence,Social media has helped me to meet a lot of people who have made me to gain more experience and knowledge in life,social

media has also helped me to meet people who have made me to have a better career and become successful in the business which I am doing,I believe that social media is a powerful tool that anyone can use

positively to become a better person,though it is sad that some people these days do not use social media in the right way which they ought to..

There is a very good question about how important the social media is for us and we do not have language to understand how interested it is.

Due to this social media today many people are progressing because many people are progressing because this social media does not teach people only to bring people to ruin but if they are well working in this social media in their minds, they try to know better about social media but he Can do something like this.

Today I say to myself that today I am in this social media, I think there has been a lot of improvement in my life. There have been many changes in my life which was not before me. Since joining this social media, I have become very dependent on this social media.

So I think it's a very important thing in my direction and an importer site that I can not continue anymore.