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Is it important to know the news, both through newspapers and television?

It is very much important to know what's happening in the country or your community. That way you will know what to do whenever there are special announcements, and we won't be ignorant about any implementation the government imposed.

However, there are issues surrounding mainstream media which are accused of being biased. These MSM (shortened term for mainstream media) accused some bloggers or social media personalities of fake news when in fact, they are the ones who are purveyors of fake news. They manipulate news, thus mind conditioning for their own advantage. That's why we should also be alert whenever we watch news programs or read newspapers. Social media is also used for dissemination of fake news, and we shouldn't just believe whatever we watched or read.

Yes, we need to know what's happening in the news, but we should be aware about possibilities of false news by the MSM.


As a way to verify the current events - YES, it's important. Let's face the fact that there are "fake news" all over the internet and some social media news feed.

After all, the news from TV & newspaper are still considered as a reliable source of information about the recent events that happened at your locality and the international scene. Aside from current events, these are also a good source of trends across different topics around the world.

That said, there are also online sources of information and trends that is also reliable and that can surpass the user experience against TV & newspaper - one of which is "Flipboard" which is a add-on to my mobile phone. It's accessible and light and doesn't give me the guilt of waisting paper while reading through it. Although I prefer reading through online sources, I still find myself reading newspaper some times.


Any channel or medium which can bring altruistic news about events and happenings in the world is good enough the newspaper and the television are examples of mass communication, so there are basically no difference some of the newspapers that will see are in in collaboration with television houses in order to bring news publication to people so in my country I have seen television houses that read news from news paper and I know that this is because of the collaboration between them so some times newspapers and television endorse themselves so if we see news on television there is nothing 95% chance that you will not see it in newspaper , journals and also magazines as well.

In fact newspaper houses sometimes owns television houses as well so unless you are addicted to watching the news on television or you pay special attention or you develop certain kind of likeness towards paper more than television then I will definitely see the news at the same just maybe difference in vocabulary and the difference in the arrangement of the news if not I will say everything are the same.

However for me I prefer reading news online comma this is because reading news online brings instant breaking news like current events that just took place in the world instantaneously so reading online or reading newspaper outlets online is better for me because I choose instantaneous news of all the events that happen instantly, newspaper and television may be slow a bit but reading online brings news and events very fast so if you're looking for importance then I'll definitely say you need to read online because the importance of reading online is that you get news very fast and quick without any delay of having to wait for news paper to print or having to wait for television to broadcast


It is important to know what's going on around you.

Especially, the things that impact your life in a measurable way.

Now, should you be a news junkie?

It's not necessary to get immersed in the 24hour news cycle, read 5 different newspapers and follow all news blogs.

It shouldn't be an important part of your life to learn about all the dead celebrities, who grew the biggest pumpkin this year, or follow the amazing adventures of Florida-man.

But you should digest a healthy amount of your local politics and at the very least learn who's in your own government.

That don't cost a lot of energy once you learn how to find such information.

It is way more important to know about your local initiativies and projects than invest yourself in political scandals and who pat whom on the back.

Big media are very unlikely to provide you with that information.

So rather than watching National news networks, support your local media.


Television and the news papers are similar in dispensing news. Sometimes, news from news papers are read in television and vice versa. Both provide authentic and verifiable news. So if one could get news from any of them, one will be able to follow real events happening around him/her. Though sometimes, television gives news faster than news papers mostly breaking news. So it's important one follows both