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Is it justified that a man hits a woman, even though she has become your wife?

Hitting a woman is never justified. Hitting a man is never justified either. You can't resolve issues with violence. This is abuse and punished by law. There is no forgiveness for that. Violence can only lead to violence and hatred. 

If you have problems with your wife or soon to be wife, you resolve it by talking things through. If there is love, must be understanding and trust. If you have all these, you can reach an understanding. 

I know some religious have a different view about this but it's just wrong. Corporal punishment should never be used, no matter who is the subject (women, children or men). I could never respect a person that once hit me. Never! 


It is never justified - NEVER!

Hitting your wife is like trashing her dignity. You held her hand, give her the love that she deserves and then all came up with hitting her?

I don't believe so. Even though you are tied (couple / marriage) that doesn't give you authority to hit your wife or even abuse. Being in a relationship with her is partnership - you agreed that you work together to strive for life. That whatever happens, for richer or for poor, in sickness and in health - you held your hands together.

That promise is made in front of the Lord. A promise that you solemnly swear, both exchange vows. Your wife is the most precious gift given to you and as a man, you should always be there caressing her, taking care of her, and spending your time with her working together to the best version of your lives.


I have witnessed a lot of instances where the man would hit his wife and would justify it as if it is his birth right. In no way can I endorse this wild demeanor. Just because you marry a girl doesn’t entitle you with the right to do whatever you want with her. Marriage is a social agreement between a man and woman saying they both will remain companions to each other and do everything possible to lead a happy life.

Anyone who physically or mentally harms his own wife undoubtedly lacks a right education. One must understand that you are a girl or boy not because you have done something great. Such things are actually beyond your control and you never ever had a say on it. A man is a man due to the occurrence of the successfully turned meager probability of 1/100000000000000 among all living beings or more than that. As a man, he has his share of social responsibilities and he must treat everyone as his equals. Failing which is morally as well as legally punishable in majority of the world countries!

But I must admit that in the holy books of almost all world religions, women have no place in the social structure. She has always been treated in those books as a subordinate being and as someone who must always follow and obey the one to whom she got married. We can find in history pages that the condition of women was as pathetic as that of a slave. Maybe even worse! They were never allowed to get right education, never once been permitted to be outspoken...For the progressive minded people, even the thoughts about the living condition of women that period gives a nightmare!

I believe that only the proliferation of rational thoughts among humanity can solve this hazard mindset. Ever increasing superstitious beliefs have to be curtailed in order to acquire such a state.

I happened to see a man hitting his wife in front of a large crowd. He was abusing that woman in every possible way and this lady was screaming and yearning for a help. Few people approached this man and told him to stop this act. But he was hesitant and turned at these men.

He said “She is my wife and it is my right to hit her hard and even kill her. Who the hell you people are to ask this?”

These helping hands knew no proper reply to this. They refrained and this man continued beating her!

How sad it is!

Remember that your girl is not the commodity to which you can do per your wish. She is a human being too. Her physical weakness is because she has a different role to play in the world. No man can fulfill the void left behind by a woman!


I and my wife have been married for 2  years and 8 months now.  Living a married life is never easy. Taking care of the family and earning for the family will take a toll on you both. Misunderstandings is inevitable. Heated arguments after heated arguments, silent treatments and many more, we have experienced. But, hitting each other is the last thing that will be done by both of us.

Now, as a man, hitting a woman is unjustifiable. In fact, you should be the one to protect her. Before you got married, you proposed to the girl to love her with all your heart, so if you hit her, then it means you betrayed her. Whenever there is a problem, no matter how severe, you should never raise a single finger against your wife. Hit her and you created yet another problem.

Since misunderstandings are inevitable in a relationship, the best thing to solve it is to talk about it when both of you have calmed down. And, PRAY.



I really hate those person who beat her wife. Men and women have equal rights no one is become superior than other. When any person beat there women. it is actually he show how much he week inside. This is very unethical way of communicating with your relationship.This person is even not men in my point of you. Women make good relation with husband sometime misunderstanding happened. It doesn't mean men solve problem with beat their wife. One phrase I heard in my life that Phrase is’ when their Mind stop thinking they are beating start’.

I am not taking the side of women which thing is right is right. If any  men beat women this is very shameful to him. He is actually not man. Sometime women are also wrong in some points. It doesn't matter you deal with your wife with beating.  It's also not just relate with education. It's also relate with our behaviour and our way of talking our politeness our kindness. How much He polite and kind inside that thing automatically build positive behaviour.

It about gender war when men hit women they think he not hit back because women is physically weak than men in many cases. If we ask some typical question to husband are you justify why you beating your wife. The answers are because of stress because of feeling inside a disturbance and he have not stable mind at that time . These all answer get by that person. So some time there are no explanation and no excuses for a man hitting a woman then he beat any woman  this contemptible. This is mostly happen in married couple.

Reason why men hit women

  • Financially disturbance
  • Distorted thought
  • Isolation
  • Stress
  • Fear
  • Family  clashes

These reasons mostly caused by the violence in relationship between men and women. Men mostly disturb from financial expense and they not meet their expense of their family and their thoughts are not stable due to they not meet the expanse. Sometime they feel very stress when they came back from the offices. This become the main reason some men hit the women. Family norms and values are the major reason  which mostly happen in relationship and cause violence Some people have family norms family values they think women is not have equal right then man and they get tortured by the man.

Conclusion :

When we ask this question from men is you justify why you beat your wife or women. The reason mostly behind  the  beating is they feel woman is not strong she can’t hit back. Some  men hit women in the name of family norms and family values. They think woman is just usable piece and she is just baby production machine. They give not equal rights to women that is the cause why men hit women. Sometime men disturb from financial problem they not meet their expense and they feel anxiety and stress that's why they hit women. 

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A man who justifies hitting a woman just because she's his wife is a stupid person. Marriage is not a license to hurt your spouse, rather should be loving the woman more, and work the marriage out.

I believe women (particularly your wife) should be treated with fragility. Misunderstandings and fights shouldn't be the reason of hurting her physically. If there are problems, talk it out in a calm manner. Shouting won't work. Better to cool yourselves down first before talking about it to avoid hurtful words.

Hurting your wife is considered a crime, thus Domestic Violence law existed. Battered women can go to the Women's Desk for help. So if you are hurting your wife, STOP it! If you are mad at your wife, think well to avoid possibly hitting her. Or else, you will get yourself into trouble.

It is not encouraging separation. What's being encourage is to maintain peaceful environment within your marriage life and family. If you have children, they are the ones who will he affected if you are hitting your wife. It can even cause the child to behave aggressively if he/she witnessed what you did your wife. If you love your wife and family, be a better example. Don't hit your wife. She's married to you not to serve as your punching bag. Treat her well.


If someone hits his wife, that person needs to be reviewed psychologically. because basically all of us are born from the womb of a woman, so as a man here, our presence must be a protector for women regardless of that. is he our wife, mother or our other brothers.

In fostering a family, each of us must have a problem, here we need maturity to find a solution so that the problem is resolved. dealing with problems by finding solutions is far more effective, than doing things that can harm yourself such as hitting and cursing the wife.



I will start my answer with a big No! I don't know why, but still this kind of ideology is there in the society and it is the baddest thing. I have seen similar cases in my life. 

Sadly, I have to say that this happened with my mom when I was a minor around 12 or 13 years old. Anger is something which burns not only the person who posses it but also the people who are connected and it kills relationship. I am glad that I stood and raised my voice against my dad for such behavior. At 12, I was doing all such things, sometimes it makes me sad but I am happy that I changed the thoughts of my dad. He is a good person now and pretty much calm.

Sorry, If I bored you with my story but yeah I strongly agree that it is one of the major sin that still exists in society. By law everyone is protected! And a message for everyone who are facing such issues in their life - "To stand and speak up as nobody is going to protect you, only you can protect yourself, be strong there is nothing which is unbreakable. All you need is that little voice in your head which keeps you running throughout such bad days" 

Never keep yourself down and don't be a slave to anyone. Let your freedom rise and help out others who are in need. It needs a big leap of faith. I was unaware of the results when I raised my voice but now I feel proud on me for doing right things irrespective of what will come in future.

There is no age of getting matured! You go with your experience!


Of a truth, at times, women could be really stubborn or even arrogant to their man, but no matter how annoying they act, as a man you should NEVER hit her.

Whether religion or even the law supports or frown against the act it doesn't matter, anyone who hits his wife or woman to me is actually less of a man than he knows and have no dignity.

It's quite sad that some men feels superior, when they hit their ladies, shame on whoever does so.

Women go through a lot, ranging from monthly menstrual pain, and even pain at child birth, and despite how strong we men claim to be, we aren't strong enough to go through all the pain a woman goes through.

Please treasure your woman and show her love at all times, no matter the situation do not hit her, just try to talk thing through, that makes you more of a man.



 Violence should never be a option, unless you're doing a violence sport. Even a army is out of our time if you ask me. I mean there is no problem what can be solved with violence, its more or less that people create a excuse to do violence.

There for you will hear from everybody who does violence, that some person /country /culture did this or that, and there for i/we did this or that!

The chance that someone will say, yeah i used violence because my mind created violence thoughts and i had a difficult time to control my impulsive actions and there for i used violence! Nobody will ever said that.

It's always someone else his fault, this is how wars are started. One country say, that the other country did some violence action. While that action could have been done by anyone, then still could that action be used to justified a war. Every war started with a false flag.

Nowadays people are smarter and there for if a man hits a woman, then he will keep that hidden for the public, until something come out and then he will blame the woman, other way around is the same.

That saying, people are never justified to use violence, because violence is nothing more than a reaction from negative thoughts, what activated those uncontrolled impulsive actions. Which were created from life experiences.

There for i think our education system sucks, it's to create managers and workers, but not to create human beings. Now we are in a situation where someone could finish a high education, with the mind of a psycho!

There are legions of man out there who finished a high education, got a good job while they terrorize their partner, because they are the ones who bring in the money!

I wounder, how different life would be if children on schools learn how to train their minds and train how to deal with feelings and emotions?

That saying, there is never a excuse for violence, unless Aliens attack, or a great white is charging you, or lions and tigers attack you, but a woman who is angry because you did something stupid? 

Then a man should be a man and accept his mistakes and fix them or leave her alone and move on! 


No, a man does not have any right to beat his wife even though his wife made a mistake. Whatever the circumstances, the husband is someone who is obliged to protect his wife. If the wife makes a mistake, the husband must warn him, not with a punch, but with affection, and show what is right.



In the world we have equal rights for live.But some bad people dont want to give equal rights women in the world.Also some man think they are more powerful and more rights to live in world than women .its their stupid mentality .Some husband dont want their wife do job .Thats really so harmful for our recent life and for women development .

Many rural area husband hit their wife for no reason .Some husband want dowry from their wife house .Because of dowry they  always hit their wife .Thats really so cruel for our life .If wife say anything for their rights sometimes some bad some kill their wife .We always heard thats type news .

If one husband hit her wife i think wife need to take proper action about this matter .They have equal rights for job for live peace.every women need to learn about their rights .They need to  earn their equal rights .i think its bad to hit women .Man need to understand women are also have heart and they can also feel pain.They are not animal .In every society ,every country ,every rural need to more careful about women rights .we need more strict rules for women safety .

For recent world women development also so important .So we need to concern about this matter .I will suggest women wake up   fight for your equal rights .Its time for  equal right not for hit by man .


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There is no justification whatsoever for a man who hits a woman deliberately no matter the provocation especially when she is your wife that act is tagged as gender violence or abuse.

Women most times can be extremely provocative because of the way they are created, they are often time short tempered, jealous and what have you but men have been created to be calm and gentle and absorb whatever shades a woman is throwing at him.

The nature of women does not give any man the right to lay his hands on a women not hit any woman moreso his wife.

women are meant to be loved despite their shortcomings, pampered like babies because they are fragile and tolerated because they can be troublesome most time.


It is totally out of the box for a man to hit a woman at any point in time. It does not matter if you are married to her or not. That is why husbands have to be very tolerating. If you are a married man, and your wife gets on your nerves it is best to ignore her. With time, she will get to realize she did not so the right thing. Same goes to guys and ladies who are dating. It can never and will never be justified for a man to beat a woman. I have seen cases where that has taken place and the man gets to regret his actions later, wishing it never took place. Women who experience such I think should make sure they reach out to governmental bodies to see how they can put an end to domestic violence.

It is also a matter to be taken to God in prayer because there is nothing impossible for God to do.


What the hell are you talking about ? justified to hit someone BECAUSE they are married...

I just can't compute the question...

Married or not...don't hit someone ??


Not in any case is A man justifies To hit a woman, or vise Versa.

My recent discovery, especially with African homes is that men always feel as though women are their property, especially after marriage.

This could have been encouraged by the tradition of the groom paying hefty for the bride's Dowry (bride price).

This might give the groom and his family the idea of ownership and entittlement over his wife, hence the Hit.


For me, a slap can not happen suddenly, one day, in a healthy couple. There is inevitably a problem behind which led to this passage to the act. This does not mean that there will be systematic physical violence again, but it is likely to happen if nothing is said and firmly stated after this act.

The victim must say and think: "Next time, we do not argue, it's separation. This limit must be set as a condition for the continuation of the relationship. Otherwise, it will start again.


In my opinion, it's a coward act to hit the women. Women deserves to be treated only with love and care. women are created from the rip-bone which is  required to deal with extra care not a strict action. Moreover women is the symbol of love. So, symbol of love should be dealt with care and love. 


Husbands and wives must know what their respective obligations are, husbands must know what their obligations are and so are their obligations, perhaps when going through the household there are often check-ups (problems / disputes), and commotion. To the extent that wives do nusyuz or do defiance.

Especially because they do not pay attention to their respective obligations and often demand rights. Finally a commotion ensued. Islam already knows that this kind of problem will occur and Islam seeks to provide the best solution, so that households remain intact. Do not let the wife do beyond the boundary, so does the husband when addressing such a wife.

Hit a woman even though the woman is legitimate to be our wife, it is not a noble act. That includes despicable and unethical actions.

Regarding wicked wife to husband, Islam provides a very wise and humane solution (solution).

If women continue to surly before their husbands, even though their husbands have tried to face a series; say in harsh words, even though the husband has tried to be gentle; or there is a nusyuz who is more blatant as always reluctant if invited to bed, out of the house without the husband's permission, refuses to travel with her husband, then let the husband solve this problem with a way that has been ordained by Allah Ta'ala as mentioned in the Qur'an 's

The solution is applied sequentially, starting from

1. Give advice

Let the husband advise the wife gently. Husband advises his wife by reminding how Allah's obligation is to obey her husband and not disperse her. He also encouraged his wife to obey her husband and motivate him by mentioning the great reward in it. A good woman is a woman who is obedient, obedient, looking after herself even when her husband is not on her side. Then the husband should also advise the wife by mentioning the threat of God to women who disobey their husbands.

If the wife has received the advice and has changed, then the husband may not take the next step.

But if the advice has not yet gotten results, then the next step taken, namely hajr.

2. Doing hajr

Hajr means boycotting the wife in order to advise her not to do nusyuz (durhaka)

Regarding the way of the hajr, the scholars provide several ways as explained by Ibnul Jauzi:

1. Not having sex especially when the wife needs it

2. Not inviting to speak, but still having sex

3. Take out words that hurt the wife when they are bedridden

4. Separate beds

Which method do we choose? The best is a suitable and more beneficial way for wives when hajr.

But an important note that needs to be considered is that a husband cannot boycott his wife but at his home.

If this second method is not useful, meaning that the wife is still rebellious to the husband, then there is the next step.

3. Hit the wife

Hitting a wife who is nusyuz (lawlessness to the husband) in this case is permissible when advice and wisdom are no longer useful. But let a husband pay attention to the rules of Islam that teach how adab in hitting wives:

a. Hit with a punch that doesn't make an impression

b. No more than ten punches

c. You can't hit your wife on the face.