Do you consider yourself incorruptible?

Well, I wouldn't want to hide behind one finger here. I am corrupt. It all depends on the perspective corruption is viewed. Before, I do view corruption from the political aspect but, now I realise that there are many ways in which corruption can be practiced.

 Before I joined politics back at school, I was always condemning the politicians. I call most of them series of names. By the time I became a member of the school Parliament, I was tongue tied. Ask me why? I began to receive money from the students union government fee paid by students. This is sweet I said. It continued until my tenure ended. 

when it was time to give these students the dividend of ALUTA, my colleagues went and made a substandard souvenirs after we've concluded on which type to make. It was a very annoying thing. When I raised voice to tackle them, I was told that I didn't react when I was collecting my high dues. They said the money in the account would not be enough to carry out the project unless we don't plan to circulate the souvenirs to all faculties. I was dumb folded. while I was busy leaking the honey, I didn't bother to properly follow our expenses, perhaps I would have raised an alarm earlier about the fund for our proposed budget. Some of them were aware of this but they intentionally ignored.

After distributing the souvenirs, most students rebooked us and called us all sort of names. Thieves, Criminals ,Fraudsters, Idiots and so on. I looked at myself and my conscience wasn't clear. Even though it wasn't in my plan to disappoint the students, my lackadaisical act due to the cool money I was getting made me ignore my obligations. This made me a corrupt person.

What am I driving at? It is not only when money is being stolen, or when you commit certain crime that you are viewed as corrupt. If you neglect anything you are to protect for your own benefit either consciously or unconsciously, You are corrupt. The government says

" do not litter the environment".

You finished eating your chocolate and dropped the nylon at one side of the road because you are in a Bus that doesn't have a bin,you are a corrupt citizen.

At the working place you are to manage your customers and guide them on the new companies product and services but, because Mr ckole gave you $20 tip yesterday, you called him ahead of other customers on the queue, You are corrupt.

One way or the other my daily actions would have a blemish.

There are many cases of corruption. lots of it are in our households, governmental and non governmental paras taters, Schools, Churches, Mosques, to mention but few. Since I can't live a perfect life or be completely righteous. I can't say I am not corrupt though not to a worst extent.

Who holy pass.....? No one.


@beautychicks cares.


To be honest, I don't, but I wouldn't admit if I were writing under my own name. I'm a hypocrite but so is the vast majority of you, too, my dear readers. If I told you I'm completely immune to coercion and bribery, I'd be telling you fairy tales. I am human after all.  Everyone should keep in mind that self-declarations of incorruptibility are worthless. Anyone can claim anything. It is only when push comes to shove when we really find out. 

To keep us honest there we only have our conscience and the long arm of the law. The former is unreliable and the latter is barbaric and inefficient. What we need to help us stay honest are tools like are DLT and cryptography. 


To provide an outright answer to your question, I would say no.

I really do not think that any human is incorruptible. It is totally what makes us human. Everyone has his/her own price which might not necessarily be in terms of money.

I am not a morally corrupt person per se and it is not that I do not strive against temptations. However, the fact that I have to strive means I just might fall to it if I do not strive strongly enough. The thought of this makes me feel horrible.

I teach as an assistant lecturer in a private university and we live in a world where the opposite sex virtually offers you their bodies on a platter of gold. I see all sorts of sexual innuendos every minute at work and I must say some are easier to turn down than others. Not like I have actually fall for any so far but I would really not go and join the queue if saints are being called.

This is simply because I have given thoughts to some of the advances that have been made and that is all a man needs to actually consider himself corrupt. Although I have my defense well mapped out, I really do not know what will happen if all the lines of defense fail me. 

Perhaps I will never get anyone that would pay my price. I personally do not know what my price is but deep down in my heart, I know that I am not that saintly as most might be thinking. But the good part is I have been able to hold up so far.


No I'm not, not by a long shot, there are alot of things which I could experience and people who I could be influenced by that might change me from the upstanding citizen that I am into something else entirely.

Corruption starts from a single cell, a small white lie, accepting a token of gratitude or maybe just keeping quiet about something bad that you know of. It's not exactly something that I can say that I'm immune to. I won't go in search of corruption or anything that could possibly corrupt me, no, I'm a strong believer in fleeing from temptation.

The thing is that the ease with which I could be corrupted is a function of where my environment and what situation I find myself in. If I'm broke and in need of money then maybe I'd accept a bribe, it would hurt me to the core for taking it but I'd force myself into believing that I only did it because I needed money.

The thing with Corruption is that it mostly comes when you're at your lowest and once you give in to it once, you'll give in to it twice because the second time is always easier than the first. I'd like to think that provided my back isn't seemingly against the wall, I'm probably going to remain incorruptible but I can't know for sure until I'm presented with a choice that will test my integrity.

I hope this helps.


No one can be fully sure with the answer until life problems envelope him and he is tempted with just what he wants. Though for now I consider myself incorruptible because I have succeeded against some factors I consider has a corruptible act but haven't gotten to that state where am pushed to the wall and the world is waiting to see my reaction.

I have returned a money I could have freely claimed, I can said the truth in trial despite some promising advantages but maybe that was because I really doesn't desire any .


Well I am not a perfect person but I believe that I am not very corrupt and I can even become better in the future..