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How do you see Musing's future?
What do you think Musing would be like in one year from now? What major changes you think would be on Musing?

I have seen the musing.io presentation at the Steemfest3 event yesterday, and this proves that musing has the power to survive in the blockchain system for a long time.

You can see it in the musing.io presentation video by Jonathan Ching below, open in minutes 02.07.07


Musing.io is one of the best platforms at the moment, there is no plagiarism and very few problems. And steemian should learn more in music, because musing is also the best medium for learning about the world of blockchain, that is in my opinion. Hopefully you are satisfied with my answer. 


I watched their presentation from Steemfest 3 and I am positive that they can pull all their targets off.

I think it will change slowly and won't just grow overnight but over the next 9 months. It was mentioned that the SMT is targeted for launch in mid 2019. This will be the boom time and gives the team time to make the changes and improvements required. I like the time frame as it gives us all a chance to grow and possibly we can assist with delegation.

I have no idea what musings will look like if there are millions of users on the site. I think we will be spoilt for choice on what questions we can answer. 


In my view, musing has great chance to be the best Q/A community, better than other existed. But, something has to be changed, such as the filter when someone make a useless question.


Not major changes, just gradual changes. It would have more users later. The questions and answers become competitive in quality. There would be an increase in spam because anything that has value will try be to dirtied. There would be some countermeasures to reduce visibility of the spam. Overall, people would engage with the platform and the community in it for casual conversations. 


It's my second day of Q&A here in musing and I'm really impressed on the behaviour of the users.

The exchange of legit ideas has given me more insights compared to my entire month of reading other blogs.

Now, for it's future? I think it has the potential to compete with Google's "how to" queries. I would go here to search for answers to my questions regarding Steemit and any other things that I wanted to know.


With SMT integration, as well as the mobile platform. I think musing will have a bright future on the blockchain, as long as growth and user retention can be achieved.

I would really like to see a dark mode, because the bright white bugs my eyes out. That is my only suggestion, but I don't think it's a factor in musings future. 

I think musing is off to a great start thus far, and the Steem Fest presentation was excellent.


A very bright future is ahead and i can assure you for that.

If you know about __Quora__, which is the world biggest platform For asking question and getting their answer, but They are not giving something back to their users, but if we compare it to musing.io, they are rewarding their users, both who are asking question and those who are giving answer and this thing will take them to new heights in the coming two or three months and we will see it competing Quora.

I am very Confident about @musing Future and My best wishes are always with musing team.