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What would you do if Musing would set up a registration fee for every user?

I just hope that Musing won't consider this kind of business model because this would discourage a lot of users to try Musing.io. The main problem I see here is not the amount of money the registration fee would be but the means on how to pay it.

Just look at Steemit's faucet sign-up process which normally takes days to weeks before one could get a new account. Some of those people considered just buying the new account using blocktrades or anonsteem, the problem however is that they don't have any crypto wallet to pay the fee. They have the fiat money but they don't have the means to pay.

Going back to your question, since I have the means to pay the registration fee (I already have a Steem account and by extension a Steem wallet XD) I would pay it. I however hope that Musing will remain free though and just use the discounted account creation for onboarding new users. 


Musing has to do something. I think they can't do a sign up fee just yet until they launch a point system or a token which can be converted across to when the SMT is launched. This I think is crucial for them moving forward.

Musing has a fragile system at the moment as it relies solely on one large delegation. If the delegation goes what happens then? I have my concerns and fears for musing and hopefully they can come up with a business plan to move them forward.

No one has mentioned delegation disappearing but then Steemit inc did mention that Dapps need to have  a business model with a second income.


That time has not come yet and the business model of musing is slowly developing and it will take some time to do that but I am not sure whether musing will be comfortable in trying this thing. It is in the very early stage and you know in the early stage of anything requires little airdrop kind of thing, little free service, little promotion and that is the reason why early adopter are always in advantageous position. Once it starts building its base and gain more popularity, then the infrastructure cost will also go up and at that time musing should think about this step in my honest opinion.

For the time being we all should feel lucky as not only it is free for users but also one is earning by asking questions and answer. If there will be more users the threshold may go up and it may require the quality of the answers to pass a certain level as compared to what it is now. So it is a part of the business and as every business model adapt to "as and when required approach", musing may also do that in future if it feels there is a requirement to it. Never the less, be it free or not I am always going to use this platform.


Every business has its model. Whenever Musing-io Desires to Compulsorily engage by charging fee., I would thereafter decide to so engage , depending on my projected cost and benefit analysis.

Nevertheless, Musing-io must be commended for the opportunity because this Dapp is more beneficial to the community .


 Seeing the current service does for everyone, I don't mind at all. The curators - whoever they may be and @jonching are approachable at musing discord server. Problems get solved quickly and there is fairness to how answers are being curated.