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How can I stop seeing resteems from a user I follow in my feed on Steemit?

I don't think you can stop resteem from showing in your blog. For as long as you resteemed a post, the post will always show in your blog but you can temporarily hide all your resteemed posts by clicking the "hide resteem" button on top of your blog. This only hide the resteem temporarily. Whenever you log in again to your blog, they'll reappear unless you click the hide resteem again


I find this irritating and I normally push hide resteems. Unfortunately you have to keep pushing this button every time you log onto your page.

There are some users I used to follow who just started resteeming a lot and I just had to unfollow them. It may sound harsh but I followed them and didn't expect them to fill my feed up with rubbish.

The one user asked me why I unfollowed him and just told him straight. There is no nice way of doing this but users have to be aware that not everyone likes resteems. I will do it every now and then but it is rare.

If it bugs you then just unfollow them. No one is worth following if your feed becomes irritating and full of rubbish. Some users have started posting less and resteeming more.


@Erikah, At this moment there is only one solution and that is, you have to unfolow to whom you are following because otherwise it will going to continue. Hope that in future some other updates can make this more better. Stay blessed 🙂