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What would you do if you'd get food poisoning by eating at your favourite restaurant? Would you sue the restaurant?

Of course I would. If I can beyond doubt prove that it was there I got the food poisoning.


I agree with @naijauser. Suing sounds like to drastic or impulsive a measure if the place happens to be my favorite place to eat. There had to be some kind of relatinship established whenever we talk about a favorite restaurant, therefore, suing after an indigestion of sort sounds as the action of an ingrate.

Maybe, a simple conversation with the owner or manager would make them compensate for the incident, either by helping pay the medical expenses or by offering some free meal for a "next-time". That's what I would do, if I were the owner and valued my regular customers. As matter of fact, I know that many food places work like that. The last thing they want is bad publicity.

I remember once in the United States at a pretzel place we used to eat at in  Bloomington's, Il they gave us free pretzels because they were not ready in the 10 or so minutes they advertised.

Of course, there is always the possibility that a place becomes "our" favorite just because we like the food, the prices, or the environment (or a combination all some of those factors) without actually establishing a relationship with any of the people working at the restaurant. In those cases, it is even possible that they treat you as just one more customer, not as aregular and if on top on that we have a rude or despotic management, then chances are that they will not even acknowledge any wrongdoing.

In cases, like those which may even escalate to an angry argument, it is always possible that legal action may be the only possible resolution. Except for this scenario, after exhausting dialogue, I'd not procede legally.


If I got poisoned in my favorite restaurant I will not sue them. I'll ask compensation for the damage and expenses. It's a business so for sure everyone will agree that it's not their intension. There could be an accident or human error that the foods got contaminated by poison.


I think that this would be a step to far. Firstly you have to prove that you were poisoned by them and I don't think that is necessary.

I would contact the manager/owner and discuss what happened. I wouldn't eat there again and just take it as bad luck. This scenario has happened a couple of times and maybe why when I find a decent restaurant I stick with it.

I love my food and normally can tell if something is not right. My dad was a chef for years in leading hotels and over the years  have learnt what to look for. If you go to a seafood restaurant and it is not busy I will 99 percent of the time have a drink and leave without eating. Seafood needs high turnover of stock and a quiet restaurant is a red flag.


Depends on the degree of food poisoning. If it is a serious life threatening form I would sue the hell out of them because then you can tell that something was profoundly wrong. And apart from that. In any case of food poisoning I would never visit that restaurant again.


Yes..i would sue them.

It's doesn't matter if it's the life threatening poisoning or just food poisoning.

I deserve a better food from them.


Absolutely. Favourite restaurant is a favourite restaurant as long as it does not put my life at risk. Also it will serve them a lesson to ensure hygiene and not take their customers for granted.


From my understanding of food poisoning, it is usually caused by a bacterial or some other toxins in what we injest.

Other times it's as a result of the build up of those bacterial in our bodies over time. When they exceed an acceptable level, they begin to cause problems.

 It's not necessarily because the food was poisoned per say, although it may also be as a result of complacency on their part.

Since it's my favorite restaurant it means they've been doing it right all this while so they deserve to be given a second chance. Because of that I'll not sue.

However I'll keep an eye out subsequently and I'll only sue if it becomes a norm and   I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that they're being complacent and are endangering me.


I had no idea that was even a thing. I refuse to eat at apple bees ever again. Bothe times I ate there I was puking in a trash can while I had explosive diareha. I would love to sue those assholes but I really doubt you would get any money at all out of it. I doubt it would even cover legal fees.