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How do you see life on Steemit before and after HF20?
What do you think about life before and after HF20 on Steemit? Any changes? Which period is/was better?

Although I must say the engagement has been limited but also has the spam limited also before the hard fork you could see new users engaging other users everywhere some of them were very good engagers you could say that hard fork reduced the productivity in the platform but it also ensured that the theft on people's accounts we also limited as well that is for you to be a spammer you will need to pay money to scam people I do think that this can be resolved in the future.

I'm hoping that the rc problem can be resolved however on my blog before the hard fork I see news any users almost every day and my blog leaving their quotas somewhere bad somewhere good but I had to sift through to see quality engagements now I no longer get them all together and I'm also happy to always click links without the fear of my account being stolen so there is no positivity that doesn't come with negativity I think hard fork brought its own positivity so we must also learn to live with the negative part of it.

I think I can say 70% hard fork has been a success and the remaining 30% can be a loss on the engagement on the platform anyway the engagement will steadily return with time but the engagement level has affected the alexa ranking and steemit may have just dropped a bit.

However I do think if users want to come to this platform and their real uses they wouldn't mind buying steem power in order to be in this platform so overall I think up to 50000 account and now active on steemit and I can say this account and real rather than when we used to have 2 million accounts and all as spam originality is now being adopted and this is a basis of a platform like steemit I will say hard fock has his own downturn but I will rate it an overall success


For me, the user experience hasn't changed a bit, but the implementation of resource credits has impacted myself as well as others, especially users with low Steem Power. For many, they are not able to keep up with comments, or post with the frequency they wish to achieve. 

The impact it's had on me, has come in the form of delegations. I've delegated to some small accounts, so they are able to post. The impact is the extra Steem Power I am sacrificing to help them. Other than this, the impact is very minimal for me. 

Overall, I don't see much of a positive impact achieved since the hard fork. Perhaps the changes will have positive impacts in the future, but as of yet, I don't see much. 

Good question @erikah!


At first, I almost thought the hardfork20 was going to be really bad especially for fingerlings like me judging from written posts of dolphins complaining on the high draining of RC during any activities and steemains who added a rough side to it.

Just after the loading was completed, I noticed there was only little difference between the HF20 and the previous version and HF20 seemed better in these areas.

1.It drastically reduced the number of scammers in the blockchain by frustrating them with waiting them and the little number of things they could carry out equivalent to their RC volume

2.It groomed steemains into thinking wisely on their use of RC

3.It reduced the cumbersome activities that give much load to the blockchain