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Is it right to tax tourists for visiting a city?
Tourists are going to pay $11 (10 euro) for visiting the city. What do you think about this?

I think it is OK to tax tourists for visiting a city, as long as the taxes are fair and will be spent in a way that makes sense for the city and all tourism stakeholders. In your case, is it $11 per visit or $11 per night? If the $11 tax is for the entire visit, then I don't mind. But, if it's for a daily/nightly rate, then it is too much and is unfair.

I understand why some cities would impose them as a means to raise funds and control the number of tourists visiting a city. Tourist cities, for example, could benefit from the funds collected through the taxes to help improve the city's infrastructure, maintain public tourism sites, and improve facilities tourists use like public toilets and parking. In this respect, I wouldn't mind a few additional dollars or euros tacked on my hotel bill every night, if that means I can enjoy better facilities and visit more beautiful and better maintained public sites during my vacation.

However, what I am against is imposing a tourist tax for the sole purpose of deterring tourist arrivals. A policy like this feels like such an artificial solution to curb tourist arrivals. 

On one hand, we have to question how effective this will be as a deterrent because if we consider how travelers tend to save money for a vacation, would an additional £14 per person for a 7-night stay in the UK (based on the proposed £2 daily charge) or the extra $24 US visitors pay to enter New Zealand really stop anyone who really wants to visit these places? I think not. On the other hand, if the costs do become a deterrent, then the tourist tax becomes inequitable because the only people it will deter are those who are not affluent. In this respect, the tax will essentially undemocratize travel, which I find unfair. 

So, if a country or city really wants to curb tourist arrivals, it would be better off finding a different solution--one that's not unfair and effective. 

TL;DR: Personally, I don't mind paying for a tourist tax if the taxes are reasonable and if they will be spent on ways that will help improve the cities I'm visiting and make my experience as a tourist even better. What I am against are tourist taxes whose sole purpose is to prevent others from visiting. I find taxes like these to be undemocratic and ineffective. So, I don't mind paying an $11 tax to visit a city, but not $11 to every day I stay in a city.

Hope this helps.


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Yes it is a good thing to have a kind of tourist tac for visiting a city. It does not have to be that much. But who can afford to visit a city for holidays surely can afford a small amount on top.

The city could use that money for different projects. I am sure they will come up with some. In my city I see a lot of tourists simply behave in a way I am not sure would be tolerated in the countries where they come from. Often people tend to leave behind empty bottles or food packages or leftover food instead of using the provided bins. A percentage of a tourist tax could be used to compensate for the expenses of cleaning.

With a lot of tourists you increase the burden on the infrastructure of a city. Tourists do not only bring money into the cities they visit. Not all of them. I see particular problems with a lot of cheapskate tourists who only come into a city to party as inexpensively as possible and to get drunk. Some tourists are downright rude against the residents of the cities they visit and seem to consider them as decorational objects in a huge kind of entertainment park. Then there is the problem with partying and overly noisy tourists. A friend of mine lived in a house where three flats where frequently rented out to tourists. As a result none of the other inhabitants could sleep at night because they were partying all night long. Fortunately not all tourists are like that. Maybe one could use a part of the tourist tax for campaigns to educate tourists to behave more considerate?


Government earning is based upon  collecting revenue from public along with other source of generating income. In reply Government provides facility to people. I think it's a fair enough to collect tax from tourist. However tax collected by tourist should be used to facilitate future tourist and more development on tourism spot. It will help to attract more tourist. Every one loves to pay tax if the tax system utilized for the betterment of the system.


Yeah as long as it is fair and equal and helps to upkeep the city.