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Why is suicide still a punishable crime in some countries? Can't you decide what to do with your own life?

This is still an alien law in most countries the truth is that the attempt at suicide is punishable by the law and not suicide itself because anyone who has committed suicide will actually no longer be accountable for himself or herself so this particular law has preambles and also terms and conditions to it it also as a descriptive note in the subsection in constitutions where it was stated.

The truth is that the attempted suicide is considered an anti-social crime and anybody found guilty of it is likely to be reprimanded in psych homes or rehabilitation centres where they will be confined to so many years of training and teaching before they are being thrown back into the society the reason why attempted suicide is considered an offence is because it is influential it means that people can actually commit crimes and kill them self without being accountable as a result of this people see it as an easy way out under the result of this a lot of people are being influenced.

So suicide is not a crime but an attempt at suicide is considered an offence however it is not just a serious offence and you cannot go to jail for it you only get to be reprimanded inside homes or rehabilitation centre or mental institutes this can also be send as a jail term however if a person does well in this institute they are likely to come back refined and better people suicide itself is not a crime but a failed suicide or an attempt to suicide it's considered a mild offence in a very few states in the world


Yeah..! In some countries,suicide is a crime.

Basically,killing is a very serious crime. Just because it's yourself, doesn't mean you should commit murder by murdering yourself.

As far as killing is a crime, whether you kill yourself or another, you will be arrested;

Who you're trying kill is immaterial in this case.

Besides, It's your intention and act that constitutes the crime. You may want to commit suicide to obstruct justice or to cause to pain to your family and friends.

I just feel this is the reason why suicide is punishable .


How does that makes sense?

If person has already has taken his life, what country can do to him?