How do you deal with low blood pressure?

1. Do a diet

Balanced nutrition is containing supermolecule, complicated carbohydrates, contemporary fruits, and vegetables. Those on a reducing diet ar a lot of vulnerable to low force per unit area. Likewise people who lack weight due to their labile pulse system. Pulse pressure isn't enough to produce all organs with element and nutrients. Moreover, typically people who ar on a strict diet, don't listen to adequate and balanced organic process offer so the body lacks nutrients.

2. Drink heaps

One way to keep up traditional force per unit area is to extend fluid, so the body is protected against dehydration. folks with low force per unit area ought to drink heaps. The a lot of dilute the blood, the higher the circulation within the body. it's suggested to drink 2-3 liters per day, and a lot of once the weather is hot.

3. Avoid heating conditions

Hot air will cause those plagued by cardiovascular disease to expertise vertigo. Avoid the maximum amount as doable or use a preserver once outdoors in atmospheric condition conditions.

4. Avoid alcohol

Eating alcoholic beverages will cut back force per unit area and dehydration.

5. Actively moving

When you simply get up, you ought to not stand up now, 1st the curve of sunshine movements. This makes the stagnant blood flow flow once more. Even once still in bed, do light-weight movements, raise your legs or do sport within the air, therefore stimulating the pinnacle to flow.

6. Rest when you're feeling tired

Please bear in mind, people who expertise low force per unit area, have less blood flow to any or all organs. that's why, they have to rest a lot of typically, particularly once experiencing fatigue.

7. Bathe with heat and cold temperatures alternately

When bathing, taking part in the temperature of heat and cold water alternates will cause energy. Pour water through the shower ranging from the feet to the chest.

8. Increase atomic number 11 intake

Sodium is found in several foods. atomic number 11 is additionally a part of salt. Salt will increase blood volume and increase force per unit area. cardiovascular disease patients ought to increase salt consumption, however additionally don't do it.

9. Stretch

Perform exercises which will impact the circulation of blood throughout the body. as an example, by active yoga movements.

10. do not underestimate breakfast

Those who ar at home with breakfast, tend to not be attacked by fatigue throughout the day. intake 5 or sixfold in little parts is best than intake 3 giant meals. when when intake an oversized portion, the blood are going to be command within the abdomen to hold out the method|biological process} process, creating force per unit area drop.

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Low blood pressure aka hypotension occurs when the heart pumps blood to all arteries of blood in the body with very low strength. Low blood pressure can also be caused by several conditions such as pregnancy and changing hormones. Then, how to deal with low blood pressure other than consuming drugs?

Overcoming low blood pressure through lifestyle changes. You might be able to take certain steps to help reduce or even prevent symptoms of low blood pressure. Here's the guide.

1. Drink lots of water, reduce alcohol

Alcohol and dehydration can reduce blood pressure. If you drink enough water you can reduce dehydration and increase blood volume. So, avoid drinking alcohol if you have low blood pressure or hypotension. Don't forget, fill your fluid needs so you don't dehydrate by drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day.

2. Live a healthy diet

You can eat a variety of foods to treat low blood pressure. For example grains, fruits, and vegetables. Well, fruits and vegetables that can help deal with low blood pressure naturally include:

Watermelon. The water content in one watermelon can reach 92 percent. This much water content can help the body to increase blood pressure. Fruit bits. This fruit can be used as a blood booster, besides it can also help you control blood pressure. Every 100 grams of beet contains sodium at 36 mg and potassium at 330 mg. Babam. This vegetable contains 4 mg of sodium in a 100 gram portion. The amount is small indeed, but spinach contains enough water, which is equal to 92 percent. So, you can use spinach to control blood pressure.

3. When changing body position, do it slowly

You can reduce dizziness and cramps that occur because of low blood pressure when changing from a lying position to a standing position. Here's how:

Before waking up in the morning, take a deep breath for a few minutes. Slowly sit down, for about one minute, before standing up. Sleeping with a double pillow or high pillow can also help fight the effects of gravity that can make you dizzy.

If you start feeling dizzy or confused when you get up, stretch your leg muscles as if you want to kick forward. This movement can help blood circulation while preventing blood from suddenly pooling in your feet when you get up.

4. Pay attention to your diet

To help prevent blood pressure from falling sharply after eating, it's better to eat a little but often. Don't forget, limit foods that are high in carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice, pasta and bread.

The doctor may also recommend drinking caffeinated coffee or tea to temporarily increase blood pressure. However, because caffeine has the potential to cause other problems, consult your doctor before drinking caffeine.


As my mother is a patient of low blood pressure, so I know from my childhood what to do when the pressure suddenly fall down and how to properly deal with it. 

First if you feel dizzy and thought that your blood pressure is falling, if possible check it. It will get rid sort of your tension. Then drink a glass of water with salt and lemon. It is a magic fluid to help regain your pressure.  

You can add a sour juice or any other fluid in your daily meal, but not alcoholic. Reduce your alcohol intake. 

Don't lie down on the bed suddenly if you guess your pressure is falling. Better sit in a leg cross position and take long deep breath. It will help to reduce dizziness. 

Don't be in empty stomach for long. Eat small meal after some time regularly. You can choose salted biscuit, what is one of my mom'.s technique.

Call the doctor if something is not feeling right and take medicine regularly with no miss. 

There are some compression stocking you can find in the market. You can also ware that if you like. But the natural way and regular intake of food, fluid and medicine will help you to deal with the low blood pressure more easily.

Have a nice day.


1. Drink a lot. One way to maintain normal blood pressure is to increase fluid, so that the body is protected from dehydration. ...

2. Avoid overheating conditions. Hot air can cause those suffering from hypotension to experience dizziness. ...

3. Avoid alcohol. ...

4. Actively moving.

This is what I did when I had low blood pressure


Generally hypotension (low blood pressure) can be overcome by doing the following things:

  1. Eating foods that have a lot of salt content. Because sodium can increase blood pressure. For those of you who are elderly, you can discuss with your doctor before giving additional salt in your daily diet.
  2. Change the position slowly or as much as possible not to stand too long.
  3. Eat lots of water to increase blood volume and prevent dehydration which can trigger hypotension.
  4. Sleep with 2-3 pillows so that when you wake up and stand you don't experience a drastic decrease in blood pressure.
  5. Reduce alcoholic beverages,
  6. Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning can also help.


Sometimes when you are so tired, you will be so limp, You have no power to do an activity, This is called low blood pressure, if you feel dizzy and limp, you need to check your blood pressure sometimes high or sometimes low,

If low, you need to get more food that have substance of iron, The food like meat, calms or the fruit that have iron substance.

But if you have a High Blood pressure, You need to eat cucumber that is the basic,

Thank you


make sure you eat diets higher in salt. 

Drink heaps of non-alcoholic liquids. 

Limit mixed refreshments. 

Drink more liquids amid sweltering climate and keeping in mind that wiped out with a viral ailment, for example, a chilly or influenza. 

Motivate customary exercise to advance blood stream. 

Be cautious when ascending from resting or sitting. To help enhance dissemination, siphon your feet and lower legs a couple of times before holding up. At that point continue gradually. While getting up, sit upstanding on the edge of the bed for a couple of minutes before standing. 

Raise the leader of your bed during the evening by putting blocks or squares under the head of bed. 

Keep away from truly difficult work. 

Abstain from stressing while on the latrine. 

Abstain from stopping set up for extensive stretches of time. 

Maintain a strategic distance from delayed introduction to boiling water, for example, hot showers


He he to be honest it will sounds like a joke but it os not. I am trying to dont watch the news about politics and trying hard to stay far from the stupid people. And what ever makes me angry i try to ignore.

So basicly avoid these helps me. With food or drinks i dont know. I am eating and drinking everything but always a small amount. Same with the drinking. If you drink 1 glass of wine that is healthy but if you drink 1 or 2 bottles a day that is not.