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What does vote farming mean?

Vote farming is a practice used by some persons to generate income on Steemit in a dubious way.

How it's done is that they open a large number of Steemit accounts, sometimes they might delegate some SP to them or they might not.

They'd then create content or post a comment with one of the accounts and use the other accounts to upvote one.

The revenue might be small but when you add up from all the other accounts it amounts to something tangible.

They might also chain a series of comments under one another then upvote everything with all the other accounts.

This article speaks in detail about it with some screenshots.




Vote farming basically amount to using multiple accounts to consistently up-vote your own content, or content of a person you're working with.

Usually, said content is very low quality.

Vote farmers resort to posting pictures, quotes, and making fake lotteries.

Everything just so they can make many posts per day that appear like normal activity.

Sometimes the more resouceful farmers would farm their own comment sections.

There's always one common theme.

Up-votes that no normal person would grant, either high value, or ridiculous number.

On the whole blockchain, I estimate, around 50,000-150,000 Free accounts is operated in vote farming rings.

Abuse fighting projects on Steem actively find such rings and submit to Steemit Inc. for free Delegation termination.

Some bigger rings I've seen so far went as deep as 10,000 Free accounts and counting.

With a vote weight of a free account at around $0.001 it's a Simple math to understand that 1,000's of dollar worth of rewards are being pumped out of the Steem community by people who contribute very little.

Anybody have a right to earn on Steem blockchain.

But abusing the Free accounts to such extend deserves to be penalized.

Please support your abuse fighting initiatives such as SteemCleaners, SteemFlagRewards, Tagalong, dCleaners or just flag yourself.


Vote Farming = Yes, it's farming votes from a lot of accounts (i mean alternative accounts).

It is no secret that individuals in Steemit have multiple accounts at once, and are used as a curation trail for themselves.