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Can you recommend me a witness? Tell me why should I vote him/her?
I'm currently voting for 29 witnesses and there is room for one more. I should pick another one and don't know who to pick. Help me, tell me who and why. This is your chance to help a witness to get votes

Please vote for @neoxian. He is a very nice guy.

He is really someone in steem community for whom I have a lot of respect.

Please visit his blog page and if you wanna talk to him, you can also talk over discord.

Why you should vote him?

Here are the reasons:-

  • He responses everyone who ever approach him.
  • If you have any doubt about steem community or the functioning of steem blockchain, he promptly answers.
  • He is quite active all through out the day.
  • He is a responsible witness.
  • He always remain updated about the community development.
  • He is assertive & polite.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I have voted only two witnesses so far ... @utopian-io & @steemhunt.

I am second to @calprut and suggest you to vote for @steemhunt. Calprut and I are not the only ones who thinks so ...

(Image Source: https://steemd.com/witnesses)

You can see, @steemhunt has already reached to 37th place on the witness list, so we two are not alone in making this suggestion.

steemhunt team launched their dApp (steemhunt.com) this year in March. A place/platform where steemians can share cool products from all around the world, like producthunt. Steemhunt team promised to reward the product contributors as well unlike producthunt, where all the rewards go to the producthunt and nothing have ever been given to the community members even to the dedicated ones.

Did @steemhunt fulfill its promises ... ?

I joined steemit.com during the last days of May 2018, and steemhunt in June. At the time my rep was 27 or 28 (don't remember exactly). I liked steemhunt's ideology and became an active member of the platform. Started my contributions (Sharing products & writing comments on the products) to the platform ... and now you can see my rep is above 59 (from 57.5 to 59 is hugely supported by musing too). I am sure, many steemians would agree with me, who have also experienced the same effects.

But this was not the only reason for me to approve @steemhunt as witness.

SteemHunt team is continuously improving the platform for a better experience and developing a good community too.

  • Some group of users were trying to milk the system by circle voting ... steemhunt team introduced ABV & ABV 2.0 voting system to cope up with them.
  • Blacklisted the comment abusers ... Some users were copy pasting the comments and were writing off topic comments, steemhunt continuously monitoring and blacklisting them, of course some of the community members also helped in this task. But steemhunt team didn't stop there and recently, has introduced the down vote too, so that community themselves would be able to deal with such abusers. This has significantly improve the comments quality already.

This is not all but I think enough to mention steemhunt team's efforts to develop a platform as transparent as possible and their sincerity towards the community and Steem Blockchain.

We, steemians, want Steem Blockchain, Steem and Steem Blockchain based communities & dApps to be recognized all around the world, this will give us advantage too.

 As witness, @steemhunt has promised to focus on two main tasks:

  1. We will encourage companies/makers to be involved with the STEEM token economy at a global level.
  2. We will drive the Steem blockchain to be more scalable and user-friendly for many Steem-based applications.

(Source: https://steemit.com/steemhunt/@steemhunt/steemhunt-witness-initiatives-term-2-influencers-or-sponsor-report-24)

And ... I believe them.

Good luck & wish you a lovely day.


You should check out this detailed post and comments as well:



I vote for
@ausbitbank - he supports the local team australia with centerlink account upvotes , helps maintain a community.
@curie- I have never personally looked into their work but I have only heard good things about them , they manually curate new content creators.
@nextgencrypto - this is @berniesanders witness , he says things that need to be said but noone is willing to say it , most of the times (not always).
@themarkymark - actively fights spam and engages with community.
@therealwolf - runs a bid bot ( promotion service) which is suitable for investors with great customer support , lately has been engaging with community a lot.
@timcliff - very engaging with community , composed guy with patience and answers question from almost everyone , recently ran steemblast campaign.

Who from 20+ rank should I / you vote for:

@utopian-io ( current rank 21) seems like an obvious choice to me since they run so many dev supporting projects.

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It was a tough decision between Utopian-io and Curie because both are actually doing a lot of good for the community. However, Utopian-io has some strict entry level which are really daunting for new people in the blockchain.

Curie has helped with rewarding quality content creators in the platform. Those that have created or added more value to the blockchain are rewarded for sharing content they are really good at. It several layers of reviews before a post would even be rewarded for a large upvote and you don't have to give them anything back for recognizing your work. Curie aims to spread and reach out to every content creator out there and reward them for their value given to the blockchain. 

There aren't any strict rules for them to consider your work. You just need to consistently make quality posts and you would be on their radar for an upvote. Even non pro bloggers can have a chance as long as they are sharing posts that they are passionate about and continue to improve along their exposure to the blockchain. 

By supporting curie as a witness, you also support the future authors that would add value to the blockchain as curie's influence could give these authors more rewards. And, this also helps with retention of users that want to adapt the blockchain. 

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I will recommend @good-karma the developer of the esteem app.

Joining steemit as a newbie can be exciting but after joining, it takes time to know your way around the blockchain and using certain tools especially editing tools. Esteem has become that one steemit dapp that makes your experience with steemit a unique one. After coming across esteem, posting on steemit has never been easier as every tool is right infront of you for the using. I appreciate @good-karma for developing this app and he also supports other projects that contribute to the development of the blockchain.

He keeps upgrading esteem constantly with new amazing features enhancing your steemit experience to a whole new level actually. On top of developing this wonderful dapp, he also upvotes the post of users posted using the esteem dapp. Isn't that a wonderful thing? I must say using the app is enough for me but knowing that i will get upvotes from @good-karma after using it every time just makes it even more better.

Hope this helps you in making your choice of a witness.

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 I recommend @steemhunt as your witness, why?

  • Steemhunt is good platform for us, especially newbie like me,  and I have proven it, that I can develop very quickly. 
  • Steemhunt has a great team, with a very fast response. 
  • Steemhunt has now become the most popular STEEM dApp platform. 
  • Steemhunt has the greatest opportunity to become a leading dApp platform, which can attract many institutional investors. 
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Me! You should vote for me as a witness!

Why? Because you know me from my questions and answers on Musing, and I am quite active on the Steem community too. I have only just started on the witness side of Steem, but I have big plans coming up too ;-)