Is it easier to grow you account now that Steem is dipping down?
Let's say you set yourself a weekly target, regarding you account. A certain percentage of SP that you have to do week by week, the same percentage to be precise. Is is easier to accomplish that now that Steem is dipping down?

From a perspective yes and that perspective is less activity on the blockchain. Less activity by having the same rewards pool means bigger upvotes for the ones being active and still believing in Steem and blogging or using any app built on Steem that can help them grow their accounts. 

In my case I can say that this down trend brought much more Steem than I was expecting and that happened thanks to the perspective that I mentioned above. Although the price was falling lower and lower I spent almost the same time, even more I guess, than what I did when Steem was over $3. 

Some bloggers though find this times "not profitable" anymore and if they don't get upvotes someone has to get them and usually those are the ones that are active at any price. Bottom line I can say that from my short experience on Steem this type of periods might be very profitable for the small but working Steemian that didn't gave up. Some whales are still active and upvoting and why not be you the next to "be blessed". 

I was blessed by Curie about two weeks ago and I never had any upvote from it. I am seeing some other that I follow being upvoted by large accounts while before they weren't. As a conclusion I can say that this bear market is definitely worth being active. A Steem is a Steem no matter the current price. The next cycle or bull run might be right around the corner so why not earn some Steem. 

My advice is to keep on steeming and musing and forget the price. Is definitely worth it. 


See the calculation is very fair and simple.

If steem price is below 1 usd, then you will always get more SP in your reward, however the voting weight will produce less amount of reward in the post as the voting is directly proportional to the value of steem. In the liquid reward you will get SBD and it is easy to grow your SP now than before as the steem is quite down now, but the liquid reward will be a hard working job if steem continue to remain at this level or below 1 usd and on the reverse side when steem price rises, let's say it rises above 1.5 usd then your liquid reward will be lucrative but your SP will be very less.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I think it is easier, and an oppurtunity to really grow your account quickly!

The ammount of active users have really dropped in the last few weeks (months?). This means alot less content, and alot easier for your content to become noticed, and gain extra upvotes from the users who are active.

I remember when Steem was about $4 when I joined and there was alot more bloggin going on (alot of it sub par quality), and it was near impossible to become noticed in the sea of posts.

I have seen over the last few weks I have had the 'best' returns (in terms of how much author rewards I have been recieving!)


Account growing wise I see very little difference between $1 Steem and $.5 Steem.

What bothers me though is the reward distribution. Somebody is draining the reward pool and I have no idea who.

300SP was over $.03 in rewards just a while ago, now 500SP is less than $.02.

And, it not like the Steem price have fell so much between now and then. %30 difference, I think.

So yeah, more rewards turn to dust I presume.