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Have you ever felt like leaving Steemit? If yes, why?

Haha, i ever felt that feeling. It's happened in my 2 months at Steemit. 

During  the full 2 months, I was just confused in Steemit, and could not  produce anything, and in fact I accidentally interfered in "Downvote  war" between whales (haha i am sure you knew it).

Well,  after just 2 months of spinning around upvote robots, and not being  able to withdraw anything, I finally met Steemhunt, the dApp platform  that focuses on hunting products.

From  there, my interest in Steemit returned, because I could grow faster from  reputation 25 to reputation 65 as it is now in just a short time.

After that, I never thought about leaving Steemit because I met with other cool forms: musing.io, steempress, dlike, etc.

Well,  even though STEEM prices are currently really worrying, I will remain  in Steemit because this is the right opportunity to accumulate SP. 


When I newly started steemit and my content was not getting any reward, I felt like leaving because I thought no one was interested in what I was blogging about. I realised along the line that I have to build connection with the people on the platform first since I'm new. I stopped creating blog post and used all my time on the platform to drop reasonable comments on other people's posts. The more I did that, the more my following increased and my comments got up voted.

From commenting I built relationship with some people that started supporting my post and I've been growing gradually on the platform. Though steem price has been quite low lately, but the low price has never stopped me from believing in the future of Steem. So apart from the early discouragement I had when I newly started steemit, I've never felt like quitting any other time.


I haven't had that thought no matter how tough it has been.

When I first started i knew I had a lot to learn and that it would take time. I am a tough nut and have a thick skin so I just buckled down. It was a slog and there is no other word to describe it.

There was no musings where I could try and grow from so I had only the comments and posts to work with. The users that have joined recently have it a little easier as there are fewer people now. The other users make this place what it is and the more you engage the more you will enjoy it and who knows find some good friends at the same time.

4 months for 120 SP was my slog before I started to grow. I never once thought that is it and I am done. I never had that thought no matter how bad and desperate those times were.

I stayed out of trouble and made no enemies. I still do but I am a little bigger now so can fight for what is right and wrong now. If I see someone who needs a push I will push them. I may do a post that has a message and one person picks up on it and that is a thank you in itself.

If you ever feel like that you know what to do and don't hesitate as we are all in this together. We all have good and bad days but they are never that bad. Smile and look forward as why look back. there is a bright future that lays just around the corner for all of us.


Quite honestly, I used to feel like this quite frequently.  I soon decided that I need to start taking a break from Steemit on the weekends.  I was just getting burned out and too upset from not getting the kind of rewards I thought I should be getting.  

Taking those two day breaks on the weekend give me time to contemplate, refresh and come up with new material for the week ahead.  I don't care as much about the price like I used to.  It is just something that I do as a hobby and I enjoy it. 

I think it is okay to take a little break if you need to.  Don't be afraid to do that.  Don't give up completely though.  The rewards or whatever you are looking for on here will come eventually!


Yeah, about every day when I log on and see the horrible price of steem. It makes me very sad that the crypto market has gone south so hard. Then I tell myself it will get better and keep on making content. 


I have been dealing through Steemit's ups and downs for about 16 months and never did I feel and think of giving up. I have a high level of trust on Steemit, that's why it never crossed my kind leaving. In fact, I never had a day without a post or if there is, just at least a day. I tried not to miss a day posting and you can see them in Steem blockchain since all activities and transactions can be seen.

When I started on Steemit, I had a lot of posts which earned few cents and even zeros. But I am still here. Some hopes are shattered but I am still here.

Admittedly, I do get worried when prices crash, but I do my best to keep posting. I believe in Steem as well as the positive effects of SMT.


In a down market all sorts of negative emotions always erupt and I think this is one of them but truly speaking I never ever thought like that and say if tomorrow steem will become 0.1 usd then also I will not be thinking like that, if you look at the crypto market, then I think every major coins are on the same page, so it has nothing to do with the steem fundamentals, we are alright here, it is the underlying sentiments of the crypto market and the entire altcoin market is deriving its sentiment from the bitcoin sentiment and it is because of the bearish sentiment of bitcoin, we are also down at the moment.

We are just turning up pages on steem blockchain on day to day basis, so many activities, so many DApps, so many posts, comments, so many transactions and if you look at the major exchanges then steem has always been a liquid currency, its blockchain is so fast that within 3 seconds a transaction is happening and without any transaction fees also, is not that beautiful. I thinks its all running nicely, although price wise we are down and I look at it as another opportunity to bank upon more steem.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I never think of leaving this platform. Because it still gives me opportunity to earn something.

I'm here during my free time. The time which I used to spend on Facebook or some other social media networks.

Now that time I spend here. I started Steemit journey with zero investment.  

So I have nothing to lose. In addition I have earned about 200 Steem from this platform and I'm here for long term not to withdraw any of it for the next 2-3 years.

However, I feel this is the opportunity to invest some if I had some spare money.

Because, I don't think that market will remain the same or became Zero. 

Ultimately it will rise so, for long term investment this could be a good time.


I am on Steemit since 2017.05.17 (more than a year), and I already left Steemit a few times. But a came back, so I don't actually left Steemit. Why I left Steemit? Because of the lack of real interactions, and because of the low earnings on my posts/comments.  I rarely receive real, human comments, and I earn only a few cents with most of my posts/comments. No matter what I do, what I post, what I write about.


I don't think i have gotten to that point yet. As long as there is an opportunity to earn i am staying put. Many are overly concerned about price. It's not as if the drop doesn't affect me, i have even been sober about it but never have i thought about leaving here. C'mon look around you, it is glaring that we are unto something many have failed to noticed. We are on the right track. This is an invest for life. See, it's possible the price of steem stays low for a really long time. I'm talking about 1-2years, which i don't think is possible. However, it will skyrocket. This is just my believe. The next boom is going to be massive. The beautiful thing is my invest here is never lost, will except i sell my coins. I already have about 150 of them locked up as steem power and i have no plans of powering down anytime soon. If we end up going as high as bitcoin, which is a rare possibility, just imagine how much 150 steem would be worth! This possibility and many more are the reasons why i just cant quit. I will wait till the end.


I did only during days when I had too much work to do that the blockchain helps with my procrastination. This has become more time consuming that other social media sites because there are simply a lot of things to do online. I don't see myself abandoning the platform even if the prices are so low. As long as there is a community I can engage with, I'm fine. 


No and it should not be an option either. And to be honest, I don't think I have other option where to go, haha.

The best is to stay and keep posting, engaging, and still earn some steem😊


To be honest in the past I have - when the spam/scams were really bad, and I also would get frustrated by not earning much while others were making loads by manipulating the system.

However, the more I learn about dapps (such as Musing, Actifit and Steemhunt), the more I am gaining faith in Steem again, as each of these have their own sub community and are great ways to earn Steem.

I think that the majority of people who think of leaving just arent working hard enough of aren't educated about the many opportunities on the Steem blockchain