What does "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" mean to you?
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 "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" 

These are the three words which can actually save the planet from further abuse and destruction. 

Reduce - 

Reduce usage of non biodegradable products like plastic bags, cartons, cans and the like. Things which cannot be used a second time is not worth it. Even if we dispose it by burning it, the fumes are unhealthy and will pollute the environment. 

So, reducing the usage of plastic is really very important for the survival of the planet itself. 

Reducing the usage of private transport is another. People have to learn to rely on public transport so that the air pollution is reduced. Many people use their own private vehicles when they can easily avail metros or company transport. Using it will also help reduce traffic jams. 

Buying groceries in bulk will reduce the frequent trips to the mall and also reduce multiple packaging. Food for thought. 


I reuse most of the cans and bottles I get during grocery purchases. It can be used to store many items which have a long shelf life. Plastic bags if received can be used to store other items or else used for repacking. 

(image source - https://diycozyhome.com/reuse-plastic-bottles/) visit for cool ideas

Old clothes can be used to make other stuff. For example, I use old sarees to cover old mattresses. That way, I need not invest in bed covers. Sounds silly, but it works for me. 

Broken plastic buckets and tubs can be filled with mud and manure and we can plant saplings in it. Small vegetable plants can be grown such. 

Newspapers can be used to make paper bags and even sold. Paper bags can be used to buy lightweight items. 


image source- http://www.free-tutorial.net/2017/04/bag-from-old-jeans.html

Old glass bottles, plastic bottles, waste stuff, broken items and the like are given to people who around to our area once in a while. They sort the waste and then take it to recycling centers. 

The plastic waste is recycled to make buckets and so on. The recycled plastic is given a dull blue or green color so that people who buy buckets know that it has been made from recycled stuff. 

Newspaper and other papers are sent to recycling centers and thus reused. 

We also do a bit of recycling on our own by converting unwanted items like an old dog shed to a bird house, cow dung into manure, waste pits into manure holes and so on. Dried leaves of coconut is used to make brooms, thatching sheds and so on. 

There are a number of ways we can reuse, reduce and recycle. It just takes a little imagination and patience. 

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"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" means the future we can expect from the planet. So far we have produced pollutants indiscriminately. The solution is to raise awareness among the population. It is urgent and necessary.

The first time i heard about the three R's was when my elder brother got back from an interview. He was telling me how it went.

He is a graduate with a BSc. in Environmental protection management, so he had to explain the three R's, in relation to that during the interview. So he explained what these terms mean.

  • *Reduce: This has to do with, making conscious effort and putting measures in place to reduce the amount of waste produced. This applies to both solid and liquid waste. Think about how much plastic waste the world has and how it is affecting the environment. If other materials can be used in place of plastic, it will be helpful to the environment.
  • *Reuse: This means reusing items like bottles, jars and other stuffs in your home or workplace. You can use these items to store other things in your house. Groundnuts can be stored in a bottle, cookies can be stored in an empty mayonnaise jar. There are lots of ways you can reuse items.
  • *Recycle: This has to do with making new products out of old ones. Different items can be used to create other stuffs, after they're no longer used for what they were originally made for. A tire that's know longer in use, can be made into a furniture, a swing and other creative items. There are lots of DIY(do it yourself) ideas, and you can search online for help. Also before you throw stuff out, you should check for labels to no if it is meant to be recycled.

We all should help reduce the amount of waste in the world, by practicing good waste management techniques and applying the three R's

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I am an ambassador of the three Rs. I have been sending stuff to the recycling Centre for many many years. I think. More than ten years. Despite some people who said that one person's effort doesn't make much of a different but I think it does. If we start to recycle and just promote the three Rs and influence maybe just one person to even do that, i guess we are winning a bit of this war.

Basically, if we love to recycle reduce and reuse, we will attract people who are like that in the community. My mom in law works at a recycling center which recycles stuff. She works as a cleaner for the army camp. They are usually here for only a year or so. Then what happens is that, one day they leave. They need someone to clean the place only then they could leave. The leave behind valuable reusable stuff that would have been thrown that has been reused. My mother in laws place has almost all of the things that she doesn't need to buy at all. From toilet paper to tables.

I think in everyones house there are stuff that isn't wanted at all. But it's a treasure for others. The last time I moved house there were extra beds chairs and stuff. It was all given to the movers. I guess if we all did this, alot of stuff would not have gone to waste any more.

There is alot of online communities which sell second hand stuff and it is good to purchase. It is usually a lot cheaper and it would be useful for the environment. I usually don't throw away papers or anything that I feel can be reused. Alot of things can be reused.

Nowadays, I seldom buy things on impulse as I think that after some time, we would not really use it when it isn't new anymore.

It is very important to recycle and reuse as much as possible.

I have a recycle who collects all my plastics once a week. This is how he makes money so it helps me support him by doing good at the same time.

If we are all aware of the planet and just do a little extra it should make a difference. Making g a difference is what we should all be doing.

Reducing our footprint on the planet is important as the population increases every year. I am disgusted when I see the pollution in the sea and it is a major concern for the future generations.

Reuse, Reduce, and Recyle, these 3 terms are steps or the process of managing and handling waste with a variety of problems, following pandaibesi will explain the details of the definition of 3r along with the example.

1 Definition of 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recyle)

1.1 1. Understanding Reduse

1.2 2. Understanding Reuse

1.3 3. Understanding Recyle

2 Examples of 3R Activities in the Neighborhood

2.1 Examples of Reuse in Daily Life (Reuse):

2.2 Examples of Reduce in Everyday Life (Reducing Waste):

2.3 Examples of Recyle in Everyday Life (Recycling):

3 Examples of Videos Reduce, Reuse, and Recylcle

3r stands for Reuse, Reduce, and Recyle until now 3r is still the best way to do a variety of problems such as managing and handling the garbage in our environment, 3r is the steps in carrying out the recycling of garbage from wasted and useless being useful can even make money back.

The application of the 3r system is a solution in managing waste to be useful such as compost or making waste as a source of electricity, there are already many power plants that use garbage as their main source, even this 3r system can be used by anyone because it is easy and simple. , Reuse, Recyle has interrelated meanings and meanings and meanings and meanings of the 3r.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle basically aims to optimal waste management and it generally confers to the day to day wastes we create at domestic level or you can say in the daily life of an individual.


By the term reduce means, you need to make use of optimum consumption of a certain thing in your daily life.

Say for example instead of printing one side of a paper, you can go for printing on both sides of paper. Similarly you can use digital mail instead of paper mail unless it is that necessary. Similarly paper napkins can be replaced with cloth napkins.

The aim is basically to reduce the waste that you generate on day to day basis and whatever available resource is there, go for the optimal use of that.

The objective is to evaluate your consumption habit on daily basis and to find an option when it can be viable to reduce or optimize your consumption in such a way that your responsibility towards the environment can a be criteria in your day to management of life.


Reuse basically aims at reusing an item/resource in your daily life which has become obsolete for primary use or repair that item if possible to bring to its primary use.

Say fro example, there is old sofa set which you can repair it and give it a modern look which can perfectly fit for your primary use. Similarly say there are number of empty bottles and instead of throwing them, you can use it for gardening purposes or many other purposes which you think can be possible. similarly old books can be donated to poor students, old news paper can be used for packing purposes etc.

Therefore the emphasis given here is to seriously look into its secondary uses once it can not be used for primary purposes at all. Or you can go for a repair/modification so as to render it fit for the primary purposes if there is a scope to do so.


Recycle basically aims at encouraging the use of those material which can be recycled further in to a different form and is ecologically feasible and environment friendly, so that your domestic purpose can not conflict with the nature.

The best example is to avoid plastic as much as possible as they contribute to toxic wastes and they are not environment friendly and as far as possible biodegradable material should be used. 

So first focus on to buy those product which are environment friendly. Some of the examples are products made up of glass, wooden material, recyclable material etc so that after its use when you dispose it, it has the scope to be recycleable to different form without adding burden to the environmental wastes.

Thank you and Have a great day.