Do you buy printed newspaper or do you prefer to read the news online?

I think people have a lot of reasons why they prefer one to the other , in my own opinion I will definitely go with reading news online. This is because reading news online current issue 24 hours coverage what is happening around the world unlike a newspaper that we need like a 12 hours shortage of information passing in order to undergo the processes of printing and pressing of newspapers, so that he is if a news event happens around 4 o'clock in the evening it will have to take up to 6 o'clock in the morning the next day before your local newspaper outlet will report this news this slow process makes me think that newspapers may even be worthless a news reportage in the future.

So apart from the fact that reading news online is quicker and faster that newspaper, I will definitely say that informations saved online can never be destroyed unlike a newspaper with news written on it , there's a tendency that news paper can be destroyed by fire or by water and also there's a possibility that that a newspaper can be lost but a news written in an online outlet or a blog or an online instant blog or even a newspaper online channel can never be stolen or destroyed so you can definitely save this news to your browser and make reference to it even in 10 years time without the news or the piece of information stored on it, losing viability.

Another reason why I prefer reading news online is that it only requires me to spend my internet data in order to it however purchasing newspaper on daily basis can cost a lot of money and when you calculate it with the amount spent let's say in a year to the amount of money you will spend using internet data to read news online I will definitely say there is a big difference . so this is also another reason why I like reading news online



I used to buy the printed newspaper. Not one, sometimes 4 of them. Newspaper industry in Venezuela was a very prosperous one. So much so that they could afford to offer readers the most amazing deals in special issues and publications with the purchase of the paper on certain days. Most newspaper readers in Venezuela have in their bookcases encyclopedias and collections of literary masterpieces that came with a newspaper they bought regularly for just a tiny additional price.

Nowadays, most of our local newspapers have closed and only a few national survive. They diminished the number of pages, the number of editions and the number of places where they circulate now. It has been one of the most symbolic tragedies associated with the Venezuelan crisis.

I loved newspapers, as much as I love information in general. Most of my fondest memories of childhood are associated with reading the newspaper on the floor or later side by side my father. Getting the news from the papers, comparing it with other reports, going in depth with some additional op.eds was a great experience.

Of course, the Internet made all that easier and handier, but in Venezuela not all people have access to the internet and not many have been able to keep or afford a device where they can access it (smart phones, desktop computers, laptops, or tablets).

Personally, I like the versatility of online reading, but my eyes can't stand the screen for too long. And, of course, there is the issue of the physical paper and the nostalgia associated with it. However, I do not grieve the actual loss of the physical contact with the source of information so much as I grieve the actual loss of sources of information.

For those of you who can still enjoy the pleasure of reading physical papers, treasure it. Do not take it for granted. And for those who have gone fully online/virtual, enjoy it too. Not everybody can afford access to information in either way. It is now more than ever a privilege worth valuing.


It's been so long since I bought newspapers. Newspapers are I guess something of the dinosaurs now. The problem is that when we buy newspapers, we usually have to buy the advertisements and there are many boring sections that aren't of interest. Then by the time we get a copy, it is outdated in some ways.

Now I usually read the news on the internet through my smartphone or laptop to get a faster update of the lasted development around the world. Then we can read the news halfway and if it's boring then just switch it off. The power of the internet. Alot of the news are found on Facebook as everyone now becomes a somewhat unofficial news reporter. When there is something that happens, the news that pops up on Facebook are what you see first.


There are some news that you can only find on printed news papers. And the news released on printed news papers seem more authentic and verifiable than news online. So yes, I still buy printed news papers. Besides, they are much easier to read without straining your eyes that much.

Printed news paper can hardly be displaced by online news. They have their place, mostly among the aged people and online news have its place. Both are useful means of dispensing information in our present world


I prefer to read it online. It's better because i can have a lot of comparison that can be used as the best reference.