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Do you think teaming up with other steemians is beneficial? Would that help you do better?

I personally think it is the only way to work. Building your account on your own is difficult and nearly impossible. Having a group of like minded users helping each other is the smart way to operate and grow.

There are many lone wolf accounts on Steem and they will struggle in the future if they don't have a network of support around them. The user base is going to grow in the future and Steem will be much harder to earn. Being a loner won't be so easy unless you have a large holding of SP.


Working at Steemit by yourself is difficult. When I started at Steemit, I have a team which somehow helped by upvoting each other. I made self-learning and I helped other members explaining about Steemit as a lot of things about the platform are complicated especially if you are a newbie. Though, the group didn't last long because of the issues surrounding the leaders who have been hostile towards other members. Many members stopped Steeming because they can't find support. While others found a new home to support each other.

It is also important to build your name. I don't think I am famous but at least I found a way and reason to continue Steeming. Things won't just work easy by yourself. Gladly, my brother has joined Steemit, and he had a good reputation already. It's good to be supporting each other.


I think teaming up with other Steemians would be beneficial and this year 2019, I will do just that.

I have been in this platform for quite some time now but I can see that I am more stagnant than growing. I have been trying to grow in the Steem ocean all by myself but now I realized how difficult it has been. Because of this, I have come to the realization that in order to thrive in this platform, we need other people's help.

I hope and pray that you will be with me as I continue my journey on this platform.