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How do you see the situation of Steem and Steemit after these few days?
Ned's announcement has made some waves, no one can deny that. A few days passed, people had time to think and act. How do you see the situation now?

I think @ned took a bold step in announcing how things are going with STINC. It shows transparency. Many users have advice him on how to weather through this bear period.

I believe for any project to be successful. It must have gone through a make or break period. The Steem blockchain and Steemit platform is that period now.

How we handle it is what matters. If we can successfully scale through this, we are on our way to be one of the force to be reckon with in the Crypto world. If we don't manage the situation well. I am afraid that the system might collapse or stop being sustainable.

Either ways, the community has seen the positive side of the announcement and are doing everything to make sure we stand heads above water. It's left for me and you to promote the blockchain and platform while bringing investors in to stay afloat.

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I understand the situation more now. I realize the nodes they are using cost them 2 million dollars per year and is a major cost.

By highlighting this the community is helping and some users are looking at how to reduce these costs. The thing that gets me is they should have been aware and known their costs. With steem dropping in price it has highlighted where their issues are.

I think something could have been done before and consulted the brains on Steemit long ago. Now it is in the open things can be fixed and the platform can move forward again a little stronger.

Things are looking more positive now and hopefully we have turned the corner.

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