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What was the most memorable event of 2018?
It can be a political, social, cultural events.

The most memorable event for me of 2018 has been the funeral and memorial service for former President George HW Bush. Watching such a great man get laid to rest and so many people have said such great things about him. I do feel sorry for the younger President Bush because losing both parents so close to each other is such a sad thing to have to handle. I am proud today that he is getting such a proper send off. He will be missed by so many! 




For me and my family the most memorable event, was unfortunately a very tragic one that came to ratify our national tragedy. Thus, it is personal, but at the same time political, for all its corruption, impunity, and abuse of power ramifications.

On July 5th 2018 my niece Edith Nakary Lezama Sayago was assassinated in the Military Academy where she was about to graduate as officer of the National Guard. I have written about that even since it happened in different local and national papers. I also posted on Steemit and Facebook to let people know that every time the government agencies say it was suicide people must be suspect.

My niece was a beautiful talented young girl who was always cheerful and energetic. She was a singer, musician, athlete and one of the best in her class at the Michelena Academy in San Cristobal, State of Tachira, Venezuela. She was allegedly found dead after shooting herself with an AK-103 rifle that she took away from an underage first year student. That official version was already circulating on local papers websites before my sister and her husband, also a National Guard, were notified. There were many red flags that indicated that the version was false, besides our knowing Edith and being sure she was far from being depressed, as the report affirmed.

It has been 5 months today and I keep writing about it just hoping that one day justice will be done. There is a demand that was introduced by my brother-in-law, but even he knows that the military institution will not do anything to find those responsible for Edith’s death. Her death confirmed many of our fears about Venezuelan corrupted institutions and the overwhelming power they exercise over public opinion and the media. Edith’s “suicide” had not been the first and after hers many more have occurred.

It is a very scary thought to conceive our lives surrounded by all powerful psychos who can dispose of human lives at their will, just to protect their personal interest or those of their friends and family. My niece’s death was a cruel wakeup call for all of us about the fragility of life and the dangers of living in a society where the presidents and his party control every other power in the country. For the rest of the world who still thinks that Venezuela has a democracy and Venezuelans must be left alone solving their own issues, you have no idea of how it is to be behind the façade of democracy when those in power are ruthless dictators who know the rest of the world is too busy to care about their murderous power games.  


My birthday. 

I have always celebrated my birthday every year with family and friends. But this year, I decided to do something special.

I was sick but my heart went out to people without parents. I thought about how I have always felt loved by my family but there are some people who do not have a family.

I decided to celebrate and spend my day with them instead. 

This year, I made no cakes, bought no new dress or shoe for myself but decided to use the money instead to buy gifts for the children at the orphanage.

Assisted by my Mom, we were able to get a few things and together, we located an orphanage and shared the gifts with them.

The kids were so happy as they sang happy birthday songs to me. They also prayed for me and I felt so happy. I was so close to tears as I felt these kids play so freely. It was indeed a moment of reflection for me.

Surprisingly, this year, I received the most birthday gifts compared to years before. It was spectacular. 

It is said that, "the more you give, the more you receive", I experienced it this year and it was amazing.


I would say about my success in passing the board exam I took in this year 2018. Memorable in a sense that I never expect to pass the exam with my very limited knowledge and capabilities to comprehend every topics and subjects. With only 50% more or less passers out of thousands who took the exam, I can really say that I am so proud of that achievement, a lifetime one. It took me 6 months of comprehensive review and practicing each and every problem I newly encounter. It is really a tough journey I managed to conquer. For me, 2018 was one of the best years in my life and that success was the most memorable one.


The most memorable event which at the same time was part of SteemBlockChain and real life, said event was to attend the culmination of the first Educative Ropavejero Project. All this was happening in such a unique way (maybe destiny), I got involved in this project from the beginning, I maintained a close communication with @ropavejero (creator of the project), who without knowing us in people we managed to understand very well. The first project was a success, raising what is necessary to make the dreams come true in the project. The day came to close the project, where the beneficiary institutions organized a small thank-you activity, I was invited to it, and it was at that moment that I was able to meet @ropavejero in person, also @luis07 and @shikamaru. I tell you that it was a beautiful activity, of many mixed feelings when seeing the faces of all those people full of joy and hope, things that have been taken away by the current system of my beautiful Venezuela. At the time I wrote that publication I did not find how to express in words everything I experienced and felt at that moment, I definitely mark a great transformation in my life, because that is what Steemit is about, to eliminate barriers and achieve that human approach.


I think the most memorable event of 2018 politics-wise was the official mending of the long broken relationship between the two Koreas (North and South). 

Just April of this year, the two Koreas even signed an official declaration called the Panmunjom Declaration to officially declare to the world that they would try to get along now. A conflict that has been ongoing for almost 70 years now.


There are many memorable moments of 2018 and let's count them one by one,

  1. The walking dead final season (game) I was waiting for this game and the studio released the first two episodes however they have shutdown their production house. #Sad
  2. Kamikaze - I love this album, finally a lightning strike from slim shady Eminem!
  3. Broke my previous record in graduation and scored 9+ grade on the scale of 10.
  4. Built my first real world web application as the project for my college.
  5. Broke-up with my girl "happily". (lol don't expect sadness everywhere)
  6. Completed my Java Reference book in 4 days. (1000+ pages) Sometimes I get nerd but most of the time I am on power saving mode!

 I was reading the comments below of this thread and found the story of @Hlezama. It was very unfortunate and RIP. #JusticeforEdith

We  are with you@hlezama! Love and peace!



I am sure everyone here is all aware about the unfavorable market condition in the crypto space today because most of those cryptocurrencies prices is mostly dependent on that of Bitcoin. The most memorable event to me is the drastic fall of Bitcoin from January 1st to December 5 ( presently).

Last year seems to be a very good advantage for cryptocurrency investors compared to this year. Most of of us became part of the crypto world early this year when we heard about the drastic increase of Bitcoin and this really gave me the courage to be part of the crypto world.

This year (2018) seems to be somehow strange for me in the world of #crypto today because the price of steem and SBD was just so impressive last year compared to what is happening today. Why is it that crypto started dropping after large amounts of people joined the game this year? I do find this very astonishing. Most of us do believe this year ending will be a great boom for the crypto investors and holders but it turns out that things are not happening the way we expect.

I will share you some screenshot about the memorable event of the drastic fall of Bitcoin this year. Every crypto players can never forget this year 2018 because of the unfavorable condition that occurred in the crypto market.

I was able to get the following statistics of Bitcoin value from Jan 1st - December 5th 2018 with the help of this link https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/BTC-USD/history/. I want you to see for yourself how the price of Bitcoin kept reducing from the beginning of this year till the present moment.

Christmas is fast approaching and everyone of us is hoping to celebrate Christmas with lots of goodies and fun but this can't be possible without money 😐. Most of us will be left with no choice other than to sell our steem and SBD at low price because we have no choice 😑. We just have to keep hoping for the best and we must not give up because anything can happen at any time. Let us all come together and #promo-steem for the better and the best.

How will you want me to forget this unfavorable event occurring in the crypto space happening in 2018 without making it a memorable one for me? 😢

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Several things but mainly these three occasions.

1. My post graduate Graduation. .

I emabrked on this journey with enthusiasm and determination to beat all odds, 4years ago.

Usually a masters programme is only 2years but i spent 4 years due to unexpected happenings and Lifes hurdles . I struggled, stumbled, fell and rose up again, and for this, i am grateful to God that the year 2018 wasn't a complete waste for me. And guess what,. For my final, Thesis hearing, this platform enabled me to pay for it. Yep, steemit did it.

2.My birthday.

This year, i did not have any celebration and non was arranged for me by any of my close people.

And as something i have been doing, on and. Off for couple years, i went to visit my favorite place for charity, Everlasting Hope, cebu. This is a home that caters for kids suffering from cancer, with their families. As they are here in cebu to receive treatment from far away places withing the province. The home not only provides shelter for the kids and their families but also act as an overall support system in terms of comfort,prayers, a clean ans conducive environment, emotional and financial support from donors and volunteers.

usually ask family and friends , well wishers for contributions but i did not ask none this time but steemit. Was able to gather an ok amount that enabled me to buy a few things for the families.

It ended up being huge when Some of the steemians volunteered to come and join in on the fun and it ended up being more like A steemit mini reunion. Coincidentally it was also @jassenessaj birthday, so we ended up having a mini steemit birthday dinner with the friends from steemit together with 2 other of my personal friends.

3.Aside from me doing the charity events every other year, this time around was specifically spacial as i had just lost a dear cousin a month prior to my birthday (June) , she was a yound, vibrant abd energetic woman who painfully exited the face of the earth untimely. Brain tumor took the happiness that she brought into our lives away from my family.

The charity event that i did was not only to commemorate my birthday, but was also done in her honor.

Steemit has been a great part of my journey this year as i also got alot of. Contributions for my cousins hospital Bill in India when they took her for her braid surgery, early on in the year.

Its been quite an eventful 2018, but praise. Be to God for It all.

looking forward to a better 2019 , more greater wins, more success, financial and carrer breakthrough.


Watching over 90% of my crypto portfolio value disappear and being painfully reminded of what a huge mistake it was to not have taken any profits at peak in January.

Not POSITIVELY memorable, but is what it is.


I think it would be the midterm election on USA held on November 06, 2018. It was the first serious electoral test for President Donald Trump. 

But the real answer pop in my mind was the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle.   


2018 World Cup in Russia

The World Cup is the most impressive thing in 2018 in my opinion, the world cup is always awaited by the layers of society around the world, and certainly every country celebrates the four-year event.

Even though Indonesia has not yet been nominated for World Cup participants, the enthusiasm of the community to watch tervafitit sports was held, and that was an extraordinary thing in 2018.


The most memorable moment in my life in 2018 was the birth of my first nephew's son. It was a special event that brought joy back to the family, after we were devastated in October 2017 by the death of my younger brother in a terrible accident. Just as 2017 was marked by fatality, this 2018 changed its colors for the happiness of a new life that fills us with illusions.


Well, my memorable event this year's for me is, finally I can finish my degree after being struggling to finish it hehe. So much things I've been learn lately from this struggle. Just saying it, on how to be patient, how to keep moving forward, how to hold yourself on backing down to your stand, and when finally you can reach your goal.

It's almost like a dead end for me. But I manage to keep it going forward and finish it. I remember that time when I take a vow seriously "I will finish this degree no matter what" and thanks to God finally I did it. I have so much support whether is from my friend, family, and the one and only. My God. :)


My trip to the Steemfest3 in Krakow was for me the most eventful experience in 2018. A trip over several days to attend conferences, meet new people, party and take home an unforgettable time from Krakow. I have recently summarized my entire story in one article:  https://steemit.com/steemfest/@louis88/cdlkdmf3


The bitcoin crash. That was just brutal and has taken up most of my attention span as I do not really watch what is on the main stream media.