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What do you think about steemians who upvote their own comment with 100% and give the post they are commentin 6%?
What's your opinion on this?

It's up to each person to determine how they want to use their stake. Steem that has been powered up (SP) gives a person the right to choose how to direct that amount of rewards. They can choose to upvote others, downvote others, or self upvote (it's not likely they would self-downvote).

It can be frustrating sometimes to see accounts that are self-rewarding at high levels while giving a minimal amount out to others. However, the other person is under no obligation to give anyone a reward. Some (maybe even most) people tend to reward others for visiting their blog and commenting. This encourages more comments and interaction. It's also a way to encourage people to upvote the posts because they think they're likely to get an upvote on their comment in return. 

There's the old saying that "you reap what you sow." Oftentimes that's the case. If someone is not generous in their rewarding of others, often support from others is lost as well. 

Ultimately it's up to the individual author to determine how they want to use their SP in order to accomplish their goals. Some authors are trying to give visibility to others regardless of the personal benefit. Others have paid large sums of money to get SP delegations and want to earn that money back by self-rewarding. It's not necessarily fair to say someone is wrong for self-rewarding if they've paid actual currency to get that delegation. Rather than just buying Steem, they've chosen the longer route of leasing the SP in the hopes of earning a greater return. 

It's easy to focus on what we think others should do with their resources, but it's more productive to focus on what we're doing with our resources. If we put more time and effort into growing our own position, then we're be in a better position to accomplish our goals. 

tl;dr It's better to tend our own business than worry about what other people do with theirs. We can't control the behavior of others, but we can control our own. Focus on what we can change. 


 Hi, so first of all its not fun a bit

Making a post that probably took you 30-60 mins to create and then a user comments on it, saying they love the idea but at same time upvote their brief comments and leave your post or probably give it a 6% upvote as you mention above.

But then reality is, users with steem power have the ability to do with it has they see fit and you shouldn't feel bad when you see such things take place, rather try to improve more on your post, get to join communities who supports your work and also make better use of tags.

The fact is, it will never stop and certain users see it as a way to generate funds on their part, you might consider it a spam and tempted to flag it, but then you should remember different people respond differently to flag.

Many sees it as probably a disagreement in opinion or the post not worth that amount.

Read a post about flagging a while back and what the user said, the money/steem you make in a post is not yours until after the 7day window as passed, meaning steemians can either choose to increase, decrease or ignore it as they see fit.

So, when you see your post getting 0 or 6% upvote and the user upvoting him/her comment with 100% don't be bothered rather try to improve on your post, join different community that align with your niche and try to use different platforms, we now have various steem front-ends in which users can earn upvote from them or tokens till SMT.

Do have fun and have a lovely day


I used to think quite negatively of them when i had first joined steemit. my idea was that the reward pool is limited and selfishness is detrimental for the platform. in fact anyone who was an early adopter is abusing the reward pool thanks to his or her whale status. and sometimes comments are more insightful and valuable than the post itself. there are a lot of general bullshiters on steemit that post random stuff and then self upvote. 

However, there are useful people on steemit who give comments the reward they deserve, and also do not self upvote. my self upvote % has been 0 for so many months now. There are people who see your point and actually value comments on their posts and want the new joiners to appreciate the platform because they understand that building a community is what will truly help unlock steem's full value. self upvoting is short term gain whereas building the community a long term one. 

however, i have also come to the conclusion that to each his own and frankly abuse, as i mentioned, is integral to steemit. so we can't say that is a bad thing. some people will do it and others who want to build an audience will not. but steemit is a proof of stake model, a truly depiction of how capitalism works. therefore i don't think negatively of these people anymore. i do not follow them and don't give a rats ass about their post. 


It's a practice that shouldn't be encouraged. While it is arguably true that it's up to users to use their stake in the blockchain however they please, it does not excuse them from being judged by how they exercise that discretion. It's just common courtesy that if you prefer to self jerk, best to do it on your own thread that make someone else feel confused whether your support is as sincere as you claim it to be. It's bad practice and doesn't help with user retention. It's better not even upvote the author if you're going to self jerk anyway.


Those guys who do this are pretty much jerks. I would even go as far as flagging their comment, just because they did that. Feel free to do so yourself as well



I find that practice pretty deplorable.  It is really sad that people feel the need to do things like that.

For the most part with Steemit, if you are generous, you will receive generosity in return.  That kind of behavior is just selfish and wrong.  I feel it opposes the spirit of Steemit and what it is supposed to be about. 

This a relatively short answer, but I feel I have made my opinion pretty clear!


I think I know a person or two like this, and I rarely visit their blog. 

In terms of what is fair, and what is not, and what is quality , and what is not, 

we all know there is some gut wrenching travesties to witness on the blockchain, and I really find some of these people comical. 

I've been talking to a person for the longest time. I think I can count on about 2 fingers exactly, the amount of votes I've received from this person on my blog!

Yet, I can always get a vote for commenting on said person's blog!

Tell me what is wrong with this picture. A person who gets 20 dollars in auto's a post, self upvotes 100 percent, and ONLY upvotes comments on their blog. 

This is what I call a selfish narcissist who doesn't deserve the stroke of good luck they've had.  And a phenomenon tends to occur sometimes with these selfish pricks. They power down alot, cash out alot, and watch the planktons catch up to them slowly. I can see 5 years down the road, all of a sudden they start voting my content, that is the day I say nope.... keep it.


I have sen that a few times and all it shows is what kind of user they are. I would recommend that those users you don't follow and ignore them.

It is those attitudes that I don't like. We are all here to grow and they obviously don't care for anyone around them. I see your vote as a tool that you can show your appreciation to others. It doesn't cost you anything and it recharges daily.

Most of us make our main percentage of rewards from our posts and shouldn't be looking at upvoting our comments at all. It just smacks of someone very selfish and someone to dodge. I would suggest not supporting an account like that.


It is their own stake they can do with it as they wish. I have ever choose to not follow those kind of people. That shows me that you are here out of greed and nothing else.


I never upvote anything posted by people who habitually do that.  I figure they don't need upvotes from me. If I see a comment whose author has given it a big self-upvote in my comment section thus causing it to be at the top of the list of top level comments, I will often flag it or tell the commenter what I think about such behavior. Some have even muted me because of that. Good riddance.


I don't judge them in any way. They worked hard to be where they are and what they do with what they have acquired is fair. In fact, i use it as a motivation to work hard too to boost my own account. You don't tell anybody how to use their money. What they do with it is their business.


My opinion is that such users have invested in their Steem Power their own money and that they now feel the need to make the most out of that Steem Power and the only way of doing that is by upvoting mostly your posts. Whether we are talking about blog posts and comments. I don't blame them if they put their own money in the game, but if one has earned good amounts of Steem POwer through this community it would be nice to share that wealth with others in the community. That's how we can grow together. Unfortunately though Steem has become more of a token milking blockchain nowadays than a community and there are multiple ways of doing that and bid bots are not the only ones. I for example don't have any such users in my following list and don't like "hanging around" with such persons but I am perfectly aware that they exist. What can I say? Steem is not perfect and there are all sorts of people around here , but there's always a way of finding your "tribe" and have a nice time on Steem.

That's my insight on the topic. Hope you will find it interesting and wish you a great day!