What's your best strategy when it comes to upvoting content on Steemit?
How and when do you vote? How do you determine your vote percentage? Do you voted posts, comments or both?
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When it comes to upvoting contents on steemit I can say my approach has changed A LOT through the years--or, ahem, I mean through the months. (I'm almost a year on steemit so I get ahead of myself a little.)

When I first came to steemit, I spent a lot of time reading the frequently asked questions and one of the things I focused on was the curation rewards and how the time you give your vote mattered a lot. So I made it an habit to always wait till 30 minutes before I casted a vote-- because that was the maximum curation reward time at the time, but it didn't take me too long to realise that I couldn't really make it a lot off that, being a red fish as I was with less than 50 sp at the time.

So I changed my strategy to just upvoting whatever content I see fit and doing this indiscriminately without worrying about voting time, curation rewards, voting power and whatever, and it pretty much worked for me. Because the value of all my votes wasn't anything big after all and fixating on all these variables was pretty much meaningless.

And I imagine it was a good thing too anyway, the freedom I had of nothing having to worry. It's a hassle that's for sure. I remember when I was a curator for curie and all we did was worry about what vp was and what percentage we were voting at and all that. It wasn't very pleasant.

Anyway as time went on I got more than a hundred sp and still I decided to worry even less and be more non chalant, so I started following trails on Steem Auto. I followed a lot of trails and my voting power got depleted very fast but there was a cool off time and cool off percentage and all. Truthfully I never even cared anyway. It wasn't as though the value of the upvote was something tangible so. And thankfully having a low voting power for a user like me doesn't really affect your other experiences on steem in any way, that is in terms of commenting and posting and transfers and etc, just voting.

Lately however I've moved on to another voting strategy. I recently broke 250 steem power so I unfollowed all the trails I was behind and revoked steem auto access to my voting key. This I did because I felt that I could maximize my curation reward now on my own. Not because I had more steem power really but because of one major factor--musing.

I realized how much of an opportunity musing affords in that you only have to read some quality questions and answers and you're sure which will get an upvote or not. And you can easily vote on it and get your curation rewards.

Funny enough though my major aim was not even to make hundred of Steem in curation reward. But mainly just to see how good I can do with this strategy. So I only limited myself to upvoting answers to MY questions here, or others I stumble across inadvertently. My steem power really isn't enough for me to go curating over the entire musing, you know.

Anyway I'm glad to tell you that ever since I started this venture strategy, humble though it is, not only have I pretty much tripled my rewards, I have made almost as much in curation rewards as I made all through my first 8 months on steem.

Crazy right? I know!

I suppose that's another unsung advantage of musing that you don't see people writing about everyday. So there you have it, my voting habit on steem. Thanks for this awesome question by the way.

Cheers and have a nice day.

My strategy is simple when it comes to upvoting content on steemit. 

I'll, coin the strategy as "Good Read = An Upvote"

A post having a good content and being informative is a post which is definitely going to get an upvote. I, know this isn't true for a person who is new to the platform but frankly speaking, it takes time to build your fan following and once you have built upon it the sky is the limit.

Normally what I do follow is check on the title of the post and if it excites me I further go on to read it. If the post if good and providing a valuable information or a tip definitely it has a vote from my side. While assigning the percentage of upvote I basically consider two factors and they are as follows - 

1. Voting power status

If my current voting power is less than 80% then I'm cautious and may land up voting 50%. But whereas if the voting power is above 90% or so I intended to give a 100% upvote.

2. Post created factor 

If a post is created by a minnow and the post had a valuable information I definitely consider giving a 100% upvote as this encourages them and is a feel-good factor. I remember the days when I use to wait to get a single upvote from whale from my good quality content and receiving those upvotes is like a great feeling.  

Concluding on the lines that my strategy on upvote is tied to the quality of the post. Good Read = An upvote. The percentage is further decided upon the voting power status and the post created factor i.e. if its a minnow then it has a 100% upvote from my side.

Interesting Question. Let's divide the question into two aspects of upvoting

  • You liked the Content
  • You try to maximize your Curation Rewards

Now why I have divided it into two even if you get Curation Rewards when you upvote content, it is because the earlier you upvote the better curation reward you will get.

There is no strategy when you really love reading someone's post and you must upvote  if you like it and also comment to let the user know that you have liked the content very much.

Now comes the next part, trying to maximize the curation rewards. If you really like to maximize then you should upvote within 15 minutes of posting. You can check some of the big upvoters, and try to upvote before they upvote which will maximize the curation rewards.

I dont really have a strict voting strategy but there are a few things that I do to ensure I atleast get some rewards. One thing is to not vote for a post as soon as it has been published - I usually wait for around the 15 minute mark to upvote anything.

Apart from that I pretty much just upvote content that I enjoy,and people that I have been following. I think that maybe I should expand out where my upvotes go, as I find that I am often just upvoting the same group of people.

I dont know about others but if I see a post that has a massive payout I USUALLY don't upvote it as I think it has already been rewarded enough. If I think it is really worthy of reading I am more likely to resteem it. I also think that my vote will be much more appreciated by smaller accounts than bigger ones.

I vote at least 12-13 minutes old of a post. That is, from the time the post is made, I wait for 12 or 13 minutes, then I vote. This is to ensure maximum curation rewards.

A very impressive question, as a steemian we are definitely a beginner, and it is the hardest time to get upvote. There are several strategies that I have done, and may be useful sharing, each other is:

Make your blog relationship.

When I first arrived on the platform, I knew about your relationship first. The Steemit.com platform, built on social media, has become the main blog for your blog to be visited and get information, visit and start with other people, then post.

Build the quality of your blog.

Already a basic basis, being plagiarism is not justified, this is the first quality of the blog and at stake. If you become a plagiarist, you certainly will not be able to build the quality of your blog on this platform.

Find passion.

After going through the first and second stages, then find the passion that you really mastered on the platform, consistent in maintaining your blog specifically, and that is something that must be done to achieve sustainability.

Use steem connect apps support.

Steemit.com already has several steem connect features that help build your post curation. Make sure you use what has been provided by the blockchain steem.

Those are some things that are done to curate on the platform and hopefully it will be useful for all of you.

I do vote posts but after 12 min age of the post only, so as to ensure maximum curation reward and for comments I only upvote those who make a productive comment to my blog. I love macro photography and also posts my shots on macro photography. So I generally curate photography related post and steemsteem related post, these are the two areas of my intesrest in steem community.

Voting percentage depends upon the quality of post, if it is really a good quality post then it is absolutely a pleasure for me to upvote full but if it is an average post, then I generally upvote with 20% or 30% or 40% weightage.

Thank you and Have a great day.