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If I were to buy a new laptop what would you recommend?
Which one is the best according to you and why? What are the characteristics I should be paying attention to? Note, I'm not a gamer.

The first thing to evaluate, is how much money you wish to spend, and if the evaluation leads to a low budget selection, you may need to sacrifice certain features to obtain something that suits you.

If you are not a gamer, you are in a good position to buy a low budget laptop, because the lack of need for heavy graphics demands will greatly reduce the necessary bracket for purchasing options. 

I personally like the Asus brand laptops. The one I own is a bit on the flimsy side, but it's far exceeded my expectations in terms of functionality, in conjunction with my budget . I don't have a heavy need for intensive graphics, so a laptop computer ranging from 200-500 dollars USD, is usually acceptable for me. 

The cheapest one's you can buy are generally not going to give you a great user experience. If you really want to get the best bang for your buck, the best way to achieve this, is to compare budget value laptop computers, not only in value, but in components. If you can comprise a list of computers you are interested in, and then research and compare components, you will generally end up finding cheaper laptops, with better components, which in turn, will give you the best user experience possible. 

Refurbished laptops can save you a ton of money as well if you want to get something a little bit more powerful, while still spending on a budget. This of is of course, if you don't mind purchasing a refurbished laptop. In some cases, this could be risky (in terms of computer security), especially if buying from a private seller. When buying refurbished, it is safer to buy from manufacturers, or major companies that sell refurbished items. 

I hope this answer helps!


When someone asks someone that a laptop is the best, it is often heard that there is no clear answer to this question. Now there are different types of laptops in the market, which are completely different from each other and the configuration is completely different. In this post we will discuss basically buying Windows laptops. Looking forward to posting Apple MacBook on another day. The things that you need to keep in mind while buying Windows laptops are:

Size: The main thing to buy a laptop is if it is conveyed, then the notebook is worthwhile. While purchasing a notebook, we need to take note of the notebook weight. The best reason why any laptops that are marked as ultrabooks are just as light as it is.

Screen quality: Since you should always have to look at the laptop screen, you should buy a laptop screen so that the screen adjusts with you. One more important feature of the screen is the resolution of how to buy a laptop

Keyboard: What type of customer is comfortable with the board, must he buy the laptop containing the laptop. It should be noted during the purchase that the keyboard does not have a backlit.

CPUs and Graphics: Intel's core i-series CPUs / processors are now on the market because they can do different tasks at the same time. Generally it is good to buy core i7speed laptops because it usually provides a great service to use. In the middle of the budget, you can also take the laptop of Core i5 or Core i3 processor.