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What do you think about people posting without respecting punctuation and capital letters?
Is it annoying for you to see people never using capital letters or punctuation?

I am a person who is very particular with capitalization and using punctuation marks. To be honest, I get irritated at times not only on what's being posted on Steem blockchain, rather in conversations as well. I am fine when someone do not use capital letters, but proper use of punctuation marks is important to me especially with exclamation point.

I had a minimal argument with a friend before who is fond of using exclamation point even not necessary. I tried to understand her. Exclamation point should be used when in intense emotions. You can possibly get misunderstood if you are using exclamation point when you are supposed to be asking.

Now let's go back to the posting here on Steemit. It is necessary to use proper capitalization and exclamation point. Why? Because whatever you will post would be saved in Blockchain. It will always be there. I don't want to judge everyone because there might he some typos. This is about those who do it intentionally.


Yes, I'm a bit of a stickler about it. My reasons are such:

  • This is a blockchain where we are paid for intellectual content, so grammar and punctuation should be considered in determining quality.
  • I see it as a form of laziness.
  • I expect people to communicate with the same effort I give to them. (A bit unrealistic at times.)
  • I am obsessive compulsive about grammar sometimes.

I try to be understanding however, that not everyone is fluent in my language, or may not have the level of education, and aptitude I possess. If I think it's merely a matter of them being lazy, I might say something, but it boils down to personal preference. If you want to be interpreted as professional, no one should have to tell you to pay attention to your communication delivery, in my opinion.


My take: this is not a formal setting. So it's most likely you see all kinds of behaviors and disregard for certain formalities. Thanks to autocorrection I don't have to bother that much about punctuation. Please, in all honesty, I really don't care much about it. But it makes your answers or questions look presentable.


I sometimes let capital letters slip. I don't do it on purpose as I try and be careful ,but they do fall through the cracks occasionally.  '

I spend about 8 hours a day writing and normally mistakes creep in towards the end and i really try not to. I think some users are churning out so many answers they can't be bothered. Quality is not only the answer ,but how you execute it.

I will pay more attention to the detail from now on lol.


I definitely have little   power against such people because it's a decentralised blockchain and if the blockchain deem their blog post good, they'll earn, if not they won't, if they buy vote  the bidbot service won't look  their punctuation because it's a decentralised setting on steemit,  however when I see such people I use to check to see kf they're deliberately doing it, the truth is that sometimes people fail to use punctuation on a place like steemit because English isn't their lingua franca, as a result of this they struggle so hard to make posts in English and most of the time you'll notice it in the way they reply to comments on their blogs.

I actually don't think anyone will deliberately not use punctuation on their posts and if I see posts without punctuations the feeling is kind of terrible but in most situation let's say 8 out of ten it's as result of the fact that these people do not really know or understand English language.

The best thing I usually do is to make them aware of the fact that they're not using punctuations, the likes of comma, paragraph, full-stop, hypen and so on show them occasions on how to use them because the way one feels about this doesn't really matter if the person still continues, so I usually drop my emotions and help them with punctuation and that'll be one lesser person who actually doesn't punctuate their blog post.