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When do you start to celebrate Christmas?
I see people decorating their Christmas tree in November. If you ask me, that's way too soon. What do you think? If you're celebrating Christmas, when is the right time to start?

The last few years here in the UK we have waited until we had seen the coca-cola advert on the telly before starting to decorate the house, this has been a tradition of mine and my wife since we had our first kid.

The problem we have had in the past is by the time Christmas day came we were sick to death of having the decorations up all around the house.

Last week the day after bonfire night we saw they advert for coca-cola and my wife turned and said to me, "it is time to put the tree up" I laughed at her and said I ain't putting no tree up till december at the earliest.

Today my kids got home from school and asked me when the tree was going up and I told them the same, they looked at me gone out, they asked what happened to my cheery good Christmas spirit that I normally have.

I explained to them that I would be in the spirit 100% in december as it is still too early to put the tree up.

To add a little something else to the question you asked, When do I start buying presents for the people in my family?

Normally it is the Christmas eve when I go out and grab something for everyone, it is like a mad dash and I am so panicked and overwhelmed that I tell myself each year that I would start at the beginning of December, so we shall see what happens at the end of this month. :D


It all depends on how young your children are as it is more for them. When they were young we would always gave the tree up around the first week of Christmas with decorations around the house.

The older they got the closer these things happened to Christmas. I have always worked and normally finish work on the 23rd or 24th which didn't leave me much time for festive spirit.

The one thing we do is have out Christmas dinner the night before on the 24 th. This is for two reasons being the heat of summer time in South Africa and freeing up the day for Christmas so everyone can relax.

Food on Christmas day is normally cold ham left from the dinner and an assortment of other meats with a variety of different salads. this is a  self service sort of thing as no one needs to cater for anyone then.

My daughter has a son now and they live with us so i am sure the tree will be up like before in the first week of December. Some traditions never change and I am glad they don't.

I know my family has some superstitions which I don't follow and Christmas decorations have to be down by a set day after Christmas.

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Here in the Philippines, generally it's celebrated by all once September started, we refer it as the start of Ber months. 

This is the time when Christmas carols can be heard singing by different people, doesn't matter if kids, adults, rich or poor. Christmas lights are also visible in many houses, each with different colors and styles. 

Then there's delicacies that are only available during Christmas season like the puto bungbong and bibingka which are both my favorite. Truly there's a lot and I think Philippines  has one of the best Christmas season all over the world. 

Then we open gifts during Christmas Eve in which we are all awake at 12 midnight to wait for the Christmas day to come.  On Christmas day, usually kids go to their god parents to ask for Christmas gifts. 


I start celebrating Christmas as early as the second week of December. When we start making preparations for the set day. I think Christmas is usually on the 3rd or 4th week, so preparing a week or two ahead isn't so much of a big deal I guess.