What new skills have you learnt since you are on Steemit?

I joined STEEMIT in May 2017 and since then I've learned a number of new things. One of it was actually using canva to create photos meant for social media sharing. 

Have you used http://canva.com   

I've always wondered how some of these guys in social media make really captivating images which will make people want to click and read your post.  Apparently CANVA provides a very easy to use interface for you to do that.  SO that's one thing which I've learned. 

Another skill which I've learned was to effectively use video editing apps like VIVA video editor which you can use via mobile. 

Have you tried VIVA VIDEO  ?

I'm not great at using it for now however it makes video editing is such an easy task now. Just need to practise on the creativity of shooting a video. 

I've also learned that STEEM Blockchain is about communities and being involved in the community.  By belonging to various communities, you will be able to meet and converse with various individuals from around the globe.  This by far seems to be the best part of STEEM for me. 

So if you are not already involved in any communities, try it out this brand new year. Hope that you all have an amazing 2019 !

Also if you are in Penang, Malaysia on the 10th January, do drop by our event and join us introducing steem to new users.  Here are the details of this event. 


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I first joined Steemit in September 2017 and originally struggled to gain a foothold within the community because this community is different from so many others online. I have been working online since 2005 and a lot has changed over the years. But, Steem is a completely different breed altogether. The editing tools were the hardest thing for me to learn how to use at first and then I had to learn how to navigate Discord. After I figured those out, I joined a few Discord groups and learned their rules, then learned the rules of interaction between group members. Eventually, I found a group that I love, Oracle-D, and was able to offer my services in helping that community to grow and thrive. It has been an interesting journey that has taken over a year to get to this point. I have learned a lot about world cultures from the people that I have interacted with. I have learned a lot about crypto and how to identify good investments from bad ones. I have learned of my own strength and resilience when facing situations that are challenging. Overall, it has been a great experience and I wouldn't change it for the world! Thanks to the Steemit community for accepting me and helping me on my journey! 

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash 



Steemit has been so interesting and educative to me.

I've learnt a lot in writing, and not just writing but also being original.

Writing has always been a skill I want to have and develop. And I've always searched on how to have a good one and be original also. Until I heard about Steemit from a friend. Apart from earning crypto on the steemit platform, I've also earned a good writing skill. I'm not perfect per say but at least I know there's improvement in my writing skill. Which has enabled me to write for my community.

Plagiarism is another thing about writing. This is another thing I've learnt on steemit. To be free of plagiarism, because it doesn't tell good of you and also depreciates your reputation.

One thing is to write and another thing is to be original.

There are more skills yet to learn, and I'm open to learn more. But so far, I've seen improvement on this aspect of my life here on steemit.

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While after joining on Steem Blockchain many significant changes happened and on that way I was able to learn quite a few things.

The communication increased and I got to experience the curiosity once again which reminded me of the of the journey of mine when I started to use Facebook. 

To start I was able to learn about Cryptocurrency in a detailed manner and by that I mean I was able to trade much more easily and as for the information that I was able to get from few users (which were quite fast) and with those I was able to earn some quick bucks as well.

While making Article I had to be sure that I was creating something interesting that will attract users and make their time worth while by going through my contents. Which in compared to the other social medias is quite nice because no one really cares about the things that you post on other social media. Whereas there are members who does shows the right way to go ahead in the Steem Blockchain Journey. This is something very impressive that I was able to get from here.

Besides Steemit the next thing that comes up is making a Video. While I was always into videography very much but due to many things I was not into that matter a lot but I do am quite closer to photography by the way so creating videos was something new for me and thanks to Dtube I was able to scour the possibilities for myself in here and right now Dtube is one of the most used dapps of mine in here.

So overall the journeuy of Steem Blockchain has really been amazing and I have been constantly improving myself over the time. 


Not much, but based on myself, if counting what i learned from steemit, maybe more like i learnt how to be a good writer.

Basically i'm on steemit for writing stuff, and it can be on many thing's for sure, like science, life, basic question, and many more. And the other thing that i learn during writing stuff is how to make an improvement of your writing. Surely English is not my mother-tongue language, so i have a lot of difficulties during write, but that's the journey. we learn from the mistake we made, make the right of it, and become an improvement. Beside i can learnt lot more to improved my english skill whether is how to speak, or write.

It's been 1 year still i've been in this platform. and still have a lot of things to learn  with. My english skill is surely still lack of grammar or stuff like that, and the thing's i write is surely still a very usual things. so guess i have to keep learn and learn.


Aside from having my "writing skills" greatly improved after coming here, one of the 'new' skills I learned thanks to Steem is TRADING!

A year ago I have no experience when it comes to trading (both stocks and crypto). I have heard and read some articles about it on some Facebook pages and while it piqued my curiousity, I just don't have the means to try it out for myself. Poor me! :)

With Steem being a cryptocurrency and it being a freemium model, I was able to accumulate some tokens myself to try and experience trading first hand (albeit only little amounts). 

I really do think that Steem is the stepping block for all the "normies" out there especially those who are still skeptical about crypto and blockchains.


This is written in response to the question posed above by @erikah

I have learned many new skills since I started blogging on Steemit.  I have learned to use Markdown to edit my blogs and make them look more professional.   Here is a link to a cheat sheet that itemizes the basic commands.  


I learned to properly find a source a public use image to not get in trouble for using royalty protected images.  If you want your blog to be curated and get good upvotes, you need to follow the rules to avoid using images and content that are not allowable for free.  Here are a few websites where you can get royalty-free images to use:

 Free stock photos · Pexels  https://www.pexels.com/

 Discover and download free images · Pixabay  https://pixabay.com/

 Millions of PNG Images, Backgrounds and Vectors for Free Download | Pngtree  https://pngtree.com/

Some contests you enter are limited to or have a minimum of a certain amount of words.  Here is a free tool you can use for word or character count:

 WordCounter - Count Words & Correct Writing  https://wordcounter.net 

I have also learned how to create GIFs and MEMEs to add to posts for originality.  

I have used all these tools to learn to write better posts and make better content.  I have learned to use contests to meet new people and find a following that is interested in the same things I am.  I have learned to make meaningful comments on other people's post to promote engagement.

All these things I have learned since becoming a blogger on Steemit.


I used to be a curator in a Steemit community and I have learned how to check plagiarized posts. Like using checkers for the essays and the images.

I have also learned how to make a basic gif. It is for posting in a certain dapp in Steemit. I have learned creating memes as well.

Before Steemit, I do not give any attention to gifs or memes and never care to learn its basics. Steemit taught me to try several platforms and ways to create a post.


Well, is basic crypto trading a skill?  Or earning some crypto online? That's just about what I learned on Steemit.  Haha. Oh and also basic Markdown coding. Lol.

I've been on Steemit for more than a year and boy did I learn the art of pimping some of my posts. Ahuh. Such a "difficult world" we live in just to make a living eh? That's the most I learned on here. Being an online (and offline) seller might have helped ease me into being a "post pimp" but I dunno. Sometimes I hate doing it but mostly I just do it for crypto. After all, we all like to seek attention for something when we post whatever online anyway. All that "notice me senpai" moments all for the sake of bigger upvotes for the quality posts I wrote. Lol.


The new skills I've learnt from steemit which I won't forget in a hurry is the blogging skills. I have learnt to write good content post courtesy of steemit. Without joining steemit, I won't be so good at writing quality posts.

I used to write short stories when I was much younger, I knew how to write but I did not know how to write articles. Joining the steemit blockchain has really enhanced my ability to write articles and make posts with quality contents.


Probably the key skill that I have learned is markdown language.  It used to really be a struggle for me to format my pictures the way I wanted to in my posts.  Now I do it pretty much by instinct and the commands are like a second language to me.  It is pretty cool.

On top of that, I feel that I have also become a better writer.  If you had told me a year ago that I would be online blogging and interacting with people from all over the world I would have called you crazy.  

My growth over the past year has been really impressive and I think that can be attributed to continually practicing my writing and getting better and better at it.  

Those are probably the two biggest skills I have learned since joining Steemit.


Being a steemian requires you to have the following skills:

1. photography - i need to learn it the hard way specially using smartphone which is the most convenient to use

2. writing- i was doing some research on how to improve my writing skills ti be able to compose just ever a short paragraph for my posts


I joined steemit April 2018. I can say I've learned a lot of things. I'm not a writer but when I started to join steemit I never thought I will learn how to write blogs. When I write my introduction post it really takes several hours even though it's not that long. Then I haven't noticed myself that my writing becomes easier and better along the way. I've also learned what is steem and other cryptocurrencies are which was I don't have any idea before. Long time ago I keep on seeing bitcoin on the internet but I don't what it's all about. By reading blogs on steemit I learned a lot about cryptocurrencies. I'm so thankful to one of my friends who introduced to me steemit as well as musing.io.