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Is banning the use of plastic bags a good idea? Can this measure reduce pollutuon?

Banning plastic bags would be the first step for any country in the world to reduce pollution. Plastic bags are used in everything in our life. Plastic bags can pile up like a mountain if we were to look into everyone's house and if no plastics were thrown away. Then it would usually end up in landfills where it serves no purpose for many many many years to come. 

If countries ban plastic bags and force all consumers to bring their own reusable bag, it would do a lot of good for the environment. If we all start to bring our own recyclable bags to the supermarkets. We would slowly be more aware of the environment. I think the next step that all governments need to do is to have packaging that is made of paper. Nowadays, as I see it, everything is packaged in plastics and then after a single use, it is thrown away. Maybe some new developments can be made and all biodegradable plastics have to be used and instead of being waste to the environment, it could end up being fertilizers for our farmlands, our gardens and many more.

Some countries that do not have strict enforcement of plastic bag use, would have to clean it up later. Imagine those beautiful beaches or parks or rivers covered with plastic bags and they clog up the water way creating disease outbreaks and a very dirty and unpleasant sight. The clean up would cost tons of money. Why waste it on cleanup rather than prevention. Having a responsible community would ensure everyone who is living there are more responsible towards the environment. 


Banning plastic bag is a great idea. 

But as there is not much alternative of plastic products so it is not always possible to ban them all. As you may know there are thousands types of product of plastic. From industrial to micro plastic. In terms of environmental pollution those micro plastics and the thin bags are more harmful.

There are different types of pollution. But plastic bags have a direct link with water and earth pollution. For dumping these types of product the fertilisation level are going down. 

We can see around the world how the sea creatures are facing life danger for plastic products. We all are calling for a reduction of the plastic use or dumping it in a eco-friendly way. But as it is may not possible around the world for many reason so alternatively banning plastic is the best idea to reduce pollution. 


How about raising a price of plastic bag / plastic bottles and introducing a system of selling back used plastic bottles in groceries?

People will have two options - pay 10x more for burned plastic bottle, or bring it back to groceries to take their money back.


It's an excellent idea.

Once plastic bags gets banned people will start to re-use it instead of throw away.

Most of world's garbage is due to plastic bags, it will become so much cleaner without it.

I hope it happen sooner rather than later.