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How do you feel about people telling you how to vote when it comes to elections?
Do you thin people have the right to tell you how to vote?

As long as it is about the "how" and not the "who" to vote, i am okay with that. The truth is, we live in a society where there are educated and non-educated people. People who know how things are done and others who don't and this happens too in elections. There are people who do not know how the elections are carried out and how they can participate. The questions of when, how and where to vote usually arises. It is not strange and it but normal that those who do know these things have to explain to the others who don't and i see nothing wrong with that.

A good example is in the case of the 2018 elections that just took place in my country Cameroon. I happened to attend a conference that was organized to encourage individuals to be exemplary citizens during and after the elections. The forum propagated against violence and was a source of information to all those present of why they had to vote, where they had to vote, how they had to vote, and what will happen when they vote and when the results will be released. In that conference, there present were old uneducated people, the old and people who didn't know all these things.

It was a good thing for the organizers of the conference to bring these things to their knowledge and at they end, they were happy and went home knowledgeable about these things. When elections day came, they all went out and voted the candidates of their choice. So, you see, the knowledge didn't influence their choice od candidate but rather improved on the election procedure as they moved to the polls with full knowledge of what they had to do.

So, for me, as long as the how does not influence the who to vote, it is entirely okay.


It is an indication they want to control your choice to their advantage which you must not succumb to. Nevertheless, most people understand little about the political process and politics, hence no enough information about the competing politicians. In this regard, an advise from an altruistic quarter could be welcomed.

The bottom line however is never delegate your right to choose a candidate of your choice. Stay focused and blessed!!


They should mind their bloody business. They can tell me what their opinions are. But nobody has to tell me how to vote.