What do you think about having multiple accounts on Steemit?
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There's nothing wrong with having multiple accounts on Steemit, as long as these accounts were all acquired through legitimate means and are all being used in a manner that is acceptable to the community. 

It's important to remember that, as pointed out in the main Steemit sign-up page, all accounts in the Steem blockchain must pay a small account creation fee. For most of us, this account creation fee is paid for by Steemit Inc., who basically sponsors us into the blockchain. Steemit Inc., however, is only willing to sponsor one account per person. So, each user is only entitled to one "free account". Those who want multiple accounts should therefore pay for the account creation fee themselves, or find someone else to sponsor their account creation fee. Thus, if the user with multiple accounts used fraudulent means to acquire their additional accounts, then they are obviously abusing the system and should not be allowed to continue. 

This was the case a few months ago when a user tried to acquire multiple account by getting "new users" to sign-up for free, then paying them a few Kryptonia Coins (definitely worth less than current account creation fees) to hand over their Steem accounts. This allowed the user to acquire hundreds of Steem accounts for just a few dollars. It was a blatant abuse of Steemit Inc.'s new account delegations. I wouldn't discuss what the accounts were used for anymore, because this was a contentious issue for a lot of users. But, suffice it to say, that after Steemit Inc. found out about the abuse, it immediately cancelled their delegation to these accounts, renendering them useless. 

So, as long as the user is not doing the same thing, then there's nothing wrong with owning multiple accounts. In fact, there are several legitimate reasons why one would create multiple accounts. Here are a few examples:

To make a distinction between multiple alter egos. Think of this as the distinction between a person having a business account and a personal account. Let's take a professional photographer, for example. Maybe they don't want their daily ulogs, angsty poems, Musing.io answers, and SteemMonsters games mixing with their professional photographs and photography tutorials. Or they want to maintain a strictly professional tone in one blog, while being more informal and comedic in another. 

To house content for a different project or new community. In most cases, users can create additional project-based or community-based accounts to house content for their different projects. For example, the @pifc account used to run the "Pay It Forward Curation Contest" is actually owned and managed by @thedarkhorse. This works pretty much like an alter ego between @thedarkhorse's personal and project-based account. But, in this case, it also allows the project to develop on its own, separate from it's original owner. This separation could only be a good thing for the project's the future. For example, should the project grow too big to be managed by one person, then it's daily operations could be given to someone else. 

To further secure an account. Some users create multiple accounts to spread their tokens for added security. The assumption is that since most of their tokens are kept elsewhere, and usually in an account that will rarely use its Posting and Active Keys, the chances of getting hacked are smaller. And in case one of the accounts get hacked, the impact is also lessened since not all tokens are kept in one place. 

Any one of these uses present a legitimate justification for owning multiple accounts. however, with that said, I won't deny that even legitimately acquired multiple accounts are prone to abuse. For example, I could create two accounts, transfer all my STEEM Power to a second account and use it to upvote all posts made in my primary account, while hiding the fact that I'm essentially upvoting myself. I could even use the second account to antagonize others, while keeping my original account clean and friendly. 

While both instances of abuse are true and actually happening right now in Steemit, I'm not too concerned about it. Why? 

In the first instance, we have to accept the fact that how one uses their upvotes are completely their prerogative. They might decide to self-upvote ten times everyday and keep all their rewards to themselves. Or they might choose to circle-jerk their friends. In both instances, there's nothing we can do about it. Yes, it doesn't help the system. But personally, I think my time is better spent on users and things that I can do something about. And let's keep in mind that it's their STEEM Power they're using. We don't have to agree with them, but until a Hardfork decides that such behavior is unwanted and imposes a blockchain mechanism to punish them, we just have to accept it as part of the pros and cons of a decentralized, DPoS-based platform.

In the second instance, we need to keep in mind that this is the Internet. And there are trolls everywhere--even in the blockchain. So, if we're to protect ourselves from them, we just have to do our best to grow our account, so we can be strong enough to withstand such attacks, or look for groups and users who combat this type of abuse. If there's one thing I'm happy about Steemit.com, it's the fact that there are groups who do their best to protect, at least what they believe the blockchain stands for. 

So, do I have multiple accounts?

Personally, I'm only using this one account (@cryptocopy), and would probably continue using just this one, at least in the immediate future. The reason is, while there are benefits to owning multiple accounts, they might be difficult to manage. I mean, it's hard enough to manage all four sets of Private Keys attached to this account, much less managing four more. Plus, my STEEM holdings and STEEM Power are also still too small for me to start dividing them over multiple accounts. I feel like I'll have more "influence" in the Steem Blockchain if I just concentrate my efforts on building account. 

But, who knows, when I become a dolphin, I might consider opening a second account using the new  claim_account feature for myself. What's will I use it for? I don't know, yet. Hopefully, by then, I'll have had a good idea for a Steem Project for the community. But for now, I'll happily stick to my one account. 

So, as long as the multiple accounts were acquired in the right way, I have nothing against them. Not only are there legitimate reasons why users will want to own accounts, but it's also a user's right to own as many Steem accounts as they like. Hopefully, they don't use it to abuse the system. And even if they do, I think the blockchain is strong enough to withstand such abuse. 

Hope this helps. 


  1. Steemit Sign-up options. https://signup.steemit.com/

The more accounts you have, the faster you can build your wealth on Steem.

First of all, you can have every account upvote each other's posts.

Then you can earn by selling votes from each account.

Some offers paid-to-post which is another source of revenue.

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It not bad, except one start to use it for dubious/fraudulent means.

But it is actually profitable and definitely an investment. If it's long term use is considered.

There are definitely a lot of benefits for a person holding many Steemit accounts;

These accounts can be sold or preserved for saving and storing many tokens.