How do you feel about women coaching male football teams?

Well I'm very liberal minded and I believe in equal rights amongst the sexes, so I don't think there's anything wrong with it, after all there are men who coach female football teams so there shouldn't be an issue if women coach male football teams.

The problem is that alot of people haven't evolves to the point where they can completely accept that a woman is in a place of powered and in my country it doesn't get much higher than coaching the club's that we support.

I'd support a female coach for a mail team but honestly, I doubt alot of the main players will take the woman seriously. Players have been known to disrespect their coaches who are men like them, what do you think some of them will do if the coach is a woman.

I once came across a guy who felt that women knew nothing about football and he vowed never to talk to women about anything that concerns football. Imagine if you had someone like that on your team, how's he supposed to take his coach seriously. I wouldn't mind seeing a woman coaching a male team but I don't think the world is ready for that just yet.

I hope this helps.


actually I don't feel it is a good thing for a female to be coaching a male football team due to several reasons.

Firstly, the woman will not be able to exercise her full potential of coaching among the male in the football teams which will definitely turn out as a low performance by the males in the sport.

Secondly, she may not be respected by the male players in the team. She will not be giving be level of respect like a male coach and this may lead to bad relationship among the players.

Thirdly, she may feel inferior to them, or feel afraid of them which may result to poor performance also.

Generally a woman can not coach a male football team like a male coach.


It is not such a good idea if you ask me. I mean, off the pitch players have dressing rooms where most of the time they are half naked and it is no surprise that coaches always come in at times unexpected to talk to the boys. Men have no problem intertingling. It is just like a male school dormitory.

Imagine when a female has to live in that environment surrounded by men. It is no healthy environment of work no matter how things are kept professionally in my opinion. I think the environment is much more comfortable, relaxing, less tensed and better if a female coach handles a female team and a male coach a male team.

There are so many cases where Olympic female athletes have reported their male coaches on sexual harassment and abuse. These kind of things are bound to happen in such environments. I mean, we are humans after all.

It is just like playing with fire and expecting not to be burned.


If the woman is good and qualified for the job, then there's nothing wrong with it. It's not about the sex of the person but the expertise of the person. Besides, there are men coaching female teams, so there should be no thing wrong with a female coaching a male team.


I don't see a problem if she is qualified. Most coaches have a team of assistants so they do very little coaching themselves.It is more like overseeing the job making sure the team is doing the correct things properly.

It would be a breath of fresh air and just maybe the men would perform better and stop with their play acting on the pitch.A footballer is an athlete and it doesn't matter what sex coaches them.

The world is changing and it is a possibility in the future.Football is not what it used to be and is no longer a contact sport as such.I agree it is male dominated at the moment.but it just takes one. We have women owners of clubs so why not a women coach. 


I won't be biased about this because I am a guy. I think there are some activities a woman may know how to do best more than some men. Everyone knows that football is for men because we are a lover of football when it comes watching football and playing football even most women know every men for this habit 😊.

But what if a woman is the only one capable of teaching in a league of non knowledgeable men, should we say she shouldn't teach men because she is a woman? This also applies to football. There are some few women who are experienced footballers for their love and passion for football which makes them the best in it when compared to some guys.

I think if a woman is fit and she is in the best position for coaching when compared to some men, let her coach the team and don't let us be hypocritical or skeptical about giving the post or position to a man who knows nothing about football and ignoring an experienced female footballer just because she is a woman.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.