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What is the hardest part of leaving a narcissistic relationship?

Dating a narcissist is quite challenging and does much harm to ones self esteem. Narcissist can be very charming and highly intelligence but they are very selfish, self centred, egocentric and controlling. They are all about themselves and their feelings must always come first without any consideration on your own feelings. They and to make all decisions and are quick to point out your imperfections but won't accept such attitude from you. No matter how much they try to make you feel loved because they are good at it at the initial stage of the relation ship to get you to trust them, you should never forget they have no empathy.

The hardest part of leaving a narcissist is they never let you do when they know you plan to leave them. They come begging and pleading and promising to change. They are quick to remind you how perfect you are together and how you will never find someone who would love you like they do. They are good at emotional blackmail. They suddenly become very affectionate and at this point you might get sucked back into the relationship because you start to believe that perhaps they have really changed.

If you want to leave such relationship then you must not fall for their manipulation. Plan your leaving carefully taking everything that is of importance to you in their possession o you won't have to come back or meet up with them. Learn to say no to them and mean it. This is the time to cut off all contacts with such a person. Block them on every social media. A narcissist do not accept loss. They would fight to win you over and be the one to leave you so cut off from them and if possible cut off from every mutual friend you may have to avoid them coming through such friends.

Focus on yourself and get busy. Avoid thinking back on the wonderful moments. Take care of you, give yourself some amazing treat and if possible talk to a psychologist before getting into another relationship.


For me it was at long last arriving at the end that I would not have the capacity to make it work, that the lady I had succumbed to like no other was lost to me for good. Not any more fresh opportunities, no expectation.

At the season of closure it I had no clue why she had changed so much, where the lady I cherished had gone, despite everything I thought about whether maybe she had been correct and I had been the one with the issue. It took me going no contact and that 'aha' snapshot of enlivening for me to understand that I had been hoodwinked from the start.

Next came the loss of the phony future she had guaranteed us, and the loss of our common dreams.