Why do women say they love smart men, when in reality we do not have evidence of this claim?

Individual women say that they as individuals like smart men.

And the evidence for that being true is all the women who did marry and barred children for a smart man.

Stephen Hawking had children.

If that's not evidence for some women liking smarts over muscle, then I don't know what is.

Now, you're probably trying to talk about staistics.

But statistics are not a representation of individuals.

You cannot look at statistics and then apply them to an individual.

You will not find "evidence" for individual cases in statistics.

I am what one might consider "smart", agree or disagree, and my fiance is marrying me not for my looks and not for my money,

Both of which I don't have, but for my smarts and personality.

I guess she's a some sort of alien, right?

Don't but into identity politics.


Questions about what women want are often the main themes I meet. But in the end, the answer to this simple question still depends on the woman's personality.

Every woman has different tastes and preferences, especially if it is related to sex. But, all women basically want men who are good, loyal, and have a good sense of humor.

Moreover, if the man has extra attention while in bed, he will have added value in the eyes of women. So, what makes a man look great in a woman's eyes for my self? , I should answer, Basically, intelligent men are judged by women as worthy of being paired. Men who are able to solve problems make women feel safe. Meanwhile, men who always improve themselves, are never boring in the eyes of women, and I'm still learning until now so that my partner could feel it.


Women love useful men and being smart is part of being useful. In and of itself, being smart is irrelevant. There are smart men with little to show for it who do not interest women. On the other hand, for people to get a long, similar levels of intelligence are important. So, it would accurate to say that smart women gravitate toward smart men simply because of the general human tendency to value the company of one's intellectual equals.


Every individual has a preference of their type of partner. One woman may claim to love smart men and another woman may claim to love considerate and caring men. There are more important things to verify than a woman's reason for choosing to like smart men. If we start verifying why every woman claim to love the sort of men they love, we won't have any time left to engage on important stuffs.

So a woman choice of men or why she chooser to love a particular set of men shouldnt be anyone's business and such claim doesn't need to be proven because it is inconsequential