Anyone who tells you otherwise does not have a single penny.

Reading helps you unlearn what you have learned all your life.

Why do you want to unlearn everything you've learned all your life? Because clearly what you think you know has not made you rich yet; and it will not, so you need to make a change to see a change.

To change your reality you must first change your mentality.

Start by reading books that are NOT fiction.

Then start managing the little or a lot of money that comes to you each month. That means you must start saving so that in the future you can invest that money in something that gives you more money.

I recommend that you open 5 bank accounts or that you make 5 vases and to each one you put the following names and divide the money in the following way:

Basic needs: 50% of your income. This is the account that will pay your rent, food and all the expenses that you can not avoid every month.

Financial freedom: 10% of your income. You can not touch this money; This money will save you until you have enough money to invest in something that gives you more money; For example, invest in a business or in the market or whatever.

Long-term savings: 10% of your income. This money will be used for purchases that you need to make in the future, a house, a car, vacations, etc.

Education: 10% of your income. As I said at the beginning, you need to learn. You will use this money every month to buy books, online courses, go to conferences or anything that makes you learn.

Donations: 10% of your income. It does not matter what evil you think your situation is. There are always people who are worse and better than you. But it is important that as you receive, you also des. Helping others, it will bring you more. Use this money every month to help people or organizations.

Entertainment: 10% of your income. You want to party with your friends, go to the movies or a dinner away from home. This money will be used for that. Do you want to buy the new iPhone? Just do it if 10% of your income per month allows you to do so.

Poor people seem rich because they spend all their money trying to look rich; they never save and never invest. They have the newest iPhone, a better car and expensive clothes but they do not have money in the bank account and all those things will be paid in installments for the next 12 months.

Do not spend on things you do not need; save, invest and you will soon be able to buy what you never imagined.

And the main rule is: Find a way to stop changing your time for money. If you have a job, and they pay you by the hour or day of work; you should change that eventually. Why? Because when you change your time for money you are limiting your income to the 24 hours you have a day.

You must find a way to create passive income; Create money even when you sleep or when you are not in the office.

You can write a book, create a website that works 24/7 without your help, create an online course, an application, buy properties and rent them, etc. I can give you millions of examples of passive income; but you must find the one that works for you.

I recommend some books to start:

Think and become rich

How to win friends and influence people

Secrets of the millionaire mind

The 4-hour work week

Find a mentor or coach and follow him.

It is possible to be rich but you need a radical change in your way of life.